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Ken Cuccinelli “Its always about the people” – The Obama administration’s regulatory assault hurts poor people first and hurts poor people the worst.

Ken Cuccinelli addressed Central Virginians at a Richmond Tea Party town hall event on July 17th. The Virginia Attorney General opened by delivering an interesting breakdown of the recent Supreme Court decision on the Obama Health Care tax law. He then took the opportunity to explain how the Obama administration’s regulatory assault negatively impacts our economy, and more specifically, it’s detrimental affect on the poorest among us.

In my role as AG, I see the damage they do. I see the the regulatory burdens, the loss of opportunity, the loss of choices for business owners, and how they’re smothering various parts of our economy that they don’t like and there’s people involved in that. Its always about the people.  When you have this kind of across the board regulatory assault, the first people hurt and the people hurt the worst, are the poor.

The AG then went on to explain that the EPA’s attack on the coal industry is hurting the people of Southwest Virginia by depressing their economy and then to add insult to injury, increasing their electricity rates.

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Long Time Fan Says Adios to NASCAR

It seems that the left turns are not just happening on the track and writer Mark Stuertz has had enough.

Since the onset of the recession, NASCAR has been suffering a long streak of precipitously declining track attendance and TV ratings. And it hasn’t recovered.

NASCAR’s slump has been blamed on a number of things: a sluggish economy, a reliance on an older (and white) male fan base, cookie-cutter cars, the waning of American car culture, weak social media offerings, high gas prices, and boring races. In 2010, NASCAR Chairman Brian France ordered a five-year plan to stem the bleeding.

But on May 21, 2012, NASCAR may have choked off that five-year plan before it could get any traction. On that day, NASCAR inked a deal with the Obama EPA. Under the terms of the three-year pact, NASCAR will “stimulate participation in EPA programs” and “foster greater environmental awareness among NASCAR fans.” The EPA will identify the environmental “programs and messages that are best suited for promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable behavior.” NASCAR is charged with “encouraging greater environmental awareness and sustainable behavior by their fans.”

In other words, NASCAR is now an official EPA apparatchik charged with shoving the agency’s Orwellian propaganda down the throats of its fans in an attempt to change their behavior. NASCAR has essentially agreed to become a corporate crony of the EPA’s job and wealth shredding machine. For a sport that has always prized independence, raw power, and American traditions (invocations and military flyovers start each race), this may be too much for its core fans to swallow.

Is there anything left that this government has not destroyed? That was a rhetorical. We all know the answer is NO.


Propagandizing on Behalf of the President and Receiving a Tax Deduction For Doing So

I saw this ad on television somewhere last night.

The claim that the new ‘Green Economy’ has ‘created over 3 million jobs, with many more to come’ is a complete lie put out by Barack Obama’s Department of Labor, with the socialist cheerleader and constant campaigner Hilda Solis at the helm.

But let’s set that aside for a moment.

At the end of the ad they urge people to support the President’s Clean Air Standards. That makes it a partisan political ad, does it not?

The ad is put out by ‘Earth Justice’. Any organization that wraps its name around the word ‘Justice’ causes red flags to go up, emphasis on the RED.

Sure enough, Earth Justice is a spin off of the Sierra Club and is the legal arm that uses its resources to tie up American land through legal action. Earth Justice actually boast that they’ve prevented access to 50,000,000 acres in this country. Fifty Million!

They’re motto? Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.

They’re also working against the coal industry and fracking.

But. If you go to their website’s Donate page you’ll see that your contributions are tax deductible.

Isn’t campaigning by a non-profit on behalf of a candidate illegal? Have the enviro-tyrants overstepped the campaign finance laws or have they cleverly skirted the law by embracing the ‘green’ agenda which happens to be the president’s policy?


Obama Walking the Plank of His Own Making. Fellow Democrats Sawing Plank.

Schadenfreude.  It’s what’s for dinner.

Democrats are running away from Obamacare, which will likely be ruled unconstitutional in June.

Sen. Jim Webb said the law would be Obama’s “biggest downside” in the election and had cost him “a lot of credibility as a leader.”

Some of us were at your office, providing such advice to this affect during the run up to this vote, Jimmy.  I saw you walking down the hallway towards your office and once you saw us gathered outside your office you ran from us.  We were there and we were ignored.  Now you hike up your skirt and run away from a re-election bid because you know you screwed up big time.

No worries though, mate.  We’ll release the same fury against your replacement candidate, Timmy Kaine, that we would have on you.  Timmy is a big Obama guy.  Big Obama guys don’t do so well with the electorate since 2008.

And then there’s this from former Congressman Artur Davis from Alabama.

“I think the Affordable Care Act is the single least popular piece of major domestic legislation in the last 70 years,” he said. “It was not popular when it passed; it’s less popular now.”

And now Democrats are running away from President Obama’s blockage of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Funny how constituent feedback about the pain at the pump brings new wisdom to even the most radically green Democrats.

Sharks are swirling below the plank.  Sharks of Obama’s own creation.  Shutting down and restricting coal fired power plants isn’t going to help, either.  When electricity rates ‘necessarily skyrocket’ (your words, not mine) going into the cooling season, this will add more pressure.  Coal fired power plants are shutting down because of Obama.

When GSA employees lavishly waste taxpayer money and flaunt it on You Tube, that doesn’t help either. 

When Obama uses the Justice Department to promote illegal gun running resulting in the deaths of American border and ICE agents and this Justice Department turns a blind eye to voter intimidation perpetrated by the Black Panthers while harassing states over voter ID laws and immigration enforcement laws, that doesn’t help either.

When Obama racks up $5 Trillion in debt in 3 years, tosses our money at pet projects that are massive failures like Solyndra, LightSquared, and others, that doesn’t help either.

When Obama takes an unprecedented number of vacations while the ranks of the unemployed moved from gainful employment and self esteem onto demeaning government dependency, well that don’t much help, either.

You know what, Champ?  You’re doomed.  If your cratering poll numbers don’t advise you, then your own party distancing themselves from you certainly does.

America’s got a big party planned for November 6th. 

You’re not invited.



Bill Whittle Throws Down the Gauntlet

This is his finest Afterburner yet and that’s saying something.

In ‘Merchants of Despair’ he catalogs all of the major misdeeds and malevolence of the Obama administration and at the end he speaks to you conservatives that sit on the couch on election day.

How do we find these bellyaching nonpartisipants, register them to vote and get them to the polls this November? That is the challenge and the only solution to our national despair.

And of course, as I always do when I post a new Whittle video, I urge you to go to PJTV and become a subscriber.


Obama rolls out relief for high gas prices. “Let’s Mow”

An extension of Michelle's "Let's Move" exercise program, Barack combines exercise with an alternative to high gas prices with "Let's Mow"

As we head into the spring and summer of 2012 with gas prices soaring President Obama and Nobel prize-winning Energy Secretary Steven Chu have pledged to do everything they can to help you save money on gas. You might think that means they will reverse course on the energy policies of the last three years that have brought us to $4 a gallon gas still surging with no end in sight. You might think that, but of course you would be wrong. This administration has their foot firmly on the alternative energy pedal with a policy of pouring tax dollars into failed green enterprises.

A quick visit to the Department of Energy Website reveals their focus, and it is not increasing the supply of fossil fuels. No it is a perverted love affair with all things green. They are especially proud of awarding a $10 Million L Prize to Phillips Lighting for developing an exceptionally high-performance, ultra-efficient LED alternatives for a 60-watt incandescent lamps. The winning bulb will hit store shelves this spring at a price of $50 per bulb. This makes the $40,000 dollar GM Volt sound like a bargain. Chu is not done though, he has another $5 Million for the next phase of the L Prize for an energy-efficient alternative to PAR 38 halogen bulbs. The key takeaway is that whether it is gasoline or light bulbs, the goal is not to keep the cost down but rather to reduce carbon emissions no matter the cost. Just look at their justification statement explaining the L Prize program;

“The L Prize competition challenges the best and brightest engineers and scientists across America’s lighting industry to drive innovation in new, more efficient products and boost our nation’s competitiveness in manufacturing,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “The winning products will help expand lighting choices for consumers, reduce our nation’s energy use, and save money for American families and business owners.”

There are approximately 90 million PAR 38 light bulbs installed in the U.S., in both residential and commercial applications. The Energy Department estimates that replacing them with bulbs efficient enough to win the L Prize would save the country 11 terawatt-hours of electricity per year – approximately equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of Washington, D.C. – and avoid 7 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Replacing 90 million bulbs at 10 to 50 times the cost will take billions of dollars out of our economy and with the Obama pledge to skyrocket electric rates, consumers are not likely to see any real savings on their power bills.

There is no shortage of Energy Department money for solar energy boondoggles, undaunted by high-profile failures like Solyndra and Abound Solar, Chu has launched 2020 Sun Shot, another utopian initiative to bring the total costs of utility scale solar energy systems down about 75% – to roughly $1 a watt  – by 2020. An initiative likely to fail in spite of a DoE $27 Million dollar award to nine science fair type solar projects focusing on strengthening the U.S. supply chain for solar manufacturing and on commercializing cutting-edge photovoltaic technologies, the very same focus of the failed Solyndra and Solar Abound government funded enterprises.


While you were enjoying resurgent gasoline prices…

And wondering why America can’t drill or build pipelines.  And wondering why so many billions have been borrowed from China and subsequently lost in Obama’s failed alternative energy companies like Solyndra and Light Squared.  And wondering why your old incandescent light bulbs have been outlawed,

Comes this instructive piece from the RNC.  Yes, we know that Obama is corrupt to the core.  RNC built us a little roadmap with names I’ve never heard of and connections that I didn’t know.  Have you heard of any of these co-conspirators?

He’s emptying our coffers folks.  He’s bankrupting the nation brazenly and with exteme prejudice.  We all know that.  But what’s happening under the radar is CRIMINAL.

Obama is Hugo Chavez on stilts on a mega coke binge.  He is a coke head.  You do remember that, doncha?

This, combined with the newly released knowledge about how they corrupted the electoral system, explains why Obama isn’t doing the Bill Clinton ‘move to the center’ to get re-elected thing.  He’s gone full out, in your face leftist going into re-election, sending his Occupy brown shirts out to intimidate people.  This evil son of a bitch feels that he has so completely rigged the system that there is no way he can lose.  It won’t be a fair election.  It’ll be Venezuela.  Or Saddam’s Iraq.  Or Iran.  Pick the dictatorship of your choice.

Two million dead are still registered to vote.  Many others have voter registrations in more than one state.

Obama has paid off everybody he needs to, released his Occupy thugs into the populace as a threat and knows that he owns Matt Lauer, Chris Matthews, George Stephanopopopopilis, all of the media your mother watches at NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN/Washington Post/NYT/LAT/BostonGlobe, all of pop culture from music to movies to television and turned the argument against the Catholics from abortion to birth control, and has cowed the populace into silence even when jack booted thugs are confiscating their childrens’ home made lunches.

And it’s only February.  The Evil doer has got even more up his sleeve.

We now live under a full fledged dictatorship.  Tyranny.

But nevermind that.  American Idol is probably putting on a tribute to Whitney Houston tonight.  Enjoy.

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