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Breitbart’s Lasting Gift to America is Now Available for Pre-Order

Occupy Unmasked was one of the many projects that Andrew Breitbart was working on at the time of his untimely death.  Along with Citizens United’s David Bossie, Producer Steve Bannon, Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, they were building a compelling indictment of the Occupy movement on video.   They also lay out Occupy’s undeniable link to the Obama crime family..  Directly.  Without a doubt.  Obama IS Occupy.  Occupy IS Obama.

I was fortunate enough to see  Breitbart promote this endeavor at the last CPAC, less than a month before his unbelievable exit from the planet.  On February 12th I posted this about Occupy Unmasked.

Occupy/Obama brown shirts tried to put that CPAC under siege, infiltrating and attempting to disrupt the event, following David Axelrod’s instructions, as dictated to him by his Uber-Alinsky-meister Barack Obama.  Obama’s brown shirts were in high gear during CPAC.

This Citizens United video will tell you who is behind Occupy, who is orchestrating them, how they operate.  Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan will tell you, from the inside out, what is going on with this rabble.  Darby and Stranahan were once on the other team, took a step back and then realized that they were on the wrong side.  They thought the left was about fighting for individual liberty.  Their encounters with the far left disabused them of that notion forever.

You can now order ‘Occupy Unmasked’, which is set to be released this month.  I sat in the front row of the blogger preview with Breitbart, Bossie, Steve Bannon, Darby and Stranahan. The information….new information…was mesmerizing and fantastic then.  Andrew knew theatrics.  Darby knew inner workings.  Andrew knew politics….particularly that of the left.  Stranahan knew  inside baseball leftism.  And Andrew knew how to dissect leftist critics.  In retrospect, that day is forever seared into my memory bank.  And most of it is there if you click on ‘Andrew Breitbart’ in the category section of this blog.  It’s important video….even if the videographer sucks.

But David Bossie, Steve Bannon, Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby…and Andrew Breitbart have quite a story to tell.

Needless to say, I ordered a few copies of ‘Occupy Unmasked’ tonight.

I suggest you order yourself at least one.


Occupy Unmasked

This spring, Citizens United will be releasing a new movie called ‘Occupy Unmasked’, which will blow the lid off of Barack Obama’s Goon Squad, which he unleashed against CPAC over the last two days.  Working with Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and two reformed leftists, Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan, the very heart of the Occupy/ACORN movement and it’s direct ties to this thug president will be exposed to the nation.

They are describing the feel of this project as a War Movie and after witnessing what happened at CPAC I think they’re spot on.

Watch the trailer and discussion.

Part One

Part Two

These are very dangerous and evil people.  They disrupted CPAC several times like good little totalitarians, unsuccessfully trying to stifle our 1st amendment rights.

The campaign to re-elect this president will be one of the most violent, if not the most violent, in American history.  Know your enemy.

P.S.  I will sift through the rest of my videos to find and put up how the ACORN/Occupy movement is organized into teams as described by Brandon Darby.  The anarchist left has been organizing for decades, which sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true.  We conservatives are woefully unprepared and somewhat ignorant about what is headed our way.  Obama and his anarchist, leftist buddies are a threat to the Republic.


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