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Creigh Deeds Tweets -Nothing Honorable About Beck’s Rally-


Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds  normally tweets about the mundane. The failed AG and Gubernatorial candidate routinely will let us know what’s on his Ipod (I must say he has a very good taste in music) or the daily fate of his Cincinnati Reds. So I was disappointed when he went out of his way to criticize Glenn Beck and the thousands of Virginians who participated in Saturday’s Restore Honor rally.

First he very subtly tweeted a link to the anti-Beck Washington Post column by Eugene Robinson. Then another tweet linking to the anti-Beck NY Times column by Bob Herbert. At this point another tweeter (jnowlin) questions why he would object to honor, at which point he takes a page from the liberal playbook and blatantly defamed the Fox News personality with his final dishonorable tweet.


Creigh Deeds CreighDeeds   Eugene Robinson – Even Beck can’t mar King’s legacy: #fb 11:56 PM Aug 27th via Washington Post Network News

Creigh Deeds CreighDeeds

Bob Herbert: Glenn Beck in Washington – #fb 9:56 AM Aug 28th via TimesPeople


@CreighDeeds Me thinks thou doth protest too much??? Why do you object to Honor? 10:06 AM Aug 28th via web in reply to CreighDeeds

Creigh Deeds CreighDeeds

@jnowlin No Honor in Becks’ bullying showmanship. He is an entertainer, playing to the crowd. Nothing honorable about that. 10:31 AM Aug 28th via web in reply to jnowlin

Senator Deeds, besides making Virginians feel better about their choice last November, your tweet about Beck was not helpful. It was unfair to him and those who made the effort to go to Washington in an effort to Restore our Honor. In the future you might want to stick to music and baseball.

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