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Islam, The Religion of Peace?

Radical Islam has shown us time and time again that Muslims have a long-established history of savagery and American Muslims are no exception. One only need to view this video to see it for themself. It’s disturbing and disgusting. Yes, it is long, but is important to see hundreds of riotous and savage Muslim children and teenagers (American citizens) pelt Christians with everything from bottles to eggs to milk crates to concrete while the Dearborn MI Sheriff’s Department does absolutely nothing – the video even shows police turning a blind eye to the chaos. One of the most disturbing moments in the video is when a little girl, probably no more than seven or eight years old, eyes filled with hatred, shouts at the Christians. She has been taught to hate, yet we are the racists. These people have been taught to stone anyone who does not agree with their beliefs, yet we are the intolerant ones.

The cameraman notes, very astutely, that the police are rewarding the riotous behavior that is perpetrated by these thugs. If they’d had time, the group probably would have rustled up a homicide bomber to finish off the Christians. I mean, what’s one sacrifice for the cause? This is what happens when Muslims are allowed to take over a city. I wonder why this wasn’t shown on TLC’s All American Muslim show which lasted for about four episodes before it disappeared without a whisper. Now if they could only make the rest of this ilk disappear.

Before someone jumps on their high horse about Islam being a religion of peace, let me ask you – is it a religion of peace when a group of Islamic militants strap a bomb vest on a five-year old boy and then send him over to the very group of American and British soldiers who had “adopted” him as a little brother over the previous months. To the terrorist thugs, this child was completey expendable. The troops had treated this child like he was a member of their own family in every way. I know the officer who is haunted to this day because he dared not make one of those soldiers take down that child before the Jihadists detonated the bomb that was attached to him. He had no choice, too many NATO troops would have died. Yes, this is the religion of peace and we are bigots for protesting their systematic takeover of the United States of America.

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Journalistic Amnesty and The Society for Professional Journalists

As noted in a recent post on The Culture and Media Institutes website, the Society of Professional Journalists’ Diversity Committee has announced they are launching a campaign to educate journalists about the hurtfulness of phrases like “illegal immigrant,” which is the term currently preferred by the influential AP Stylebook.

The phrase “illegal Immigrant”  perfectly describes those people who have entered and settled in this country without abiding by our immigration laws and have willfully evaded the legal process. I am unclear on how this phrase is hurtful and I am certain  that if we were to use a synonymous phrase like “unlawful settler” or “criminal incomer” it would not be more or less hurtful. However the SPJ’s Diversity Committee does not recommend a synonymous phrase, they wish to twist the language, to control the narrative, to use phraseology which would grant journalistic amnesty to those “illicit aliens”.

The SPJ’s Diversity Committeee insists that because in America the legal system presumes that one is innocent until proven guilty, journalist use the phrase “undocumented immigrant”.  “Undocumented” is not the same as illegal, it is a word that falls short of defining the situation and is intentionally ambiguous. It implies that “undocumented immigrants” are not necessarily illegal. In a sane world this is not troubling and a quick verification process would settle the issue but in our current environment where any suggestion to produce documentation is equated to the Nazi  demand to see your papers the end result is amnesty. Undocumented immigrants are innocent until proven guilty and only a racist nazi would insult them by demanding they produce documentation.

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