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Attempt to Assassinate Egypt VP Fails…

…this time.

Two bodyguards killed.

Sadat 1981, with a cameo by Hosni MuBarack…

Incidentally, the YouTube rating for this video is 145 Likes. 13 Dislikes.

Or this version in Arabic, which shows Sadat lying in his own blood.

136 Likes. 46 Dislikes.

There are other publishers of the first footage with 578 Likes.

This whole scenario of a coordinated uprising across the ‘moderate’ islamic states will not have a happy ending for Israel or the Western World.

Freedom fighters for Democracy? Doubtful.

Iran 1979 PLUS Egypt 1981 is the more likely outcome.

Obama is just tossing the keys to the Muslim Brotherhood, the executioner of Sadat, and now the engineer of this coup.

Mr. President, your father, a man who despised western civilization but loved its easy bimbos and distilled spirits, would be proud.

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Posted by on February 4, 2011 in Egypt, politics, Radical Islam

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