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Action Alert. Vote Tuesday. The World belongs to those who bother to show up

Tomorrow is election day in Virginia, and in Ohio, and like all elections, those who participate will win the future.

Virginia has this peculiar phenomenon where we have an election…EVERY…DAMNED….YEAR.

Yeah, it’s annoying to a large degree, BUT, we Virginians also get the opportunity to buttress the national agenda for national elections that follow the next year, so we’ll suffer through it.

It was the Virginia election of 2009 that swept Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli into power that set the stage for the electoral landslide for the nation in 2010, where the Democrats lost 58 seats in the House and the nation poured water onto the circuitry of Nancy Pelosi, causing her to fizz and pop when she lost the majority.

Virginia gets to tee it up again for 2012. 

Virginia has a state Senate that needs a fixin’.  It’s time to put a major league smackdown on the Democrats tomorrow, banishing them from power and rendering them irrelevant.  Not just for what’s going on in  Virginia, but once again to set the tone for next year.

But let’s talk about voter turnout.

Remember that in the last election that didn’t have a Governorship at stake (2007) the voter turnout was around 20% of registered voters.

So it really does come down to those who show up in an election like this.

The Democrats are sitting ducks on a mill pond right now.  Tomorrow most people will be washing their cars, fixing a leaky toilet, going to the gym, or playing angry birds.  Or something.  They won’t be voting. 

If you’re reading this blog you’re not one of those to stay home during such an opportunity, but for those in VA-09 who have the reprehensible, the detestable, the DEFEATABLE Donald McEachin as your Senator, you have the opportunity to make him the first ‘One and Done’ Democrat of the election cycle.

It’s good practice for the Presidential election next year.

Simply write in FLOYD MAYS for Senate.

Once again, it starts in Virginia like it did back during our founding.  Virginia has a special obligation to mobilize as we are represented on the American flag twice.  As one of 50 stars, but also, one of the 13 stripes. 

We have a history of demanding good governance and when we make bad decisions in the past, we correct them.


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More on the Defeat McEachin Floyd Mays write in campaign in Richmond.

The Lee Bros endorse Floyd Mays write-in campaign against slip & fall attorney Don McEachin in the 9th Senate district of Virginia.


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