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Sorry I Was Missing for a While. Nasty PC Virus Requiring Geek Intervention Kept Me Out of the Battle. But NOTHING BAD HAPPENED in my Absence.

That’s right.  All is well.  Obama didn’t act unconstitutionally on anything.  At all.  Even Saturday Night Live knows that and didn’t create a skit about anything like that.

And the House Intel Committee has found that Benghazi was all by the book.  And there was no stand down order.  No cover up.  No lying.

And Hillary’s transvaginal mesh is not providing for her a case for restitution as is the case with Bill’s erections lasting for more than four hours.

Oh.  And Ferguson, MO releasing the indictment decision after dark with full media complement and a crowd of anarchists ready to perform to their expectations tonight?

Like I said.  Nothing bad happened in my absence and nothing bad will happen tonight.

My inner Mary Poppins says that it’s so.

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THE HORROR!!! When Democrat Pillow Talk Goes Open Mike the CoverUp Goes Epic.

Let’s face it.  When Democrats get together amongst themselves they snicker and connive.  They scheme and celebrate their ability to use their simpatico with allies like NBC, WaPo, CBS, PBS, and ABC to pull off the scam of the century against the country, backslapping themselves as they deceive their way to electoral and cultural victory.

They own the media and pop culture.  Congratulations to the useful idiot Jimmy Kimmel Fallon for leveraging his worshipful devotion to Barack that resulted in his being awarded the Tonight Show.

Remember that?

It is also not news that the left own academia, as well, using that brainwashing factory to its electoral advantage.

And the left will receive no push back from the re-enslaved slaves with the skin pigmentation that kinda sorta resembles that of the Preezy of the United Steezy.  The government owns you and you are obliged to grow government in order to pay for your meager subsistence.

The bottom line is this….

Democrats whisper pillow talk that they’d prefer not to get out, but sometimes it does.  And they scramble to duck it or disavow it.  Remember when VP Joe Biden pillow spoke to Barack upon the passage of Obamacare?  “This is a big fucking deal” said Biden.

There was much tittering behind the scenes but much damage control for the public.  Joe.  Don’t blow our image as serious people!!  We’re bankrupting them, destroying their societal guardrails, gutting their defense, embedding enemies within, but DUDE, we have to pretend we’re on their side.

The people who support and surround Barack Obama are merely a mirror reflection of Baraka Ubama.  They have contempt and disdain for Americans.  They are French.  Or maybe French Algerians.  Or maybe French Algerian Kenyans.

So along ambles Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare, boasting amongst his friendlies.

Well, amble along doesn’t quite cover it.  This guy was at one celebration of the disempowerment of Americans after another, speaking freely amongst Democrats who all laughed and celebrated his role in the deception and trickery that gave us the Affordable Care Act. mocking its supporters in plain sight as stupid and easily manipulated.

I’ll dump a couple of his many videos here in case you haven’t seen them if you’re an NBC viewer.  There are more if you need more evidence.

Feel good Democrat suckers?

And of course Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama would deny any knowledge of this brazen, if not accidental, truth teller.  You can look those videos up yourselves.  This is Cover up 101.

These videos are evidence of the pillow talk that Democrats have with themselves.  Sweet whisperings from conspirator to conspirator while nobody is looking.  These videos were for the Democrat base, not for public scrutiny.

Never,ever forget who these people are.

If you’re like me and most of the rest of America, you get up in the morning and roll up your sleeves and do your best to provide for your family. These Democrat Socialists work diligently all day too.  Working to outlaw you, your family, your industry, your church and spend hours scheming how to confiscate the fruits of your labor while pretending to be your best friend.

Exit questions:  If these Gruber videos had come up prior to Nov. 4th would it have  even been close for Senators Landrieu (LA) or Warner (VA)?  As for VA, are you Libertarians feeling good about  reelecting Mark Warner now?  Congrats.  BTW.  I just got an email from VA’s other mental patient Senator, Tim Kaine tonight.  He’s still fighting Keystone.  So Warner is probably going to go full stop Socialist going forward.  Way to go you Sarvis LiberTard’s.


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What the Grass Roots Hath Wrought. The Amazing Journey of Dave Brat.

Dave Brat (c) at Hunt Race in Orange, VA. 
Yesterday Congressman-elect Dave Brat hosted a ‘thank you’ luncheon for all of the people who worked tirelessly to get him elected.  I was somewhat in awe when I looked around the room and didn’t see any of the usual professional political operatives that I’ve seen in campaign after campaign in Virginia.  Instead there were former members and founders of the Richmond Tea Party, Mechanicsville TP, Patrick Henry TP, Orange County TP, Culpeper TP, etc.
It struck me as quite a remarkable feat that this disparate group of volunteers (political neophytes a mere five years ago for the most part who began to find their voices and coalesce as the Tea Parties were getting started), could not only unseat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, but get a non-politician elected to the House of Representatives.   Dave Brat is an Economics and Ethics professor at Randolph Macon College.
Of course, most of the credit goes to the candidate, who is very solid philosophically, is very engaging and truly enjoys talking to people.  Most candidates engage reluctantly, but Dave charges through the crowd and the rest of us have to scramble just to keep up.  Also, Dave worked extremely hard to win over Cantor supporters who were very skeptical of him and brought in most of the establishment types.
Tomorrow I head up to Capitol Hill for Dave’s swearing in ceremony with a lot of those same people to witness the culmination of this epic story.
It’s been quite a phenomenon to behold.  This campaign is the definition of grass roots.
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Surviving Heroes of Benghazi in Richmond Tonight


Pictured left to right; Chris ‘Tanto’ Paranto, John ‘Tig’ Tiegan, and Mark ‘Oz’ Geist.

These bad ass dudes came to address a crowd tonight about what really happened in Benghazi and to answer questions for a couple of hours.  If you watch Fox News or you already read the book, ’13 Hours in Benghazi’ you already know the story, but this story has gotten a collective media black out from CBS/ABC/NBC/CNN/PBS/NYT/WaPo/LATimes/BostonGlobe.

The book is a terrific and terrifying read.  I ripped through it in two days when it came out.  

If you haven’t read it, it is compulsory reading if you want to be an informed American.

The questions that these guys raise are compelling are the same questions being raised by Congressman Trey Gowdy who is heading the Benghazi Commission.

Why were repeated requests for additional security ignored by Hillary Clinton, especially after the Brits closed their embassy and the Red Cross pulled out just previous to that attack?

What was our mission in this far flung outpost, far from the capitol of Llbya?  Benghazi is way across the country of Libya.  What was the CIA up to out there in muslim zombie world?

And when it hit the fan and we were under attack, who gave the order for everyone in the chain of command in the military to ‘stand down’?  To let those people fend for themselves?

I always wondered about that last question, with Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily a little over an hour away, was no air support provided?  13 hours later no American military help was provided.  The eventual evac of these guys was aboard a C-130.

A Libyan C-130.  Not an American C-130.

But someone stood up in the audience tonight during the Q&A who was stationed in Qatar, or UAE or somewhere in that area,  I don’t remember where,  who said that they had assembled two QRFs, Quick Reaction Forces, and were at the ready, but were told to ‘STAND DOWN’.

Which leads me back to that question……..  Who gave that order?  And even if the order came from Imam Obama, why would Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta not defy it in order to save those people?  Or did Panetta take it upon himself to engineer such an order?  Has the upper echelon of the American military become undermined and emasculated so as everyone is more interested in their retirement packages than the honor and duty of the military?  The safety of its men and women?

Who, amongst the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has loudly protested this administration in front of media and taken one for the team?

The order to stand down had to come from the President himself, who conveniently disappeared so as to absolve himself from responsibility.  He subsequently went into serial liar mode in 2012 so as to get reelected and didn’t give a damn about the slain Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen ‘Bub’ Doherty and Tyrone ‘Rone’ Woods.

Regardless of where this stand down order came from, Leon Panetta is a self serving political hack, not a military man.  He should have defied orders, did his job and suffered the consequences.

But he didn’t.  He went to retirement and then wrote a book, the pages of which I wouldn’t defile my butt crack with even if there was no toilet paper in sight.

And Hillary.  If she thinks she’s running for president I’ve got a message for her.  We will be at every one of her campaign stops with pictures of the fallen; Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods.

It’ll look just like Veterans Day last year in DC, when patriots tore down Obama’s barricades in front of the WWII Memorial.  And used some barrycades to display pictures of our fallen…

Vets Storm DC 018

It’s gonna get real ugly for you Hillary.  You and Obama just need to go away.  Right now.  You’re finished.

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Speaking of Losers


Crow!   It’s what’s for dinner.

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Libertarian Losers Club. Faux Conservatives That Keep Democrats in Power.

Consider the case of that phony Libertarian, Robert Sarvis in Virginia.  He peeled off 53,000 votes in the Virginia Senate race yesterday.  Ed Gillespie is behind incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Warner by 16,000 votes.

Sarvis did the same thing in the Virginia Governor’s race in 2013 giving us that smarmy Terry McAuliffe over Ken Cuccinelli.

Look, I’m no fan boy of Gillespie.  I’d say I agree with him on 70% of the issues.  But I agree with Mark Warner on exactly ZERO percent of the issues.  And if Gillespie had won I’d be on his ass driving him further and further to the right.

With Warner I have no voice whatsoever and no point from which to start a discussion with him.

But the Libertarian Losers Club (LLC, LLC), are ideologically rigid to the point of impracticality.  And I’m beginning to think that they aren’t libertarians at all, but operatives of the Democrat party who cloak their argument in libertarian terms to fool real libertarians.

Look.  You’re free to vote as you wish, but if even half of you voted intelligently, meaning voting for a viable candidate, we would have retired Mark Warner and you and I could link arms to push Gillespie in the direction we both wish him to go.  And with a massive wave election we could actually do something good for Virginia.

But you didn’t.  You all decided to elect Mark Warner again.

Hey LLC’s!  The next time you wish to vote for the perfect candidate, write your own names in.  That’s the only candidate who will agree with you 100% of the time and the result will be exactly the same.


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Here’s the Latest from Debbie Washerwoman Schultz, Chair of the Democrat National Committee

Just received this in my email.


Look. We both know that a loss this November 4th will haunt us for the next two years. Get it? Like ghouls. This is a Halloween email.

Republicans will undo the progress we’ve made, leaving only the ghosts (see!) of our policies. They’ll try to take down Obamacare piece-by-piece until all that’s left is just a skeleton (!) of real health care reform.

If this all sounds pretty spooky to you, you’re not alone. But there’s a way you can help make these midterms less scary — by chipping in $3 or more to Democrats who need our help.

If you donate $200 today, you’ll be on the list of our best supporters we send to the FEC. If you’ve saved your payment information, your donation will go through immediately.

Thanks. See you on Election Night.

(And sorry about all the puns.)


Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee

P.S. — Not sorry for all the puns. Puns are great.

It will indeed be a Hollow Eve if the Democrats manage to stuff the ballot box and cheat their way out of the retribution they deserve.
But if it ain’t close they can’t cheat their way to preserving their dictatorship.
Get off the couch and teach these bums a lesson.
The world belongs to those who bother to show up.
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How Did This Little Tidbit So Easily Slip Under the Radar?

Right after taking office, on January 24th, 2014 Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed Dr. Marissa Levine as interim Health Commissioner.

Nobody pays attention to such appointments, for the most part, but it turns out that “Marissa” used to be known as “Mark” because she used to be a dude.

Richmond Times Dispatch slipped that into the third paragraph of that announcement.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has tapped Dr. Marissa Levine as interim health commissioner.

Levine, who has been serving as a deputy commissioner, will lead the Virginia Department of Health, a vast agency with reach across the state.

Before taking a job with the state, she served as Henrico County’s health director and was known as Dr. Mark Levine. She declined to comment on her appointment and its significance.

I know that the Democrat party is a collection of freaks, malcontents and shake down artists.  But I’m surprised that everyone, including myself, completely didn’t know about this.  And the media successfully buried it.

Do Virginians know that their Health Commissioner is a transgender?  I don’t believe they do.  I sure didn’t until someone pointed it out to me today.

Mark-Marissa’s first move as Health Commissioner was to strip away the commonsense safety restrictions that the General Assembly and the former Governor put in place to make the abortion industry.comply with minimal cleanliness and other safety standards, commonplace amongst dentistry and other clinics.

Virginia is officially being run by those who should be mental patients.

I simply didn’t know about this.  Did you?


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You Can’t Judge a Man Until You’ve Walked a Mile in His eBowling Shoes

Dr. Craig Spencer returned from West Africa recently.  Yesterday he took several subway lines in NYC, then went bowling.  And went to dinner.

And then he took an Uber ride home.

And then he developed a 103 degree fever and now has tested positive for Ebola.

Exit question:  Does that spray that the bowling alleys spray in the rental shoes kill Ebola?  Rental bowling shoes are creepy enough, but now………….This?

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Whew! Arbitrary 21 Day Incubation Period Reached and Ebola Scare Has Ended. Sequestered Individuals Released.

People who were once incubated are now free to roam about the country as of the last couple of days.

The U.S. Government has sent out the message that 21 days is the end of the incubation period of Ebola and if you don’t show symptoms by then then all is well.  You Don’t have Ebola.

I trust the government implicitly.  Especially with Barack the magnificent angling on the election midterms in the next 15 days.

But then there are some who think that this incubation period is not accurate.

The World Health Organization does not declare an Ebola outbreak over in a country until no new cases are reported within a 42-day period.  

But that would put us past the midterms.  Not that politics is more important to Obama than the nation’s health.  Nothing like that.  Not a smidgeon of anything like that.

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