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Big Sis Claims Body Scanners Safe

In a column in the USA Today, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claims that the airport body scanners, which are likened to an electronic strip search, do not pose any health risks to travelers.

AIT machines are safe, efficient, and protect passenger privacy. They have been independently evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, who have all affirmed their safety. And the weapons and other dangerous and prohibited items we’ve found during AIT screenings have illustrated their security value time and again.

Janis Bennett at Gather  claims Napolitano is lying.

Dr. Michael Love runs an X-ray lab at John Hopkins University and said that statistically speaking, someone is going to get skin cancer from the new X-ray machines. Many other scientists are speaking out, saying the body scanners are far from safe. John Sedat, a professor of biochemistry and biophysics at University of California told CNet that the machines have “mutagenic effects”, and even went to far as to write a letter to the White House to point out the risks to children and elderly.

Big Sis was also caught lying about the scanners being effective. The use of the body scanners would not have prevented the Christmas Day bomber, and security experts said the devices are useless.

Bennett then goes on with her biggest concern;

One of the biggest concerns of the public, including this author, is that first we were told that the private parts of people would be blurred, as well as the person’s face. After months of research, the DHS/TSA changed their claim that yes, the scanners produce detailed images of a person’s body parts, all parts, but they can not be saved or transmitted. But, this also is not true. There detailed images of men, women and children that have passed through the scanners and then printed or transmitted.

To dispel this claim Big Sis released this photo of herself being scanned, apparently the scanners aren’t the only thing she has been lying about.


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