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Justice John Roberts, the King Maker

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts just handed Obama a crown, scepter, and an ermine trimmed velvet cloak.

It isn’t the SCOTUS job to protect the American people from bad political choices? Perhaps not, but it IS SCOTUS job to protect and uphold the Constitution.

If you are not registered to vote, get registered. I don’t care if you like Romney or not; I don’t care if he wasn’t your first choice; he must win. Why you ask? Because he is NOT Obama.  We need every single person to vote because even Obama voters who hate ObamaDoesn’tCare and are disappointed in Obama overall have said they will STILL vote for him in 2012.  That stymied me until I realized that these people have lived most of their lives being indoctrinated by the Progressives and/or living off the government teet. They’d rather throw their fellow Americans into the compost pile of history than to do the right thing and admit that they are personally responsible for the total upheaval of this country.

They must not be allowed to steal our country from us. My flag will hang upside down until Obama is defeated. Make no mistake; we are in distress.

If you haven’t read Ameritopia by Mark Levin, get it, read it, understand it.  It’s important.


The NLRB and Labor Unions, The Unholy Alliance Continues

Each and every day for the past two weeks, I’ve seen the following message when I log into the website of our company’s payroll and benefits provider:

Please note that the NLRB recently communicated the following information regarding a new posting requirement.
Mandatory Federal (NLRB) Update – Poster Pending

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a Final Rule requiring most private-sector employers to notify employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act by posting a notice.

Employers must also post the notice on an intranet or an internet site if personnel rules and policies are customarily posted there. The rule will take effect on November 14, 2011.

The posting has not yet been released; the NLRB states it will be released on or before November 1, 2011. When the posting is released, posters will be made available to all clients. Further details to follow.

For those of you who haven’t stepped foot inside the employee lounge or personnel office lately, let me clarify this for you. No doubt you’ve seen the numerous posters covering topics from Minimum Wage to Employee Rights, etc. (Now in both English and Spanish for those of you who refuse to speak the language of the country that you are living and working in). But let me not get off topic here. This is nothing more than the National Labor Relations Board, a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT entity, working hand-in-hand with the Unions that put Barack Hussein Obama and the vast majority of Democrats into their Senate and Congressional offices, both nationally and locally. This is the NLRB doing their part to reward the Unions for their continued support of Leftist Progressive Liberal Agendas by PROMOTING and ENCOURAGING private sector employees to rise up and form a Union in their workplace.

What Obama cannot get passed in Congress (Card Check comes immediately to mind), he will find a way to pass through some other backdoor method. The Unions are failing everywhere except for in the Public Sector. Why? Because everyone with an IQ over 11 knows that the Union does nothing for them while lining the pockets of the Union Leaders and ensuring that Liberals continue to win elections and perpetuate the cycle of Union dues paying for Liberals’ campaigns, Liberals win and reward the Union leaders with more legislation and regulation favorable to Unions. What about the Union members that don’t support those Liberal candidates or incumbents? No soup for you!


Senate Impeaches Corrupt Federal Judge

Earlier today, the lame duck Senate actually accomplished something worthwhile.  It impeached a bad judge:

The Senate has voted unanimously to convict U.S. District Judge G. Thomas Porteous of Louisiana on the first of four impeachment charges, removing him from the federal bench.

The decision makes Porteous just the eighth federal judge in U.S. history to be impeached and convicted by Congress.

The Senate is still voting on three additional articles of impeachment approved by the House earlier this year.

House prosecutors say the 63-year-old judge had a gambling problem and began accepting cash and other favors from people with business before his court. He also was accused of lying to Congress and filing for bankruptcy under a false name.

Porteous was a Clinton appointee, which  tells us what his next career move is likely to be.  If he follows the path of another impeached Democrat judge, he’ll end up getting elected to Congress, where the next Democrat speaker will try to install him atop the House Intelligence Committee.

That’s exactly what Pelosi attempted with Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida, who had also been impeached on bribery charges a few years prior.

That’s just one of the many reasons that Pelosi won’t be missed, and why history won’t be kind to her tenure as Speaker of the House.


Battle for Alaska: Men in Black Edition

Yesterday an Alaskan Superior Court Judge dealt incumbent Senator Leeza MooKowSkee a severe blow by not allowing election officials the ability to provide voters with information on the write-in candidates.

Fast forward to today and that ruling was overruled by the Alaska Supreme Court while you slept.

Is the Alaska Division of Elections acting as advocates for the Senator?

The high court ruled quickly after attorneys for the state Division of Elections petitioned for a review of a ruling issued earlier Wednesday by Anchorage Superior Court Judge Frank A. Pfiffner.

We’re 5 days before the election and lots of very dubious events are happening not just in Alaska, but because of Court rulings in Arizona on voter ID requirements, Harry Reid’s son and the SEIU seem to be conspiring to steal the election in Nevada, strange ballot episodes in North Carolina and other peculiarities are occurring.


AZ Gov. Jan Brewer to Neil Cavuto

“Arizona is under assault from the national Government.” 

First it was their Immigration Law.  Now, their voter ID  has been struck down.  Both by the Ninth Circuit, btw.

She just said it so there is nothing to link yet.

I’d say she’s right, but I would add that ALL Americans are under assault by their National Government.


Si’ Se Puede Vote En Arizona Sin Documentation Court Strikes Down State Requirements For ID When Registering

Today the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down an Arizona law which required either a picture ID or two forms of ID without a picture because in their opinion it is a discriminatory or onerous registration requirement. The law, which was passed by voter referendum in 2004  as proposition 200, was enacted to provide a minimal requirement of eligibility.

In a split decision, the court cited the supremacy clause and claimed the Arizona law conflicted with the National Voter Registration Act  passed in 1993 . This is the Federal Law that Cloward and Piven lobbied Clinton to pass known as the “Motor Voter Act” . The three judge panel included Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, temporarily sitting by designation, and Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta, with chief judge Alex Kozinski dissenting. Arizona argued that the law was not in conflict as the requirements were not overly burdensome or discriminatory.

The Court referred to  the NVRA requirement that each state “shall establish procedures to register” voters for federal elections according to the NVRA’s three methods. The first is the motor voter method and it restricts the state from requiring any additional documentation than necessary to prevent duplicate voter registrations and to enable the state to assess the eligibility of the applicant. The second method requires registration by mail using the federal form. Finally the third method is to make in person voter registration available in various public offices and buildings with an emphasis on targeting  “the poor and persons with disabilities who do not have driver’s licenses and will not come into contact with” motor vehicle agencies.

It would appear that the court was most concerned with the second or mail in Federal form method. The Arizona law required; 

The form used for the registration of electors shall contain . . . [a] statement that the applicant shall submit evidence of United States citizenship with the application and that the registrar shall reject the application if no evidence of citizenship is attached.

The court claims that the  NVRA only requires that it must inform the applicant as to every eligibility requirement “including citizenship” and require the applicant to attest, under penalty of perjury, that the applicant meets each requirement.  The form “may not include any requirement for notarization or other formal authentication.” In other words if you attest that you are an eligible citizen that is good enough and by informing you that lying about this is against the law those ineligible non-citizens will not register to vote.

I understand that decades ago some states and localities may have purposely created a confusing and burdensome maze to go through in order to register to vote in an effort to suppress the vote but I think the current decision and possibly the NVRA have gone way too far. In my opinion the NRVA has transformed from a protective law which enabled those who would otherwise be disenfranchised to vote into a vehicle to enable fraudulant voting. This decision is an obvious lurch to assist organizations like ACORN in their effort to register every person, regardless of qualifications, to vote. When Arizona passed Proposition 200 it was to protect the integrity of their elections not to disenfranchise any eligible voter.

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