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I’m forgetting something…

I’m supposed to do something today but I just can’t remember what it is.

Hmmmm.  What was it?

That’s right!  I have to take out the trash.

Regime Change Starts TODAY!!  



George W. Bush throws out the first pitch

I was going to title this…

Man who Stands up to Piss Throws out First Pitch. 

But I thought better of it.  I just think the other guy squats, that’s all.

Love him or hate him, here’s how a man throws a baseball.   Effortless, dignified. 


No Mom jeans. 

Crowd doesn’t seem to mind both Bushes being there either.

I could post that other guy’s two epic fail opening pitches, but the man is losing relevance and there just isn’t any reason to bother you with it.

If you really must, go Bing search ‘Girly Prez can’t throw anything but a hissy fit’.   Or something. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I’m just not linking him.  I’m just not gon do it.

Bush 41 is looking a might feeble, though.

Crist Update

Never saw this one before.  H/T Ace’s Dave in Texas. 

Obama is irrelevant and so is Crist, but I’m not above kicking Crist when he’s down.  There’s plenty of time to kick Obama later.  Charlie?  You make Obama look like a Cy Young Award Winner.  Idiot.

I’m guessing that Marco Rubio will deliver a high and tight heater and Crist will quiver in the batter’s box.

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