THE HORROR!!! When Democrat Pillow Talk Goes Open Mike the CoverUp Goes Epic.

17 Nov

Let’s face it.  When Democrats get together amongst themselves they snicker and connive.  They scheme and celebrate their ability to use their simpatico with allies like NBC, WaPo, CBS, PBS, and ABC to pull off the scam of the century against the country, backslapping themselves as they deceive their way to electoral and cultural victory.

They own the media and pop culture.  Congratulations to the useful idiot Jimmy Kimmel Fallon for leveraging his worshipful devotion to Barack that resulted in his being awarded the Tonight Show.

Remember that?

It is also not news that the left own academia, as well, using that brainwashing factory to its electoral advantage.

And the left will receive no push back from the re-enslaved slaves with the skin pigmentation that kinda sorta resembles that of the Preezy of the United Steezy.  The government owns you and you are obliged to grow government in order to pay for your meager subsistence.

The bottom line is this….

Democrats whisper pillow talk that they’d prefer not to get out, but sometimes it does.  And they scramble to duck it or disavow it.  Remember when VP Joe Biden pillow spoke to Barack upon the passage of Obamacare?  “This is a big fucking deal” said Biden.

There was much tittering behind the scenes but much damage control for the public.  Joe.  Don’t blow our image as serious people!!  We’re bankrupting them, destroying their societal guardrails, gutting their defense, embedding enemies within, but DUDE, we have to pretend we’re on their side.

The people who support and surround Barack Obama are merely a mirror reflection of Baraka Ubama.  They have contempt and disdain for Americans.  They are French.  Or maybe French Algerians.  Or maybe French Algerian Kenyans.

So along ambles Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare, boasting amongst his friendlies.

Well, amble along doesn’t quite cover it.  This guy was at one celebration of the disempowerment of Americans after another, speaking freely amongst Democrats who all laughed and celebrated his role in the deception and trickery that gave us the Affordable Care Act. mocking its supporters in plain sight as stupid and easily manipulated.

I’ll dump a couple of his many videos here in case you haven’t seen them if you’re an NBC viewer.  There are more if you need more evidence.

Feel good Democrat suckers?

And of course Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama would deny any knowledge of this brazen, if not accidental, truth teller.  You can look those videos up yourselves.  This is Cover up 101.

These videos are evidence of the pillow talk that Democrats have with themselves.  Sweet whisperings from conspirator to conspirator while nobody is looking.  These videos were for the Democrat base, not for public scrutiny.

Never,ever forget who these people are.

If you’re like me and most of the rest of America, you get up in the morning and roll up your sleeves and do your best to provide for your family. These Democrat Socialists work diligently all day too.  Working to outlaw you, your family, your industry, your church and spend hours scheming how to confiscate the fruits of your labor while pretending to be your best friend.

Exit questions:  If these Gruber videos had come up prior to Nov. 4th would it have  even been close for Senators Landrieu (LA) or Warner (VA)?  As for VA, are you Libertarians feeling good about  reelecting Mark Warner now?  Congrats.  BTW.  I just got an email from VA’s other mental patient Senator, Tim Kaine tonight.  He’s still fighting Keystone.  So Warner is probably going to go full stop Socialist going forward.  Way to go you Sarvis LiberTard’s.


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2 responses to “THE HORROR!!! When Democrat Pillow Talk Goes Open Mike the CoverUp Goes Epic.

  1. Genipero

    November 18, 2014 at 2:47 am

    Mr. Saddleburr ~

    Am as incensed as you are over these fools but the useful idiot in the 1st video is Jimmy “Fallon”, not Kimmel. These late night “Jimmy’s” can be a bit confusing, though 🙂

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      November 18, 2014 at 7:57 am

      Oops. You are right. I never watch. I’ll fix it.


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