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Where to watch ‘The Undefeated’ tonight

‘The Undefeated’ airs tonight at 8 on Reelz Network. It’s channel 238 on DirectTV. DishNetwork 299. For those of you on cable or FIOS, click here to find where to find the station in your local area.

Let’s whip up on HBO and their flop, ‘Diaper Change’ or whatever it’s called!!


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The Undefeated: Bannon and Breitbart vs. Crooks & Liars

DTN has been talking about the movie about Sarah Palin, ‘The Undefeated’, being shown on REELZ network Sunday, March 11 at 8pm, but my visit to CPAC was a gift that keeps on giving.
I captured video of Steve Bannon, the film’s producer, along with Andrew Breitbart and Steve Bossie being challenged by a lefty blogger from ‘Crooks & Liars’ (appropriately named), wherein he characterized the film as being panned by the film critics and audiences.

I apologize for the lousy videography, but Breitbart and Bannon destroyed the guy and Bannon exposed him in a classic takedown at the end of the clip.


We’re really going to miss Breitbart. He was the master at this kind of encounter.

Another masterpiece from


Dueling Sarahs: Reelz Network to air ‘The Undefeated’ vs. HBO’s ‘Game Change’

Save the date. Sunday, March 11, 8pm EDT on Reelz. DirectTV channel 238.

Apparently some network I’ve never heard of called HBO is running yet another leftist hate piece against Sarah Palin called ‘Game Change’ this weekend, but in a coup of sorts, Steve Bannon’s ‘The Undefeated’ is going to be competing on Reelz Network.

I have not seen either film, but if Undefeated is like other Bannon films I’ve seen, it should be terrific and the most accurate profile of the Governor out there.

Compare that to the trailer for ‘Game Change’ and decide for yourself.

As Dan Ackroyd playing theater critic Leonard Pinth-Garnell used to say in his ‘Bad Conceptual Theater’ review,
‘That wasn’t very good, was it?’

It would be a crying shame if Reelz blew HBO out of the water in the ratings game during that time slot.

And isn’t it a bit hilarious that the left can’t get over Palin? She’s not a current office holder, nor is she running for anything. But their collective fear of ‘the Sarah’ prevents them from letting it go.

Just. Let. It. Go.

Here is Lou Dobb’s take on the match up and an interview with Undefeated director Stephen K. Bannon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update:  Thanks for the link from I Own the World!

‘The Undefeated’ airs tonight at 8 on Reelz Network. It’s channel 238 on DirectTV. DishNetwork 299. For those of you on cable or FIOS, click here to find where to find the station in your local area.


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GOP Establishment Embraces Palin

We all remember the weeks and months after the 2008 election when the establishment types in the GOP distanced themselves from Sarah Palin. When she resigned as Governor of Alaska, Karl Rove grew very cold towards her and her political future.

“She’s putting herself in a place where unless she comes up with something new and novel that demonstrates leadership for effective change outside of government, as she said in her speech, then she’s going to be conventional,” Rove said. “She cannot simply count on going around and collecting chits by campaigning for Republican candidates in 2010. … She also, I repeat, has lost control of her time. She had the excuse of saying, ‘I’m the governor I’ve got things to do.’ Now people will be clamoring for her and the expectations will be out of sight.”

Just last November as Sarah started her book tour the naysayers were out in force.

New York Times columnist David Brooks, a card-carrying neocon who had written glowingly of Senator McCain, claimed Palin represented “a fatal cancer to the Republican Party.” Peggy Noonan, a former speechwriter for President Reagan and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, blasted Palin as “a dope and unqualified from the start.” Last June, Steve Schmidt, the former McCain campaign chief of staff, warned that Palin’s nomination as the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee would be “catastrophic.”

Well, anyone who experienced the energy and enthusiasm of a 2008 Palin rally should not be surprised that Sarah Palin is emerging as a 2012 Republican Presidential nomination favorite. Many presidential hopefuls endorse and campaign for mid-term congressional and gubernatorial candidates in an effort to build support, but they usually try to figure out who is going to win and then hitch their wagon to them. Palin actually sought out conservative candidates that needed support and helped to propel them to victory. In an age where the value of endorsements is rightfully questioned, nobody can deny that Palin has made a huge difference in several races this cycle. The same cannot be said of any of the other likely candidates.

Now the GOP itself is acknowledging the status of Governor Palin. The GOP has chose their headliner for the party’s 2010 Victory Rallies, none other than a very deserving Sarah Palin!


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