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Frustrated Freshman Legislators bring common sense to the floor

Today freshman Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson ran out of patience with a Senate that is in his words, “Is fiddling while America is going bankrupt.” Fed up after only six months in Washington, the fiscally conservative Republican threatened to tie up the Senate and delay all business. Johnson is upset that the Senate has not passed a budget in two years and the fact that the Democratic leadership has no intension bringing a budget proposal to the floor. Speaking from the floor this afternoon Johnson let plans be known; “I will begin to object, I will withhold consent.

A single Senator can hold up any business by objecting and withholding consent.  Objections can be overcome by 60-vote supermajority, but a senator intent on making a point can obstruct all business and in effect shut down the senate by requiring all business to undergo the burdensome cloture process.

After withholding consent and preventing Senator Jeff Sessions from speaking and threatening to object to Harry Reid’s effort to schedule votes later in the week, Johnson relented in exchange for ten minutes on the floor to express his disgust.

Meanwhile, over in the house last week freshman Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania launched a tirade after a Democrat Representative criticized the Ryan budget. Mr. Kelly had heard enough!

Senator Johnson and Congressman Kelly are prime examples of what this country needs and if we had more like them serving in congress over the last few decades, we would not be in the shape we are. These two men ran for elected office to try to save their country, to go to Washington to make the difficult decisions that will give their children and their children’s children the same opportunities they had.

These men did not have to serve, Ron Johnson started and built a very successful business in Wisconsin and Mike Kelly owns and runs a very successful automobile dealership in Butler, Pennsylvania. I thank these citizen legislators for their efforts and I call on all americans to support them, our future depends on it!

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