Surviving Heroes of Benghazi in Richmond Tonight

06 Nov


Pictured left to right; Chris ‘Tanto’ Paranto, John ‘Tig’ Tiegan, and Mark ‘Oz’ Geist.

These bad ass dudes came to address a crowd tonight about what really happened in Benghazi and to answer questions for a couple of hours.  If you watch Fox News or you already read the book, ’13 Hours in Benghazi’ you already know the story, but this story has gotten a collective media black out from CBS/ABC/NBC/CNN/PBS/NYT/WaPo/LATimes/BostonGlobe.

The book is a terrific and terrifying read.  I ripped through it in two days when it came out.  

If you haven’t read it, it is compulsory reading if you want to be an informed American.

The questions that these guys raise are compelling are the same questions being raised by Congressman Trey Gowdy who is heading the Benghazi Commission.

Why were repeated requests for additional security ignored by Hillary Clinton, especially after the Brits closed their embassy and the Red Cross pulled out just previous to that attack?

What was our mission in this far flung outpost, far from the capitol of Llbya?  Benghazi is way across the country of Libya.  What was the CIA up to out there in muslim zombie world?

And when it hit the fan and we were under attack, who gave the order for everyone in the chain of command in the military to ‘stand down’?  To let those people fend for themselves?

I always wondered about that last question, with Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily a little over an hour away, was no air support provided?  13 hours later no American military help was provided.  The eventual evac of these guys was aboard a C-130.

A Libyan C-130.  Not an American C-130.

But someone stood up in the audience tonight during the Q&A who was stationed in Qatar, or UAE or somewhere in that area,  I don’t remember where,  who said that they had assembled two QRFs, Quick Reaction Forces, and were at the ready, but were told to ‘STAND DOWN’.

Which leads me back to that question……..  Who gave that order?  And even if the order came from Imam Obama, why would Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta not defy it in order to save those people?  Or did Panetta take it upon himself to engineer such an order?  Has the upper echelon of the American military become undermined and emasculated so as everyone is more interested in their retirement packages than the honor and duty of the military?  The safety of its men and women?

Who, amongst the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has loudly protested this administration in front of media and taken one for the team?

The order to stand down had to come from the President himself, who conveniently disappeared so as to absolve himself from responsibility.  He subsequently went into serial liar mode in 2012 so as to get reelected and didn’t give a damn about the slain Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen ‘Bub’ Doherty and Tyrone ‘Rone’ Woods.

Regardless of where this stand down order came from, Leon Panetta is a self serving political hack, not a military man.  He should have defied orders, did his job and suffered the consequences.

But he didn’t.  He went to retirement and then wrote a book, the pages of which I wouldn’t defile my butt crack with even if there was no toilet paper in sight.

And Hillary.  If she thinks she’s running for president I’ve got a message for her.  We will be at every one of her campaign stops with pictures of the fallen; Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods.

It’ll look just like Veterans Day last year in DC, when patriots tore down Obama’s barricades in front of the WWII Memorial.  And used some barrycades to display pictures of our fallen…

Vets Storm DC 018

It’s gonna get real ugly for you Hillary.  You and Obama just need to go away.  Right now.  You’re finished.

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