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Hey! Virginia has its own NATIONAL TREASURE too

This is a Cowboys/Redskins rivalry not seen since the Redskins actually had a football team, but I digress.

Virginia Congressman Jim Moran, just like Sheila Jackson Lee, is equally a NATIONAL TREASURE. 

Behold Jason Mattera asking Moron about a miserly $12 Million of Stimulus money going to Virginia’s 12th district.  Problem is, there is no 12th District in Virginia.  Notice Moron’s handlers.  They have the double duty of keeping Jason away from the Congressman AND since Jimbo has a reputation as a hot head prone towards resorting to violence, keeping the Congressman away from Mattera. 

Here’s Moron and uber douche libtard Ed Schultz about the violence being perpetrated by the Tea Party patriots.

And of course Jimbo’s love of class envy and redistribution of wealth.  You know that ‘unsustainable’ model where people keep what they earn, Moron is here to fix all of that.

So, Texas.  Virginia throws down the gauntlet.  You all don’t own Stupid just because you have Sheila Jackson Lee.  We see your Lee and raise you a Jim Moran.  How do you like that?

Incidentally.  We do have a great candidate in Patrick Murray who is running against this miserable waste of a carbon footprint in Virgnina 8.  Tell you what, if you help Patrick beat Jim Moran we’ll help John Faulk defeat SJL.  Deal?


This was all tongue and cheek, but seriously, won’t you join me in contributing to the candidacies of both of these  challengers?   Murray was a tank commander for the Army and it will require heavy bombardment to remove the detestable Moran from office.  Faulk also served his country and is an accountant by trade, someone who has a clue about responsible fiscal stewardship, something desperately needed in this feckless government.

Another Update

It has become apparent that several members of Congress seem hell bent to shut off our domestic oil supply, but they’re not content there.  Now some wish to stymie Canada’s supply to the U.S. by killing a pipeline from the Canucks to us. 

Norm Leahy at Tertium Quids reveals the details.  I told you that this is a heated competition for the title of Ultimate NATIONAL TREASURE, but Jim Moran is a signatory to this stoopid legislation.  And even though most of the signatures are illegible, meaning that Sheila Jackson Lee might well have participated, Jim Moran must have been sober that day and has wonderful penmanship.  Looking at the signatories Sheila Jackson Lee might have signed off.  Is her signature at the bottom left of Page 4, maybe top left of Page 5?  Look at the pages and you tell me because I just don’t have a clue.  

If she’s not there it’s Plus One for Virginia in the NT competition.



If you’re an English soccer fan, and you’re a Southerner, and you’re a fan of anyone but Arsenal, then your southern identity should be revoked.

I mean, they’re called the Gunners and they’ve got a frickin cannon in their logo.  How politically incorrect is that?  It’s got Come and Take It built right in.

No Southerner with any self-respect can possibly be a fan of Chelsea.  It’s such a…such a…such a girl’s name.

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