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Marco Rubio delivers the GOP weekly address; reminds us what the conservative movement stands for

We are now in the midst of a contentious presidential primary season. This should be an opportunity for Republicans and conservatives to flood the airwaves (and the Internet) promoting the conservative vision of America that a Republican president and congress would deliver. Instead of seizing the moment, Republicans have, by and large, allowed the main stream media and their super PACs to control the narrative squabbling (often dishonestly) over meaningless issues like tax returns, private equity, professional consulting, private investments, and personal attacks.

In debate after debate we have witnessed a professional wrestling type skirmishes which are seldom based on policy. What has been described as debate fatigue is most likely due to the fact that the Republicans have not used this opportunity to remind Americans what they are for. They have spent most of the time either attacking each other or answering biased questions designed to paint Republicans in a bad light.

What the Republican candidates need to do is to communicate their vision for the future, define what they stand for and what that will mean for them and their fellow Americans. They need to follow the lead of their rising star Marco Rubio. Watch and listen as Senator Rubio delivers this week’s GOP Address.


Where to find tonight’s Republican debate

Correction:  The debate itself starts at 8.  7pm is the pregame show.

Update:  Comcast 103

FYI:  It will be on Bloomberg Television at 7pm Eastern.  I didn’t even know I had BTV, but it’s on channel 353 if you have DirectTV.

But it will also be streamed.  The Washington Post, the host of the debate (what could go wrong?), has the details about where this debate can be seen.

So please join us at the table tomorrow night. The debate will stream on and on, alongside live coverage from the Fix’s Chris Cillizza. It will also air on Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Radio, and WBIN-TV in New Hampshire.

I hope this helps.

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