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Doubt that the pull out from Iraq was for purely political purposes?

Agree or disagree about whether the war in Iraq was a worthwhile mission, the fact that the Obama campaign came out the day after the announcement of exit from that nation with this email removes any doubt that Obama did this to try to motivate his base.



Friend –I’m James Kvaal, the new policy director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign. You’ll be hearing from me occasionally about the President’s policies and those of our opponents, and how we can all help bring about change for our country.

Yesterday, we accomplished one major change when President Obama announced that all American troops in Iraq will be home before the holidays.

With that action, the Iraq war will end. And one of the President’s central promises will have been kept.

Both as Americans and as supporters of President Obama, this is something for us to reflect on, and be proud of.

Watch the video of the President’s announcement — then please pass this on:

The war in Iraq was a divisive, defining issue in our country for nearly nine years, and was the catalyst for many Americans to get involved in politics for the first time.Now, thanks to the actions of this President, we can say that conflict is coming to a close.

The end of this war reflects a larger transition in our foreign policy as, in the President’s words, “the tide of war is receding.” The drawdown in Iraq has allowed us to refocus on the fight against al Qaeda, even as we begin to bring troops home from Afghanistan. And of course, this week also marked the definitive end of the Qaddafi regime in Libya.

These outcomes are an example of what happens when a leader sets a plan and sees it through. In the last campaign, the President committed to getting American troops home while leaving behind a stable and secure Iraq. You rallied around that vision, and now that promise has been fulfilled.

On behalf of this campaign and supporters of the President across the country, I want to thank the more than 1 million Americans who have served in Iraq, and all those who worked to make this possible.



James Kvaal
Policy Director
Obama for America

Notice that although there is a hollow sounding ‘thanks to the troops’ in the message, there is no recognition of the over 4,400 dead Americans and the 32,000 + wounded in this effort to bring about a safer middle east at a very high price.  There is no mention of the removal of the tyrant, Saddam Hussein, in an orderly fashion unlike the pack of rabid dogs that tortured and murdered Libya’s Qaddafi.   Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not shedding a tear for old Moammar, but Obama’s foreign policy is creating even more instability throughout the region, ushering in God knows what in the future, but for him to take a victory lap after that disturbing image of mob savagery is just sick.
But the Obama campaign needed to precipitate a hasty pullout in order to motivate his left wing base. 
I am glad the troops are coming home, as I don’t want them in harm’s way serving for a Commander-in-Chief that is reckless and irresponsible, and who doesn’t seem to grasp any of the benefits that came from the Iraq campaign.
I don’t wish to get into a debate about the merits of the Iraq mission in this post.  I just fear that any gains that these brave men and women have sacrificed to obtain have been cavalierly tossed aside in favor of Obama’s political ambition.
The fact that this email was issued the very next day proves that this is all about politics and nothing more.
It is simply shameful and proves that this man will stop at nothing to get re-elected.

How Fox News kept me from hearing of bin Laden’s death

Fox News really needs to reexamine their programming. Last night I flipped over to FNC around 8pm only to discover yet ANOTHER replay of the Royal Wedding.

In disgust I flipped over to ‘Holmes on Homes’ and stayed on HGTV from that point until I went to bed. I was distracted by doing a blog post, so I don’t even know what was on. It was background noise.

From what I’m hearing, I didn’t miss anything as another FNC bomb, Geraldo Rivera, was on when the news broke. I heard a clip of it this morning, where Jerry breathlessly reported, ‘This is the greatest day my career.’

Really? The man who has killed thousands and thousands, and who has been the focus of our military operations for nearly a decade is taken out and you’re talking about your CAREER?

Mr. Murdoch….Your network has gone soft and begins to resemble the also rans more and more each day. You lost me last night and I know you lost others who would go anywhere Geraldo wasn’t.

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Attempt to Assassinate Egypt VP Fails…

…this time.

Two bodyguards killed.

Sadat 1981, with a cameo by Hosni MuBarack…

Incidentally, the YouTube rating for this video is 145 Likes. 13 Dislikes.

Or this version in Arabic, which shows Sadat lying in his own blood.

136 Likes. 46 Dislikes.

There are other publishers of the first footage with 578 Likes.

This whole scenario of a coordinated uprising across the ‘moderate’ islamic states will not have a happy ending for Israel or the Western World.

Freedom fighters for Democracy? Doubtful.

Iran 1979 PLUS Egypt 1981 is the more likely outcome.

Obama is just tossing the keys to the Muslim Brotherhood, the executioner of Sadat, and now the engineer of this coup.

Mr. President, your father, a man who despised western civilization but loved its easy bimbos and distilled spirits, would be proud.

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