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Gang of 219 revisited

The day after the House of Representatives’ vote on Obamacare I captured information on the Gang of 219 that voted for it as well as their opposition. 

That was back on March 23rd and it was as much therapy as scientific research, but I had convinced myself that it might prove useful in removing each and every one of these arrogant Congresscritters that had voted against the will of the people.

I revisited my old spread sheet tonight now that the primaries are done.  The website Politics1 is an invaluable website for compiling such things, incidentally.

It was dismaying on March 23rd that of those who voted YES, many thought they were safe as they had no opposition at that time.  64 of the Gang of 219 had no opponent.  Today, there are only 12 with no opponent.  I appreciate every one of those people who have stepped up in the face of adversity.  Of those stepping up; a pastry chef, a funeral home owner, a carpenter,  a roofing contractor, multiple medical professionals, and a realtor who happens to have been the former President of the Haitian Senate.

Among those running are 26 candidates who entered the fray after I collected my info back in late March, went up against others who were already running and won their primaries.  Most notable is Daniel Webster, who beat 9 challengers in FL-8 to go up against the Devil, Alan Grayson, probably the most despicable and detestable Congressman in the Gang of 219.  You remember Grayson, right?  Do I have to assemble all of the reprehensible stuff he’s done and said?

I don’t know anything about THIS Daniel Webster, but I’m going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Same goes for Joe Walsh and Isaac Hayes in Illinois.  Rock On boys!

There is simply not enough time to research this completely if you’re actually employed.  Any insider info on any of these races would be appreciated. 

All I know is there are 14 of the Gang of 219 who are no longer seeking re-election to their House posts.  Some are running for higher office like Kendrick Meeks, who is opposing Marco Rubio for the Senate, so that means he’ll soon be retired. 

Others, like Bart Stupak realized that their late night dalliances with Barack Obama, has resulted in them being double crossed, exposed as frauds and know that their electoral fortunes have turned to crap.  That’s what they get for their slow dances with a street hustler.

This is a view from 40,000 feet, but I am simply amazed and grateful that so many patriots came out of there comfort zones to try to save their country, for better or worse.

Find your disfavorite incumbent and show some love to the opponent.  I’ll try to use this list to flush out more info over the next few weeks.  All of the reps on the left voted for Obamacare.

Thank you all and God speed.

Updated list….

Representative District Challenger website
Kirkpatrick, Ann Arizona-1 Paul Gosar
Pastor, Ed Arizona-4 Janet Contreras
Mitchell, Harry Arizona-5 David Schweikert (R)
Grijalva, Raúl Arizona-7 Ruth McClung (R)
Giffords, Gabrielle Arizona-8 Jesse Kelly (R)
Snyder, Vic*Joyce Elliott Arkansas-2 Tim Griffin (R)
Thompson, Mike California-1 Loren Hanks
Garamendi, John California-10 Gary Clift
McNerney, Jerry California-11 David Harmer
Speier, Jackie California-12
Mike Moloney
Stark, Pete California-13 Forest Baker
Eshoo, Anna California-14 Dave Chapman
Honda, Mike California-15 Scott Kirkland
Lofgren, Zoe California-16 Edward Gonzalez (Libertarian)
Farr, Sam California-17 Jeff Taylor
Cardoza, Dennis California-18 Mike Berryhill (R)
Costa, Jim California-20 Andy Vidak (R)
Capps, Lois California-23 Tom Watson
Sherman, Brad California-27 Mark Reed
Berman, Howard California-28 Merlin Froyd (R)
Schiff, Adam California-29 John Colbert (R)
Waxman, Henry California-30 Chuck Wilkerson
Becerra, Xavier California-31 Stephen Smith
Chu, Judy California-32 Ed Schmerling
Watson, Diane*Karen Bass California-33 James Andion
Roybal-Allard, Lucille California-34 Wayne Miller
Waters, Maxine California-35 Bruce Brown
Harman, Jane California-36 Mattie Fein (R)
Napolitano, Grace California-38 Robert Vaughan
Sanchez, Linda California-39 Larry Andre (R)
Baca, Joe California-43 Scott Folkens
Sanchez, Loretta California-47 Van Tran (R)
Matsui, Doris California-5 Paul Smith
Filner, Bob California-51 Nick Popaditch (R)
Davis, Susan California-53 Michael Crimmins (R)
Woolsey, Lynn California-6 Jim Judd (R)
Miller, George California-7 Rick Tubbs
Pelosi, Nancy California-8 John Dennis (R)
Lee, Barbara California-9 Gerald Hashimoto
DeGette, Diana Colorado-1 Mike Fallon
Polis, Jared Colorado-2 Stephen Bailey (R)
Salazar, John Colorado-3 Scott Tipton (R)
Markey, Betsy Colorado-4 Cory Gardner (R)
Perlmutter, Ed Colorado-7 Ryan L. Frazier (R)
Larson, John B. Connecticut-1 Ann Brickley
Courtney, Joe Connecticut-2 Janet Peckinpaugh
DeLauro, Rosa Connecticut-3 Jerry Labriola (R)
Himes, Jim Connecticut-4 Dan Debicella (R)
Murphy, Chris Connecticut-5 Sam Caligiuri (R)
Castor, Kathy Florida-11 Mike Prendergast (R)
Meek, Kendrick* Frederica Wilson Florida-17 unopposed  
Boyd, Allen Florida-2 William Steve Southerland, II (R)
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Florida-20 Karen Harrington (R)
Klein, Ron Florida-22 Lt. Col. Allen West
Hastings, Alcee Florida-23 Bernard Sansaricq (R)
Kosmas, Suzanne Florida-24 Sandy Adams (R)
Brown, Corrine Florida-3 Mike Yost
Grayson, Alan Florida-8 Daniel Webster***9 challengers
Scott, David Georgia-13 Mike Crane (breakthrough)
Bishop, Sanford Georgia-2 Mike Keown (R)
Johnson, Hank Georgia-4 Liz Carter (R)
Lewis, John Georgia-5 Fenn Little
Hirono, Mazie Hawaii-2 John Willoughby (R)
Rush, Bobby Illinois-1 Ray Wardingley
Halvorson, Debbie Illinois-11 Adam Kinzinger (R)
Costello, Jerry Illinois-12 Teri Newman (R)
Foster, Bill Illinois-14 Randy Hultgren (R)
Hare, Phil Illinois-17 Bobby Schilling (R)
Jackson Jr., Jesse Illinois-2 Isaac Hayes (R)
Gutiérrez, Luis Illinois-4 Israel Vasquez
Quigley, Mike Illinois-5 David Ratowitz (R)
Davis, Danny Illinois-7 Mark M. Weiman (R)
Bean, Melissa Illinois-8 Joe Walsh (R)
Schakowsky, Jan Illinois-9 Joel Pollak (R)
Visclosky, Pete Indiana-1 Mark Leyva
Donnelly, Joe Indiana-2 Jackie Walorski (R)
Carson, André Indiana-7 Marvin Scott
Ellsworth, Brad*Trent Van Haaften Indiana-8 Larry D. Bucshon (R)
Hill, Baron Indiana-9 Todd Christopher Young (R)
Braley, Bruce Iowa-1 Benjamin Michael Lange (R)
Loebsack, David Iowa-2 Mariannette Jane Miller-Meeks (R)
Boswell, Leonard Iowa-3 Brad Zaun (R)
Moore, Dennis*Stephene Ann Moore Kansas-3 Kevin W. Yoder (R)
Yarmuth, John Kentucky-3 Christopher (Todd) Lally (R)
Pingree, Chellie Maine-1 Dean Scontras
Michaud, Mike Maine-2 Jason Levesque (R)
Ruppersberger, Dutch Maryland-2 unopposed  
Sarbanes, John Maryland-3 Jim Wilhelm
Edwards, Donna Maryland-4 Robert Broaddus
Hoyer, Steny Maryland-5 Charles J. Lollar (R)
Cummings, Elijah Maryland-7 unopposed  
Hollen, Chris Van Maryland-8 unopposed  
Olver, John Massachusetts-1 Bill Gunn (breakthrough)
Delahunt, Bill*William Keating Massachusetts-10 Jeff Perry (R)
Neal, Richard Massachusetts-2 Tom Wesley (R)
McGovern, Jim Massachusetts-3 Marty Lamb
Frank, Barney Massachusetts-4 Sean D. Bielat (R)
Tsongas, Niki Massachusetts-5 Jonathan A. Golnik
Tierney, John Massachusetts-6 Bill Hudak (R)
Markey, Ed Massachusetts-7 Gerry Dembrowski (R)
Capuano, Mike Massachusetts-8 unopposed  
Stupak, Bart*Gary McDowell Michigan-1 Dan Benishek
Levin, Sander Michigan-12 Don Volaric
Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks*Hansen Clarke Michigan-13 John Hauler
Conyers, John Michigan-14 Don Ukrainec
Dingell, John Michigan-15 Robert L. Steele (R)
Kildee, Dale Michigan-5 John Kupiec
Schauer, Mark Michigan-7 Tim Walberg
Peters, Gary Michigan-9 Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski
Walz, Tim Minnesota-1 Randy Demmer
McCollum, Betty Minnesota-4 Teresa Collet
Ellison, Keith Minnesota-5 Joel Demos
Oberstar, Jim Minnesota-8 Chip Cravaack (R)
Thompson, Bennie Mississippi-2 Bill Marcy (breakthrough)
Carnahan, Russ Missouri-3 Edward R. Martin Jr
Cleaver, Emanuel Missouri-5 Jacob Turk (R)
Berkley, Shelley Nevada-1 Kenneth Wegner (breakthrough)
Titus, Dina Nevada-3 Joe Heck (R)
Shea-Porter, Carol New Hampshire-1 Frank Guinta (R)
Hodes, Paul*Ann Kuster New Hampshire-2 Charles Bass (R)
Andrews, Rob New Jersey-1 Dale Glading
Payne, Donald New Jersey-10 Michael Alonso
Holt Jr., Rush New Jersey-12 Scott Sipprelle (R)
Sires, Albio New Jersey-13 Henrietta Dwyer
Pallone, Frank New Jersey-6 Anna Little
Pascrell, Bill New Jersey-8 Roland Straten
Rothman, Steve New Jersey-9 Michael Agosta
Heinrich, Martin New Mexico-1 Jon Barela (R)
Luján, Ben R. New Mexico-3 Thomas E. Mullins (R)
Bishop, Tim New York-1 Randy Altschuler (R)
Towns, Ed New York-10 unopposed  
Clarke, Yvette New York-11 unopposed  
Velázquez, Nydia New York-12 unopposed  
Maloney, Carolyn New York-14 Ryan Brumberg
Rangel, Charles New York-15 Michel Faulkner (R)
Serrano, José New York-16 unopposed  
Engel, Eliot New York-17 York Kleinhandler
Lowey, Nita New York-18 Jim Russell
Hall, John New York-19 Nan Hayworth
Israel, Steve New York-2 John Gomez
Murphy, Scott New York-20 Chris Gibson
Tonko, Paul New York-21 Ted Danz
Hinchey, Maurice New York-22 George K Phillips (R)
Owens, Bill New York-23 Doug Hoffman (3)
    Matt Doheny
Maffei, Dan New York-25 Ann Marie Buerkle (R)
Higgins, Brian New York-27 Lenny Roberto
Slaughter, Louise New York-28 Jill Rowland
McCarthy, Carolyn New York-4 Fran Becker
Ackerman, Gary New York-5 James Milano
Meeks, Gregory New York-6 Asher Taub
Crowley, Joseph New York-7 unopposed  
Nadler, Jerrold New York-8 Susan Kone
Weiner, Anthony New York-9 Bob Turner
Butterfield, G. K. North Carolina-1 Ashley Woolard (R)
Watt, Mel North Carolina-12 Scott Cumbie
Miller, Brad North Carolina-13 Bill Randall (R)
Etheridge, Bob North Carolina-2 Renee Ellmers (R)
Price, David North Carolina-4 B.J. Lawson
Pomeroy, Earl North Dakota-At Large Rick Berg (R)
Driehaus, Steve Ohio-1 Steve Chabot (R)
Kucinich, Dennis Ohio-10 Peter J. Corrigan (R)
Fudge, Marcia Ohio-11 unopposed  
Sutton, Betty Ohio-13 Tom Ganley (breakthrough)
Kilroy, Mary Jo Ohio-15 Steve Stivers (R)
Boccieri, John Ohio-16 James B. Renacci (R)
Ryan, Tim Ohio-17 Jim Graham
Wilson, Charlie Ohio-6 Bill Johnson
Kaptur, Marcy Ohio-9 Rich Iott (I)
Wu, David Oregon-1 Robert Cornilles (R)
Blumenauer, Earl Oregon-3 Delia Lopez
DeFazio, Peter Oregon-4 Art Robinson
Schrader, Kurt Oregon-5 Scott Bruun (R)
Brady, Bob Pennsylvania-1 Pia Varma (R)
Carney, Chris Pennsylvania-10 Tom Marino (R)
Kanjorski, Paul Pennsylvania-11 Louis J Barletta (R)
Schwartz, Allyson Pennsylvania-13 Carson Dee Adcock (R)
Doyle, Mike Pennsylvania-14 Melissa Haluszczak (R)
Fattah, Chaka Pennsylvania-2 Rick Hellberg
Sestak, Joe*Bryan Lentz Pennsylvania-7 Pat Meehan
Murphy, Patrick Pennsylvania-8 Michael G Fitzpatrick (R)
Kennedy, Patrick*David Cicilline Rhode Island-1 John J. Loughlin II (R)
Langevin, Jim Rhode Island-2 Mark S Zaccaria (R)
Spratt, John South Carolina-5 John Michael “Mick” Mulvaney (R)
Clyburn, Jim South Carolina-6 Jim Spratt
Cooper, Jim Tennessee-5 David Hall
Gordon, Bart*Brett Carter Tennessee-6 Diane Lynn Black (R)
Cohen, Steve Tennessee-9 Charlotte Bergmann
Hinojosa, Rubén Texas-15 Edward Zamora Jr (R)
Reyes, Silvestre Texas-16 Tim Besco (R)
Jackson-Lee, Sheila Texas-18 John M Faulk (R)
Gonzalez, Charlie Texas-20 Clayton Trotter (R)
Rodriguez, Ciro Texas-23 Francisco Canseco (R)
Doggett, Lloyd Texas-25 Donna Campbell (R)
Ortiz, Solomon Texas-27 Randolph Blake Farenthold
Cuellar, Henry Texas-28 Bryan Keith Underwood (R)
Green, Gene Texas-29 Roy Morales, Jr (R)
Johnson, Eddie Bernice Texas-30 Stephen Edward Broden (R)
Green, Al Texas-9 Steve Mueller (R)  
Welch, Peter Vermont-At Large Paul Beaudry
Connolly, Gerry Virginia-11 Keith Fimian
Scott, Robert Virginia-3 Chuck Smith
Perriello, Tom Virginia-5 Robert Hurt
Moran, Jim Virginia-8 Patrick Murray
Inslee, Jay Washington-1 James Watkins (R)
Larsen, Rick Washington-2 John Koster
Baird, Brian*Dennis Heck Washington-3 Jaime Herrera (R)
Dicks, Norm Washington-6 Doug Cloud
McDermott, Jim Washington-7 unopposed  
Smith, Adam Washington-9 Dick Muri (R)
Mollohan, Alan*Mike Oliverio West Virginia-1 David B. McKinley (R)
Rahall, Nick West Virginia-3 Spike Maynard
Baldwin, Tammy Wisconsin-2 Chad Lee (R)
Kind, Ron Wisconsin-3 Dan Kapanke (R)
Moore, Gwen Wisconsin-4 Dan Sebring (R)
Obey, Dave*Julie Lassa Wisconsin-7 Sean P. Duffy
Kagen, Steve Wisconsin-8 Reid Ribble (R)

Hey! Virginia has its own NATIONAL TREASURE too

This is a Cowboys/Redskins rivalry not seen since the Redskins actually had a football team, but I digress.

Virginia Congressman Jim Moran, just like Sheila Jackson Lee, is equally a NATIONAL TREASURE. 

Behold Jason Mattera asking Moron about a miserly $12 Million of Stimulus money going to Virginia’s 12th district.  Problem is, there is no 12th District in Virginia.  Notice Moron’s handlers.  They have the double duty of keeping Jason away from the Congressman AND since Jimbo has a reputation as a hot head prone towards resorting to violence, keeping the Congressman away from Mattera. 

Here’s Moron and uber douche libtard Ed Schultz about the violence being perpetrated by the Tea Party patriots.

And of course Jimbo’s love of class envy and redistribution of wealth.  You know that ‘unsustainable’ model where people keep what they earn, Moron is here to fix all of that.

So, Texas.  Virginia throws down the gauntlet.  You all don’t own Stupid just because you have Sheila Jackson Lee.  We see your Lee and raise you a Jim Moran.  How do you like that?

Incidentally.  We do have a great candidate in Patrick Murray who is running against this miserable waste of a carbon footprint in Virgnina 8.  Tell you what, if you help Patrick beat Jim Moran we’ll help John Faulk defeat SJL.  Deal?


This was all tongue and cheek, but seriously, won’t you join me in contributing to the candidacies of both of these  challengers?   Murray was a tank commander for the Army and it will require heavy bombardment to remove the detestable Moran from office.  Faulk also served his country and is an accountant by trade, someone who has a clue about responsible fiscal stewardship, something desperately needed in this feckless government.

Another Update

It has become apparent that several members of Congress seem hell bent to shut off our domestic oil supply, but they’re not content there.  Now some wish to stymie Canada’s supply to the U.S. by killing a pipeline from the Canucks to us. 

Norm Leahy at Tertium Quids reveals the details.  I told you that this is a heated competition for the title of Ultimate NATIONAL TREASURE, but Jim Moran is a signatory to this stoopid legislation.  And even though most of the signatures are illegible, meaning that Sheila Jackson Lee might well have participated, Jim Moran must have been sober that day and has wonderful penmanship.  Looking at the signatories Sheila Jackson Lee might have signed off.  Is her signature at the bottom left of Page 4, maybe top left of Page 5?  Look at the pages and you tell me because I just don’t have a clue.  

If she’s not there it’s Plus One for Virginia in the NT competition.


Statistics can be so dull

This pitiful graph from Gallup just needed a little jazzing up so I fixed it for them…

I would have used Nancy Pelosi but that would require an image of her in a bathing suit.  I’m cruel, but I’m not totally heartless. 

When asked about the miserable ratings of Congress, her majesty uttered something unintelligible about eating cake.  

The Gallup numbers are very encouraging when asked ‘How much confidence do you have in the following:’

Obama has gone from 51% to 36% in a little over a year.  That’s a minus FIFTEEN, your excellency! 

Or to put it another way…


That bears repeating, so I will.


Sorry, but I just can’t help myself.  Did I mention that Obama’s confidence numbers have gone down this much in a year?


There is disgruntlement in general across many institutions, but amazingly, there were some sectors that did actually GAIN in confidence over the year:

Medical System +4

Big Business +3

The Military is Still Numero Uno in inspiring confidence.  



Comedy Gold: Politifact examines Sheila Jackson Lee’s Vietnam speech

Yes, folks, our NATIONAL TREASURE has gotten the super-cereal Politifact examination for this speech:

Today, we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working,” she said. “We may not agree with all that North Vietnam is doing, but they are living in peace. I would look for a better human rights record for North Vietnam, but they are living side by side.

Sayeth the scribes at Politifact:

The incident is already infamous on Jackson Lee’s entry on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, under a section titled “gaffes.” Also noted: in 1997, Jackson Lee asked a NASA scientist if the Mars Pathfinder had photographed the flag that Neil Armstrong had planted on the moon.

Quick history lesson, compliments of the CIA World Factbook:Under the 1954 Geneva Accords, Vietnam was divided into the Communist North and anti-Communist South. The United States’ military presence in South Vietnam grew during the 1960s in an attempt to bolster that government, but armed forces withdrew in following a cease-fire agreement in 1973. Two years later, North Vietnam conquered the south, reuniting the two countries under Communist rule.

Today, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is home to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

And so Politifact, in its scoldy moldy way, gives Rep Sheila Jackson Lee a “False” for declaring that a) we won the Vietnam war, resulting in b) North and South Vietnam c) living in peace side by side.

In Politifact’s defense, their choices basically came down to rating SJL “False” or creating a whole new category along the lines of “Dazed and Confused.”

They did manage to get a quote from the Houston Rep regarding her Yale grad’s take on Vietnam:

“If there was any reason to raise a point of concern, it was probably because I misspoke and did not add the phrase, after my discussion of North and South Vietnam, that ‘the nation was united as one,'” she said in a statement issued the following day. “However, my point is still accurate, and that is that the war between North and South Vietnam is similar to Afghanistan, in that those fighting against each other were Vietnamese and now the country lives as one Vietnam. However, it is South Vietnam that was consumed by North Vietnam and governed by the policies of North Vietnam.”

Heh.  Shorter Sheila: “My point is still accurate even though I got every single fact about it entirely wrong.  Look at that shiny thing over there!”

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Sheila Jackcon Lee considers herself “well read”

You knew I couldn’t let the Prof. have all the fun, not with Sheila Jackson Lee being in my state and all. 

So here’s the set-up.  Remember a few months back, when the Rep got caught chatting on her cell phone while constituents were trying to ask her about the health care bill?  Well, Rep Jackson Lee went on Greta Van Susteren’s show to defend herself, and during the course of the interview said that she considers herself to be “well read.”  It’s at about 6:20 or so into the interview if you want to fast forward.

How “well read” can you be and not know the first fact about Vietnam?

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May a Virginian wade into Texas Politics?

Of course a Virginian can, because Sheila Jackson Lee is a NATIONAL TREASURE to be shared.  You can’t keep her all to yourself, Texas.

Honestly.  I’ve listened to this babbling buffoon’s quote four times and I haven’t the foggiest notion about what she’s talking about.  But it’s not my fault.  Neither does she.  But that doesn’t stop her.

 We won.  But we didn’t declare victory.  And because we didn’t listen to the families of the fallen we prolonged the death and destruction, but there are still two Viet Nams, North and South, and they live side by side in perfect harmony, although the North has a questionable human rights record.  But it was a Civil War. and …


Virginia has its fair share of mentally deficient politicians, particularly our two drooling Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner, and I’m not saying they make any more sense than this.  But at least they have the common decency to hide in their offices and not make public fools of themselves.  They’ve been in hiding ever since they mysteriously won their elections.  They simply slink about and play their proper roles as Obama lap dogs, then go back to their canine habits of personal hygiene, IYKWIMAITYD.

My Senators are morons and they know it.  Jackson Lee isn’t even smart enough to realize what an idiot she is.

Forgotten Favorites of SJL

Sheila Jackson Lee’s idea of communication is one way.  She talks.  You listen. 

When you talk she….takes a phone call.  Remember this little gem from one of her Town Halls last summer??

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