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Breitbart’s Lasting Gift to America is Now Available for Pre-Order

Occupy Unmasked was one of the many projects that Andrew Breitbart was working on at the time of his untimely death.  Along with Citizens United’s David Bossie, Producer Steve Bannon, Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, they were building a compelling indictment of the Occupy movement on video.   They also lay out Occupy’s undeniable link to the Obama crime family..  Directly.  Without a doubt.  Obama IS Occupy.  Occupy IS Obama.

I was fortunate enough to see  Breitbart promote this endeavor at the last CPAC, less than a month before his unbelievable exit from the planet.  On February 12th I posted this about Occupy Unmasked.

Occupy/Obama brown shirts tried to put that CPAC under siege, infiltrating and attempting to disrupt the event, following David Axelrod’s instructions, as dictated to him by his Uber-Alinsky-meister Barack Obama.  Obama’s brown shirts were in high gear during CPAC.

This Citizens United video will tell you who is behind Occupy, who is orchestrating them, how they operate.  Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan will tell you, from the inside out, what is going on with this rabble.  Darby and Stranahan were once on the other team, took a step back and then realized that they were on the wrong side.  They thought the left was about fighting for individual liberty.  Their encounters with the far left disabused them of that notion forever.

You can now order ‘Occupy Unmasked’, which is set to be released this month.  I sat in the front row of the blogger preview with Breitbart, Bossie, Steve Bannon, Darby and Stranahan. The information….new information…was mesmerizing and fantastic then.  Andrew knew theatrics.  Darby knew inner workings.  Andrew knew politics….particularly that of the left.  Stranahan knew  inside baseball leftism.  And Andrew knew how to dissect leftist critics.  In retrospect, that day is forever seared into my memory bank.  And most of it is there if you click on ‘Andrew Breitbart’ in the category section of this blog.  It’s important video….even if the videographer sucks.

But David Bossie, Steve Bannon, Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby…and Andrew Breitbart have quite a story to tell.

Needless to say, I ordered a few copies of ‘Occupy Unmasked’ tonight.

I suggest you order yourself at least one.


Battle for Wisconsin Update

HUGE voter turnout.

According to the Waukesha Patch….

“At 6:30 we already had our first lady in line,” said Jane Neill, chief inspector at the Waukesha West High School polling location. “And we had a line before we opened at 7.”

Within the first hour of the polls opening at West, 306 voters had already cast ballots, which is 10 percent turnout for that location.

Neill said the line to vote stretched to the street very early in the morning, which signaled a massive turnout. She said the line wasn’t even as long that early for the 2008 presidential election.

What does it mean? Considering that half of teachers, when given the chance to opt out of automatic Union dues withholding, chose to do so. That, combined with the improving economic conditions in Wisconsin, are very encouraging signs.


Another Hero in the Army of Davids

I’m adding another fellow to my hero list.  You may have run into this video, in which a Wall Street Occupier explains how great things are in North Korea.  I thought it had gone more viral, but it’s only at 38-thousand-and-change as of today.

Thanks to Judge Napolitano, we learn that the videographer is Vladimir Jaffe:  Russian-born American, small businessman, and Tea Partier.  The combination of a Russian accent with the swift exposure of his subjects’ ignorance gives Jaffe’s videos an amusing Borat vibe.

Mr. Jaffe has been steadily uploading new clips for several months, and I have enjoyed following him on his journey to educate the lost leftists of New York City.  Some clips are on the long side, so I’ve culled and annotated a few of my favorites for your expedited viewing pleasure.

Skip right to 2:00 in the next video.  Two young leftists inform Mr. Jaffe that Cuba has the highest standard of living for all the nations in the Caribbean.  “That I’ve heard,” the young lady adds as a bit of an escape clause.

Then, at 3:00, the young lady declares with a straight face that a doctor should not necessarily be paid more than a street sweeper if that doctor’s education was free (I have to assume she means free to him–somebody has to pay for that education).  A person’s hard work, time, dedication, brains and talent mean nothing, apparently.

At about 9:20, the young lady says well, I don’t defend the system that existed in the USSR, so Jaffe asks, then why is the hammer and sickle on this table then?

On to the next clip.  Start about :50, when an old commie guy defends Trotsky.  Then at 2:05 he claims that Lenin’s revolution was bloodless.  (Note to all you Occupiers out there:  don’t try to school a Russian on Russian history, it makes you look really dumb.)

He tries to blame first Stalin, and then the isolation of Russia for the failings of that particular glorious revolution.  Then, at 4:25 he is forced to fold:  “Alright, well, you are welcome to read through the books that we have . . . .”  Just leave me alone, you horrible man with your facts and your logic.

Mr. Jaffe presses:  “You are promoting all of this.  It’s my country you want to change.”  At 5:34, he asks Old Commie Guy for an example of a successful socialist country.


Old Commie admits that he couldn’t set up a table and promote capitalism if he were in Cuba.  Yet, he refuses to back down.  Having revealed his totalitarian core, he walks away.  What more is there to say?

A pattern emerges in these video clips:  through language or imagery the subjects associate themselves with the likes of Stalin, Lenin, Che, Castro, until they are called out by an actual victim of one such regime.  Then, they distance themselves.  They claim that “wasn’t really communism/socialism.”  They insist that they are in the vanguard of a new system.

I have to applaud Mr. Jaffe for his patience.  Unlike Borat, he never descends into simple mockery.  He is actually reaching out to these maddeningly misinformed malcontents.  The folks above remain unmoved, undeterred.  In other clips, however, he may actually be making a lasting impression.  Watch as this poor fellow runs out of talking points.  Skip to 4:00 for the best part:

The awkwardness is palpable as the interviewed fellow admits “he doesn’t know which companies we invest in.”  Mr. Jaffe points out, well, since you are sitting at this table as a representative, I assume you are familiar.  He presses the young man on the question of what is so wrong with coal, and the man folds completely.  He lamely refers Mr. Jaffe to the “research department” in a brochure and gives up on the conversation.

The next video clip is the longest, because the subject interviewed is actually willing to listen.  Skip to 7:50, where the young man makes an outlandish claim about Israel.  Mr. Jaffe then leads him by the proverbial hand down a path of logic and history.  Watching his discomfort as he tries to wiggle off this path is both comical and gratifying.  Because he can’t.  He can’t escape the logic.

“I think there’s a lot of sh** behind that, that we have no idea about,” he mutters lamely at 12:09, but Mr. Jaffe rolls his eyes.  “Why are you rolling your eyes at me?” he says reproachfully.  Look, Mr. Jaffe says, these are simple facts.  If you don’t believe the facts, then I don’t know what to else to say.

The last clip is short and sweet.  A representative of the Freedom Socialist Party dives into a helpful explanation of socialism, until Mr. Jaffe asks her whether Che was a socialist.

Immediately uncomfortable, she refuses to answer.  At 1:50 he asks, how are you going to make socialism different now?  “Russia and the movements in the past also lacked international support,” she offers.  Jaffe runs through a long list of countries with which Russia had relations, both the friendly and the forced, and asked her to help him understand why socialism didn’t work in those places, but will work here.

“I’m sorry, are you filming this? I would prefer that you didn’t.”


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these videos.  Aside from the amusement factor, they serve as an important lesson for me:  go ahead.  Call them out.  It feels like a waste of time, but it isn’t.

What would happen if we all got out and pressed the loudest propagators of Leftist Lunacy?  As Mr. Jaffe demonstrates, they quickly run out of words.   If leftists were confronted by an Army of Jaffes and Breitbarts and other assorted Davids every time they stood up to bleat something stupid, how many of them would finally, and at long last, shut up?

Hmm.  I think I’m off to Facebook to see if I can pick a fight.


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Misogyny in Wisconsin

Most Americans are familiar with the Union driven recall against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, but did you know that there are 4 other recall votes in that State? The Unions have successfully collected signatures to get recall elections against 3 Republican Senators, including the Majority Leader, and the Lt. Governor.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, just finishing up the 1st year of her term, has been the subject of vicious and demeaning attacks from the Union goons as well as from a local radio personality in Madison. John ‘Sly’ Sylvester has accused Kleefisch of performing a sexual act on all of the talk show hosts in Milwaukee, for instance. I’m sure Media Matters is preparing their attack on Sylvester as I write this.

Here’s a little sample from today’s show to give you a sense of this hateful little man.

This, after he and his callers were plotting the interruption of a Mitt Romney event scheduled for Madison tomorrow, incidentally.

Governor Walker has raised a fairly sizable war chest, but Kleefisch could really use our help. As a Tea Party favorite who defeated an establishment Republican for the nomination she doesn’t get much help from the Republican Party.

Michelle Malkin has done a great job of chronicling what is going on in the Badger state and Sarah Palin has entered the fray.

Outside of Wisconsin, most conservative activists are not even aware that she may be booted from office for simply doing her job. Kleefisch told me that on a recent fundraising swing in D.C., national GOP leaders were shocked to learn of her plight.

Kleefisch has done a great job and the Big Labor long knives are out for her. We can’t let Wisconsin be seized in this recall coup d’etat. Here’s her website if you wish to help out.

Update: Breitbart has the actual radio broadcast of the sexist attacks by Sylvester here.



1968. 44 years ago.

2012 is quickly resembling 1968, a year when the American societal fabric was nearly torn asunder and the world teetered on the verge of chaos.

That was the year when both Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated, the latter spawning massive riots across the country and a shootout between the Black Panthers and the Oakland Police, as well as another shootout between black militants and the Cleveland Police.

1968 was the year where America was first introduced to the raised fist of the Black Power movement at the Olympics, black militancy on campus as well as the emergence of a viral anti-Vietnam war movement.

In 1968 the Zodiac killer was on his murderous rampage around California while the Manson clan had just moved from Death Valley to the the Los Angeles area, preparing for their own campaign of murder and terror, ultimately hoping to trigger a race war. In 1968 the Democratic Convention in Chicago turned into a riot by anti-war activists.

1968 was the year that Congress voted to take the United States currency off of the Gold Standard while also passing the Civil Rights Act.

There were coups and revolutions in Iraq, ushering in Saddam Hussein, Peru, and Panama.

In 1968 the U.S.S. Pueblo was seized by North Korea, its crew captured, tortured and starved for nearly a year before being released. The U.S.S Pueblo remains captive in North Korea as of this writing.

1968 was the year of the My Lai massacre and the Tet Offensive, which was misreported by Walter Cronkite as an American loss, which it was not, but uncle Walter provided additional fuel to the anti-war movement, which had become increasingly violent, with groups like Obama benefactor Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground conducting violent operations across the country.

1968 was a dreadful and frightening year, so much so that the American president, Lyndon Johnson, refused to run for re-election.

1968. 44 years ago.

Now, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is bringing about the reprise of that chaos with his launching of the Occupy movement, his orchestrated attacks on business, religion, conservatives, the military and is fanning the flames of racial hatred and societal upheaval. He is the spawn of radicals, the creation of radicals and is the duly elected representative of Weather Underground living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Expect for him to throw verbal accelerant on the regrettable Trayvon Martin killing in Florida any day now, especially since his racist Attorney General has injected himself into that situation. That Trayvon Martin rallies are beginning to spring up in cities across the country shows this to be a coordinated outrage from Obama’s central planning committee. These are foreboding signs for 2012.

And just like 1968, 2012 is a Presidential election year, with two nominating conventions scheduled for Charlotte for the Democrats and Tampa for the Republicans. Be ready for upheaval, chaos, and very likely, violence at one or both.

President Obama was groomed to hide his radicalism as a means to garner trust and infiltrate the system in order to destroy it from within. The more chaos, the more upheaval, the more division and vitriol, the better for Obama. Not only does he not mind it, he fosters it. He creates it. He thrives upon it. His only chance of success is to create mayhem which he has been trained to do his entire life.

And elsewhere in the world he is an ally with islamists in Egypt and Libya, while looking the other way at Syria and Russia’s recent infusion of its troops into that country in order to prop up that regime. Iraq has spun back out of control because if his insistence of an early exit and his weakness. Afghanistan is a total mess. Iran continues to develop its nuclear capabilities while scoffing defiantly at the weakened western world since there is no strong leader in America, an America that now seems to not only be too cowardly to confront Iran, but an America that now is an enemy of Israel.

There are dark storm clouds building and an ominous feeling is brewing. I sense a cataclysm this year.

I certainly hope I’m wrong. But I doubt it.


Coming May 1st: Occupy May Day General Strike

‘No work.  No school.  No chores.  No shopping.  No banking.’  In other words, for the Occupy crowd it’s a day like any other.

This new, supposedly spontaneous grass roots movement isn’t new at all. It’s origins date back to the 19th century and has been known as the International Workers Day (aka May Day) for nearly two centuries.

Here’s the Russian May Day from back in 1920.

Notice the hammer and sickle.

Then there was the Cleveland May Day riot of 1919.

So, there is nothing new here. These are just Chairman Obama’s anti-capitalist foot soldiers executing the master plan, bringing about fundamental change to America.

Image above from Free Republic.
Don’t say he didn’t warn you.


Ted Nugent: There’s a Monster in the White House

Ted Nugent doesn’t mince words.  He’s very direct and extremely funny, too boot..  If only our Republican contenders took his advice and went to the Army surplus store to buy a box of scrotums.  OK.  That’s probably not how I would phrase it.

Listen to this excerpt of the Nuge field dressing Obama, his administration, and the Republican field.

Update:  I had another thought on the rotten apples portion of the video and have replaced it with even more rotten fruit.  It’s called artistic license.

Go here to listen to the entire interview with Phoenix, AZ talker Mike Broomhead from KFYI.   The interview covers a range of topics including his love of hunting, his personal brand of ammunition soon to come to market, his upcoming tour and more.


Occupy Unmasked: Green, Yellow, Red

This was another fascinating observation from the CPAC event that Citizens United and Andrew Breitbart held on Thursday regarding their new movie project, “Occupy Unmasked”.  As I indicated earlier, rather than approaching this from the mentality of the right, they went out and found people who were once deeply connected and embedded within the leftist movement to understand the mentality and tactics involved.

One such former leftist community organizer is Brandon Darby.  He explains that what appears to be disorganized mayhem is really very well orchestrated and not all of the players know that they are being manipulated into playing a role in a play about which they are totally unaware.

What we saw on Friday and Saturday at CPAC were mostly players from the Green Team working under orders from puppet masters. 

As the panelists were speaking, two Occupy protesters walked up to the stage and unrolled a big banner attacking Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas. Kobach is a very smart lawyer who worked at the Bush Justice Department and was elected secretary of state in 2010. He has raised the ire of liberals because of his support for common-sense election reforms like voter-ID and proof-of-citizenship requirements for individuals registering to vote, both of which were passed by the Kansas legislature.

However, Kobach has also worked on immigration issues and helped Arizona legislators draft their immigration law that has been attacked by the Obama Justice Department. That law has served as a model for many other states, such as Alabama, that have passed similar measures in the wake of the Obama administration’s non-enforcement policy. Kobach was at CPAC to speak on an immigration panel.

There was only one problem for the protesters — they were in the wrong room (LOL!). Kobach’s panel was going on elsewhere in the hotel and he was not on the panel that David Keene was moderating or the one that was about to start. When Keene told the protesters that, everyone in the room started laughing at them and they sheepishly folded up their banner and left. They apparently never made it to the actual room where Kobach was speaking.

That was obviously a puppet master FAIL executed by mindless Greenies.

Brandon Darby’s talk on Thursday made me wary that these kinds of distractions were being employed to do something even more nefarious.  Fortunately it didn’t turn out to be anymore than bluster this time.

This time. 



Occupy Unmasked

This spring, Citizens United will be releasing a new movie called ‘Occupy Unmasked’, which will blow the lid off of Barack Obama’s Goon Squad, which he unleashed against CPAC over the last two days.  Working with Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and two reformed leftists, Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan, the very heart of the Occupy/ACORN movement and it’s direct ties to this thug president will be exposed to the nation.

They are describing the feel of this project as a War Movie and after witnessing what happened at CPAC I think they’re spot on.

Watch the trailer and discussion.

Part One

Part Two

These are very dangerous and evil people.  They disrupted CPAC several times like good little totalitarians, unsuccessfully trying to stifle our 1st amendment rights.

The campaign to re-elect this president will be one of the most violent, if not the most violent, in American history.  Know your enemy.

P.S.  I will sift through the rest of my videos to find and put up how the ACORN/Occupy movement is organized into teams as described by Brandon Darby.  The anarchist left has been organizing for decades, which sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true.  We conservatives are woefully unprepared and somewhat ignorant about what is headed our way.  Obama and his anarchist, leftist buddies are a threat to the Republic.



Occupy CPAC grassroots well watered

Try $60 per root.  They are all being paid by the union and don’t have any idea what CPAC is or why they’re there.  Click to see video.  Gotta run.  More CPACking ahead.  Internet access at the hotel is improving so hopefully I can show you the video I took of Occupy intruders being heckled, then ejected by the police later.  Cops are everywhere and they’re doing a magnificent job.

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