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Where to watch ‘The Undefeated’ tonight

‘The Undefeated’ airs tonight at 8 on Reelz Network. It’s channel 238 on DirectTV. DishNetwork 299. For those of you on cable or FIOS, click here to find where to find the station in your local area.

Let’s whip up on HBO and their flop, ‘Diaper Change’ or whatever it’s called!!


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The Undefeated: Bannon and Breitbart vs. Crooks & Liars

DTN has been talking about the movie about Sarah Palin, ‘The Undefeated’, being shown on REELZ network Sunday, March 11 at 8pm, but my visit to CPAC was a gift that keeps on giving.
I captured video of Steve Bannon, the film’s producer, along with Andrew Breitbart and Steve Bossie being challenged by a lefty blogger from ‘Crooks & Liars’ (appropriately named), wherein he characterized the film as being panned by the film critics and audiences.

I apologize for the lousy videography, but Breitbart and Bannon destroyed the guy and Bannon exposed him in a classic takedown at the end of the clip.


We’re really going to miss Breitbart. He was the master at this kind of encounter.

Another masterpiece from

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