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Sigh. Yet another Democrat pervert and his ties to Senate candidate Tim Kaine

Just reading the blog of the Chairman of the Fairfax County Virginia Democratic Party might have signaled trouble, but the warning signs were apparently ignored.  Blame it on a lack of readership, judging by the paucity of comments, but one of his readers must NOT have been his wife, defeated Democrat Mayor and current City Councilwoman of Falls Church, Virginia, Robin Gardner.

Michael Gardner has been arrested for allegedly molesting 3 little girls.  Ages?  9 and 10.

Gardner, who according to police records reported by the Associated Press, has been charged with sexually abusing three girls, two of whom, ages 9 and 10, attended a birthday slumber party for his 10-year-old daughter Saturday night and a third, also under age 13, in a separate incident earlier. The charges are aggravated sexual battery and a count of animate object sexual penetration.

The blog is a typical mixture of predictable leftist hate, mythology and stupidity, but perhaps this post might have been a hint.

I completely misunderstood the mayor’s (his wife’s) promise I could have four little hotties this week.  She is a cold, cold woman.

Yes, it’s a play on words, but Mr. Gardner, you reveal something about your proclivites in your little joke.

And then there is your seeming support for a strip club to be opened in Falls Church.

For a modest cover charge, customers will soon be able to enjoy a buffet and young women dancing wearing g-strings and pasties.  Drinks and lap dance grindage are extra. Natch. 

Add Michael Gardner to the long list of deviant Democrats.  I’m sure that Senate candidate, former DNC Chair, former Governor Tim Kaine will be asked about this by an inquisitive press.  How about it, sir?  I know.  Guilt by association is just plain wrong.  But a distinct pattern is emerging.

The Gardners are high-profile Democrats, having hosted Democratic campaign events at their Ellison Street home, including one for Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine during his campaign last fall.

I’m not asserting that this is the same Michael Gardner on Barack Obama’s site, but the writing style seems familiar.

But, Michael Gardner is obviously a tortured man.  Two videos from his blog, first, that of his wife channeling Ethel Merman IN PUBLIC!! may be more humiliation than a man can endure and might lead him to insanity.  I barely got through it myself and if my wife were predisposed to such public outbursts, I’m not sure what I’d do.  But molesting little girls isn’t on the list.

And then there is this disturbing video his last blog post entitled “Somehow appropriate”. which features Pink’s ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’, containing images of sadism and torture.  Gardner doesn’t have any text to add to it.  It’s just out there.

This is one sick pup.

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