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Virginia Society for Human Life works to protect the unborn child.

The Virginia Society for Human Life, the nation’s oldest pro-life organization, is looking to change the face of the pro-abortion majority in the Virginia Senate.The VSHL was founded in 1967, before Roe v. Wade, in reaction to an effort by dissident elements in the fields of law, medicine, public health and eugenics to “liberalize” abortion laws and continues to this day to work for the restoration of the protection of the life of the unborn child in law and public policy.

.In a recent interview with World Magazine, VSHL President, Olivia Gans, discussed the organization and their focus in the near term. While the VSHL is pleased with the passage of abortion clinic regulations in the last legislative session, she cautions Pro-Lifers must understand that while these regulations are important, they should be seen as a beginning point for a much larger conversation about protecting the unborn child.

Ms. Gans went on to state that right now,the single most important thing is this fall’s Senate elections. She points out that the pro-abortion majority in the Virginia Senate has been primarily holding up all major pro-life legislation for the past six years or more and they do not represent the pro-life view of the commonwealth of Virginia.

The Society is also talking to legislators about passing legislation that says no abortion can be performed after a baby can feel pain. Similar legislation has already been passed in Nebraska, Kansas, Alabama and Oklahoma. Scientists have measured that the child can feel pain from 20 weeks.

Gans would like to encourage people to go to the National Right to Life website ( and the website for VSHL ( and get involved, if only to get on the email list.She said the VHSL is desperately in need of more talent, people who are good writers, artists, people who want to learn to be speakers or do computer work. I agree with the president when she stated, “This is probably one of the most exciting things you could ever do because your efforts will be used to promote human life in Virginia.”

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