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For All

Really, things have gotten so ridiculous that it’s a little hard to keep blogging.  After the eternity that has been Obama’s first term, continually explaining why 2 + 2 = 4 becomes a tiresome chore indeed, especially when one suspects that she is only preaching to the choir and making little headway otherwise.  I know, I know, speaking out is still important . . . but the little things get me down.

Like when I ran into a friend from three duty stations ago, and the upcoming presidential election came up.  I was treated to a casual remark that, while the current President’s record is unsatisfactory, she was afraid that an elected Romney wouldn’t let people have the freedom to marry who they want, and also he would require all women to wear skirts. (!?!eleventy!?!)

National security is more important than homosexual “rights,” I said, bringing up the hot mic incident, during which Obama demonstrated that he is willing to say one thing to the electorate, but another thing entirely to Russian leadership.  She had never heard about it.

Sigh.  Since I ran into this person at the commissary, at least I was able to soothe my nerves by buying some extra nonperishables.

Now, don’t you worry or nothin.  I haven’t given up hope.  I’m just running low on steam.  There’s not much for me to add to the conversation right now . . . at least, not anything that you and I haven’t said a hundred times apiece.

Only thing new to me is a little tidbit from Older Son’s curriculum.  I’ll share it, and see if it’s new to you as well.  You see, I’ve heard comparisons aplenty of the Democrat hold on black voters to the slavery of old.  C.L. Bryant made a whole movie on this very idea.  Click here to see if Runaway Slave is playing at a theater near you.

What I’ve never heard before is a positive comparison of slavery with the protective nanny-state progressives are always striving to achieve.  Apparently, though, pre-civil war Southerners made this very argument.  All defensive about their “peculiar institution,” many Southern apologists sought to explain why slavery was not a necessary evil, but actually for the best.  One of those apologists was George Fitzhugh.

Fitzhugh asserted in Cannibals All! or Slaves without Masters that Southern slaves were luckier than free Northern workers.  The Landmark History of the American People by Daniel Boorstin explains Fitzhugh’s argument:

“They were slaves with masters.  They had the best kind of social security.  Whatever happened, it was not their worry.  They did not have to pay any bills.  They had no problem of unemployment.  Slavery, as Fitzhugh described it, was a kind of socialism, where all property was put in the hands of the people (the white people) best qualified to use it, for the benefit of everybody, whites and Negroes.  Three cheers for slavery!”

Hmm.  Property put in the hands best qualified to use it for the benefit of everybody?  For the benefit of all?  Oh, yeah, I get it#ForAll.

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About That Enthusiasm Gap . . .

I mentioned yesterday that continued comparisons between the two campaigns could be interesting.  I’m just laying out what I found, with no cherry-picking.  Here’s a line of folks (via Twitter) waiting outside an OFA office August 11th, for tickets to Obama’s appearance at Oskaloosa today, Tuesday August 14th:

Next are the photos of the actual Obama in Oskaloosa event that I found on Twitter today.

First, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” is now stuck in my head.

Second is the line of folks waiting outside the Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum.  “Really, really, really long line for tickets to attend Pres. Obama’s event in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Enthusiasm gap? HA!”

The above photo of the queue is getting some distribution on the Twitterz.  I’m not sure what time it was taken, but the tweet above was sent at 11:11am.  The event was to begin at 9am according to this report.

Here are the rest that I found, in chronological order.  10:19am:





2:19pm:  Oh dear.  I couldn’t embed this picture for some reason.  You’ll have to click over.

And finally, a Fox News photo from a 2:37pm tweet:

Whew, this linking and saving and attaching is pretty tedious.  Nevermind, I shall perservere.

On to the Paul Ryan event in Lakewood, Colorado, also held today (Tuesday August 14th).  This event was set to begin at 10am.

9:14am, the queue waiting to get inside:

9:44am, another view of the queue:


At 12:03pm @Chris_Moody tweets:  “Paul Ryan about to address totally packed gym in Lakewood, Colorado.”  Here’s his photo:


At 12:10pm, @JoyLinFN tweets:  “Fire marshal says gymnasium at Lakewood High School has reached max capacity for Paul Ryan speech.  Crowd waits.”  Here is her photo:

At 12:13pm, @tripgabriel tweets:  “Packed to the rafters awaiting Paul Ryan at Lakewood HS in Colorado.”  His pic:


12:57pm from @ShepherdCNN:

And finally, at 12:58pm, @KContiforCO tweets:  “Paul Ryan.  Addresses a Rockin’ crowd at Lakewood High School.”  Her photo:

These comparisons are proving interesting to me.  What do you think?

Here’s a strange thing.  At this very moment, the headlining topic at Memeorandum is  “GOP pros fret over Paul Ryan.”  Huh.  Perhaps there is a disconnect between the pros and the actual voters?

Related:  Rasmussen: Ohio likely voters favorable toward Ryan, 51/39

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Geraldo OBL Coverage Drives Viewers Away From Fox News

A small sampling of twitter activity at the height of the Geraldo coverage of the biggest story of the decade is very telling, especially the Peter Doocy shout out.

Phil Kerpen
kerpenPhil Kerpen 
How many people have to show up before Geraldo is off the air?
Erik Telford
JoeTaxpayerErik Telford 
I have a feeling that Osama Bin Laden is in Hell right now being forced to watch Geraldo on Fox News…
Michelle Malkin
michellemalkinMichelle Malkin 
Ugh. Switching the channel before Geraldo starts in on an open-borders rant.
Erik Telford
JoeTaxpayerErik Telford 
Please join me in kindly asking @foxnews to get a real host on asap. Make it stop. Please god make it stop. #Geraldo
Raz Shafer
razshaferRaz Shafer 
All the anchors are sucking it up with the commentary but Geraldo takes the #1 ass hat award.
That does it. I’m actually turning on CNN. I can’t take Geraldo anymore. I guess Fox keeps him as a token dufus.
Erik Telford
JoeTaxpayerErik Telford
Dear Fox – even Peter Doocy would be an improvement.
And of course, Geraldo being Geraldo

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New Virginia Delegate Tweets His Emergency Room Experience

We all remember when White House correspondent Tommy Christopher Tweeted his heart attack, well we now have an interesting string of tweets from Virginia’s newest member of the House of Delegates. Greg Habeeb, who was elected in a special election to fill the seat of Rep. Morgan Griffith, is one of the most active legislators on Twitter. Last night  after a full day of delegate duties he elected to get a little exercise by shooting some hoops and ended up in the ER. I’ll let his tweets tell you the rest of the story.

Playing a little bipartisan basketball at VCU. I’m too old for this. about 10 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Yeah, remember when I said I’m too old to be playing bball? To prove the point, I’m now at the VCU ER. Yay new guy. about 9 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

So the 2 big bulges aren’t usually there. about 8 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

@notlarrysabato Come on man. That foot shot was beautiful. I’m guessing my twitter followers are throwing up as I type. about 8 hours ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to notlarrysabato

Awesome. My foot’s broken in a couple spots. Just keeps getting better and better. about 7 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

For the record, I made the basket on the play I broke my foot. about 7 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

I’m waiting patiently for RPV or the Speaker to issue an official condolences statement for my foot. Forget HD91, this is serious guys. about 7 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

They look at you kind of funny when you fill a Percocet prescription at 1am. about 5 hours ago via ÜberTwitter


“The Vietnamese are coming!”

Van Tran, the conservative Republican running for the House in CA-47, is a class act.  His Democrat opponent, incumbent liberal Rep. Loretta Sanchez…is not.  Here’s the most recent reason why.

PJM interviewed Tran about Sanchez’s openly racial appeal to get herself re-elected.  It’s good stuff – check it out here.

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White House Reporter Who Live Tweeted Heart Attack, Blogs Recovery

Tommy Christopher, a White House reporter for Mediaite who gained notoriety for live tweeting his heart attack, is recovering and was kind enough to post a very in-depth update and look back on the experience (the photo and description of his chest incision and tubal insertion points is especially insightful).

I remember many years ago they suggested we send a journalist along with the Apollo astronauts  because the astronauts were not able to relate the impact of the experience into words and of course a skilled wordsmith could describe the sights, sounds, and emotions of the mission in a way the average reader could feel like they were onboard. Well, Tommy’s live tweeting and posts have eerily brought his followers along the very sobering and frightening journey through his unfortunate ailment. 

Tommy, we thank you for taking us along and we wish you a full and speedy recovery.

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