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Happy Independence Day! Let’s Make Sure We Stay Independent by Getting to Work!

Democrats are working feverishly to enslave you. Remember. Democrats have historically been the party of Slavery. Obamacare is just one aspect of the slavery that the Democrats have engineered for you.

It is your job to make sure that NO Democrat is elected this November.

Not one.

Enjoy your burgers and dogs today. Tomorrow…GET UP! Don’t assume that someone else is doing the heavy lifting for you. They’re not.

…And let’s assess our opponents. They are the usual Democrat suspects: welfare cheats handed a few bucks to carry protest signs they can barely read, government union losers still limping from the butt kicking we handed them in Wisconsin, aging law students who think we ought to chip in for their diaphragms, Hollywood stars who wonder why the rest of us don’t just eat cake, and an Administration with a track record of failure so complete they think that a 5-4 decision keeping a program Americans hate with a cold fury alive to be Topic A during the coming election is something to celebrate.

Yeah, it may be constitutional for now, but we’ll see who the bitches are in November.

Go over to Breitbart’s Big Government to read this whole article “Obamacare: Don’t Get Mad Get to Work.

It’ll put a spring in your step.


Breitbart’s Lasting Gift to America is Now Available for Pre-Order

Occupy Unmasked was one of the many projects that Andrew Breitbart was working on at the time of his untimely death.  Along with Citizens United’s David Bossie, Producer Steve Bannon, Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, they were building a compelling indictment of the Occupy movement on video.   They also lay out Occupy’s undeniable link to the Obama crime family..  Directly.  Without a doubt.  Obama IS Occupy.  Occupy IS Obama.

I was fortunate enough to see  Breitbart promote this endeavor at the last CPAC, less than a month before his unbelievable exit from the planet.  On February 12th I posted this about Occupy Unmasked.

Occupy/Obama brown shirts tried to put that CPAC under siege, infiltrating and attempting to disrupt the event, following David Axelrod’s instructions, as dictated to him by his Uber-Alinsky-meister Barack Obama.  Obama’s brown shirts were in high gear during CPAC.

This Citizens United video will tell you who is behind Occupy, who is orchestrating them, how they operate.  Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan will tell you, from the inside out, what is going on with this rabble.  Darby and Stranahan were once on the other team, took a step back and then realized that they were on the wrong side.  They thought the left was about fighting for individual liberty.  Their encounters with the far left disabused them of that notion forever.

You can now order ‘Occupy Unmasked’, which is set to be released this month.  I sat in the front row of the blogger preview with Breitbart, Bossie, Steve Bannon, Darby and Stranahan. The information….new information…was mesmerizing and fantastic then.  Andrew knew theatrics.  Darby knew inner workings.  Andrew knew politics….particularly that of the left.  Stranahan knew  inside baseball leftism.  And Andrew knew how to dissect leftist critics.  In retrospect, that day is forever seared into my memory bank.  And most of it is there if you click on ‘Andrew Breitbart’ in the category section of this blog.  It’s important video….even if the videographer sucks.

But David Bossie, Steve Bannon, Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby…and Andrew Breitbart have quite a story to tell.

Needless to say, I ordered a few copies of ‘Occupy Unmasked’ tonight.

I suggest you order yourself at least one.


Another Hero in the Army of Davids

I’m adding another fellow to my hero list.  You may have run into this video, in which a Wall Street Occupier explains how great things are in North Korea.  I thought it had gone more viral, but it’s only at 38-thousand-and-change as of today.

Thanks to Judge Napolitano, we learn that the videographer is Vladimir Jaffe:  Russian-born American, small businessman, and Tea Partier.  The combination of a Russian accent with the swift exposure of his subjects’ ignorance gives Jaffe’s videos an amusing Borat vibe.

Mr. Jaffe has been steadily uploading new clips for several months, and I have enjoyed following him on his journey to educate the lost leftists of New York City.  Some clips are on the long side, so I’ve culled and annotated a few of my favorites for your expedited viewing pleasure.

Skip right to 2:00 in the next video.  Two young leftists inform Mr. Jaffe that Cuba has the highest standard of living for all the nations in the Caribbean.  “That I’ve heard,” the young lady adds as a bit of an escape clause.

Then, at 3:00, the young lady declares with a straight face that a doctor should not necessarily be paid more than a street sweeper if that doctor’s education was free (I have to assume she means free to him–somebody has to pay for that education).  A person’s hard work, time, dedication, brains and talent mean nothing, apparently.

At about 9:20, the young lady says well, I don’t defend the system that existed in the USSR, so Jaffe asks, then why is the hammer and sickle on this table then?

On to the next clip.  Start about :50, when an old commie guy defends Trotsky.  Then at 2:05 he claims that Lenin’s revolution was bloodless.  (Note to all you Occupiers out there:  don’t try to school a Russian on Russian history, it makes you look really dumb.)

He tries to blame first Stalin, and then the isolation of Russia for the failings of that particular glorious revolution.  Then, at 4:25 he is forced to fold:  “Alright, well, you are welcome to read through the books that we have . . . .”  Just leave me alone, you horrible man with your facts and your logic.

Mr. Jaffe presses:  “You are promoting all of this.  It’s my country you want to change.”  At 5:34, he asks Old Commie Guy for an example of a successful socialist country.


Old Commie admits that he couldn’t set up a table and promote capitalism if he were in Cuba.  Yet, he refuses to back down.  Having revealed his totalitarian core, he walks away.  What more is there to say?

A pattern emerges in these video clips:  through language or imagery the subjects associate themselves with the likes of Stalin, Lenin, Che, Castro, until they are called out by an actual victim of one such regime.  Then, they distance themselves.  They claim that “wasn’t really communism/socialism.”  They insist that they are in the vanguard of a new system.

I have to applaud Mr. Jaffe for his patience.  Unlike Borat, he never descends into simple mockery.  He is actually reaching out to these maddeningly misinformed malcontents.  The folks above remain unmoved, undeterred.  In other clips, however, he may actually be making a lasting impression.  Watch as this poor fellow runs out of talking points.  Skip to 4:00 for the best part:

The awkwardness is palpable as the interviewed fellow admits “he doesn’t know which companies we invest in.”  Mr. Jaffe points out, well, since you are sitting at this table as a representative, I assume you are familiar.  He presses the young man on the question of what is so wrong with coal, and the man folds completely.  He lamely refers Mr. Jaffe to the “research department” in a brochure and gives up on the conversation.

The next video clip is the longest, because the subject interviewed is actually willing to listen.  Skip to 7:50, where the young man makes an outlandish claim about Israel.  Mr. Jaffe then leads him by the proverbial hand down a path of logic and history.  Watching his discomfort as he tries to wiggle off this path is both comical and gratifying.  Because he can’t.  He can’t escape the logic.

“I think there’s a lot of sh** behind that, that we have no idea about,” he mutters lamely at 12:09, but Mr. Jaffe rolls his eyes.  “Why are you rolling your eyes at me?” he says reproachfully.  Look, Mr. Jaffe says, these are simple facts.  If you don’t believe the facts, then I don’t know what to else to say.

The last clip is short and sweet.  A representative of the Freedom Socialist Party dives into a helpful explanation of socialism, until Mr. Jaffe asks her whether Che was a socialist.

Immediately uncomfortable, she refuses to answer.  At 1:50 he asks, how are you going to make socialism different now?  “Russia and the movements in the past also lacked international support,” she offers.  Jaffe runs through a long list of countries with which Russia had relations, both the friendly and the forced, and asked her to help him understand why socialism didn’t work in those places, but will work here.

“I’m sorry, are you filming this? I would prefer that you didn’t.”


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these videos.  Aside from the amusement factor, they serve as an important lesson for me:  go ahead.  Call them out.  It feels like a waste of time, but it isn’t.

What would happen if we all got out and pressed the loudest propagators of Leftist Lunacy?  As Mr. Jaffe demonstrates, they quickly run out of words.   If leftists were confronted by an Army of Jaffes and Breitbarts and other assorted Davids every time they stood up to bleat something stupid, how many of them would finally, and at long last, shut up?

Hmm.  I think I’m off to Facebook to see if I can pick a fight.


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The Undefeated: Bannon and Breitbart vs. Crooks & Liars

DTN has been talking about the movie about Sarah Palin, ‘The Undefeated’, being shown on REELZ network Sunday, March 11 at 8pm, but my visit to CPAC was a gift that keeps on giving.
I captured video of Steve Bannon, the film’s producer, along with Andrew Breitbart and Steve Bossie being challenged by a lefty blogger from ‘Crooks & Liars’ (appropriately named), wherein he characterized the film as being panned by the film critics and audiences.

I apologize for the lousy videography, but Breitbart and Bannon destroyed the guy and Bannon exposed him in a classic takedown at the end of the clip.


We’re really going to miss Breitbart. He was the master at this kind of encounter.

Another masterpiece from


Tonight! Breitbart Does Hannity

Tonight will be the first of the videos that Andrew promised at CPAC that will expose the young radical freak Barack Obama who would go on to fool the nation and get himself elected president.

This is an outtake from that very CPAC, where he rushes out of the room to do a segment on Hannity.

Tonight you’re doing Hannity, Andrew.

Once again it shows a frantic Breitbart, urgent to get the message to the people.  It’s as if he felt he had to do everything himself.

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Breitbart’s Book Climbing back up the Charts: #13 on Amazon

Number 13 and rising.

Update:  This is fluid so the ranking isn’t stationary.  It was at 13 at the time of the original post.

The book came out last April and I wrote a review about it in June, focusing on Breitbart’s statement that the Republican Party suffers from ‘Whipped Dog Syndrome’

It still does.

It’s well worth a read, plus the proceeds go to Breitbart’s wife and four children.



Real Quick.  Hit the Andrew Breitbart category link on the right side of the blog to see the real awesomeness of the Breitbart. Disrupt has been  a fan for quite some time and the right side Breitbart link will show you why.

That I actually got to shake the man’s hand and that I got to share his wisdom from the last CPAC is of great personal consequence to me.

I loved Andrew Breitbart.  He lived a BIG life in a BIG way.  He toppled those that needed topplng without malice.  There’ll never be another.

Today we grieve his loss.  Tomorrow we pick up his big axe.

And although I wasn’t going to take the day off work for yet another rally, I’m going to DC on Tuesday for the Americans for Prosperity rally at the Supreme Court against Obamacare.

Hands off Healthcare Rally details here.


Update/Correction:  The AFP event is not this Tuesday.  It’s March 27th.  All of my friends already know that I am calendarily challenged so they ignore me for good reason.


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We have an obligation to fight back! A tribute to Andrew Breitbart

Thanks to the folks at the Franklin Center for this video which captures the spirit of Andrew Breitbart and inspires us all to follow the lead of this conservative warrior. Thank you Erik and Tabitha and all.

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Rep. Louie Gohmert on the Passing of Andrew Breitbart

Go over to to see tributes from Jonah Goldberg, Sean Hannity, Greg Gutfeld and others.

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Devastating News: Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

He passed away sometime after midnight.

Andrew Breitbart was a fearless warrior in the conservative movement and was adored by many, including myself.  We’re going to really miss this shooting star that streaked across the sky all too quickly.

Rest in peace and thank you for all you did in your brief time on earth.  Condolences to your family.

Here’s his last appearance at CPAC, which was just last month.


Rest assured that the groundwork you laid will not go in vain.  We should dedicate this election year to Andrew.


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