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Black Democrat “steps in it” then expects a hispanic to clean it up.

South Carolina State Senator, Robert Ford D-SC exercised his freedom of speech today on the Statehouse floor.  But the Senator, who ran unsuccessfully for Governor last year, may have exceeded the “extended” boundaries that Democrats can usually expect to enjoy.  While discussing the Palmetto State’s legislative efforts to pass an aggressive, tougher state immigration policy, akin to the “controversial” Arizona law passed last year, “Sen. Ford complained such a position would hurt South Carolina because blacks and whites don’t work as hard as Hispanics.” (Source: Yahoo News)

These comments elicited what Yahoo termed a “smattering of nervous laughter”.  The kind of nervous laughter usually reserved for anything that comes out of Jake Knotts’ mouth, I might add.   But for those who thought that the good Senator may have misspoke, Ford went on, offering THIS by way of an  historical foundation to his shaky allegation,  ” once his ancestors were freed from slavery, he said, they didn’t want to do any more hard work, so they were replaced by Chinese and Japanese.”  Can’t you just picture this phrase etched on the back of a grainy old photograph or one of the Senator’s treasured heirlooms?  Maybe pressed into a book with a lock of a Senator Ford’s baby hair?  I can’t.

Well, that MIGHT explain Nissan and Toyota springing from the “biblical loins” of the UAW, but I’m not sure about further historical significance.    Since Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz wouldn’t be caught DEAD in South Carolina, Sen. Ford was on his own. “The brothers are going to find ways to take a break.  Ever since this country was built, we’ve had somebody do the work for us”, said Ford.  For those playing the Good ‘Ol Boys Network board game at HOME, “brothers” is African-American Democrat Slang for “constituents.”   Deaf to his Democrat “brothers” on the floor, begging him to yield his remaining time, Sen. Ford went from bad to worse, detailing another personal story about “four workers in the country illegally (who) showed up on his lawn and finished mowing, edging and other work in 30 minutes that would take others much longer, and only wanted $10 for the job.”   This puts an odd twist on the Democrat devotion to minimum wage reform.

If you’re having difficulty absorbing just the dizzying pace of this story,   so was state GOP chairman, Joel Sawyer who called Ford’s comments, “abhorrent and incredibly offensive” but also wanted the number of the aforementioned Yard Service.   Sawyer also positively identified the racist tone of these remarks.

But in flexing his African American extended freedom of speech rights in America, Senator Ford forcefully blunted any criticism that might follow his address today, urging his colleagues to “get over it” and “not take things so seriously.”   Bravo, Senator. 

The NAACP summed up Ford’s comments as an “unfortunate choice of words.”  This was the expected call for restraint NEVER extended to Republicans.   Just coming within six degrees of implying something like this can cost a Republican his livelihood.   The double-standard goes on in America.  Look for absolutely no repercussions from this. 

Except one, this “tougher, more aggressive, Arizona-style Immigration bill” WILL pass in South Carolina.  Despite the lowly SATs, the preponderance of Dead-Beat Dads, junkie-Moms, “Lizard-Man” sightings, and blind NASCAR devotion in the Palmetto State, I’m still proud to call this state my home.    We are still a conservative state at heart. Despite an overabundance of Senator Fords in South Carolina politics, this is STILL a great place to live. 

You Yankees, eat your heart out.   From the Batcave, this is your Garnet n Black Gadfly on the Wall.  

Arrivaderci, babies !


Battle for Alaska: Men in Black Edition

Yesterday an Alaskan Superior Court Judge dealt incumbent Senator Leeza MooKowSkee a severe blow by not allowing election officials the ability to provide voters with information on the write-in candidates.

Fast forward to today and that ruling was overruled by the Alaska Supreme Court while you slept.

Is the Alaska Division of Elections acting as advocates for the Senator?

The high court ruled quickly after attorneys for the state Division of Elections petitioned for a review of a ruling issued earlier Wednesday by Anchorage Superior Court Judge Frank A. Pfiffner.

We’re 5 days before the election and lots of very dubious events are happening not just in Alaska, but because of Court rulings in Arizona on voter ID requirements, Harry Reid’s son and the SEIU seem to be conspiring to steal the election in Nevada, strange ballot episodes in North Carolina and other peculiarities are occurring.


AZ Gov. Jan Brewer to Neil Cavuto

“Arizona is under assault from the national Government.” 

First it was their Immigration Law.  Now, their voter ID  has been struck down.  Both by the Ninth Circuit, btw.

She just said it so there is nothing to link yet.

I’d say she’s right, but I would add that ALL Americans are under assault by their National Government.

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