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Harrah’s Bosses Put Squeeze on Employees to Vote in Pro-Reid Effort

Harrah’s Bosses Put Squeeze on Employees to Vote in Pro-Reid Effort – By Elizabeth Crum – Battle ’10 – National Review Online.

More Union strong-arm tactics to steal an election.



More Rationality From the Stewart Crowd….

With credit to and Breitbart. See if you can spot the Alan Grayson supporter….

“What’s wrong with communism?”


The Moderates of the Rally to Restore (In)Sanity

ReasonTV Captures the Spirit of the Rally to Restore (In)Sanity . I have a feeling many of them would have been dressed the same, even if it was not the day before Halloween. I was in D.C. for another event and got stuck in D.C. traffic at the same time this Rally ended. I knew from the freak show on the streets that for some, this was just another opportunity for them to sport their Halloween costumes and this video confirmed it. I am impressed by their eloquence and their ability to articulate their points of view.

I watched the event on C-SPAN. It was two  hours of painfully unfunny schtick, but in addition to the signs below, caught a few on the streets of DC including “Real Americans Eat Bald Eagle Eggs” and “I’m Not A Climate Scientist So I Don’t Refute What They Say”. Guess he missed the story about Hal Lewis’ resignation from The American Physical Society. While watching the event on C-SPAN, caught “Pimp My God” among others. Don’t know if I have the stomach to watch it again to capture the others.

What a nice way to spend a lovely fall afternoon with your daughter.  Her Dad’s sign should say “Moderate Women are Tepid”. That would be more accurate.

Waiting for Nancy’s outcry about the Nazi references…..

Hmmm – reckon this fellow knows what NAMBLA is? Someone said that it’s some kind of Daily Show running joke. Seems like they would have picked something that didn’t reference pedophelia.


Any guesses on what in the world the sign on the left means? Dry Hump your Party? Someone clearly needs some real lovin’.


I would submit to these three buffoons that “Tea Baggers” are paying more taxes than they are. As a matter of fact, I would bet on it.


Are they brothers?


This is a flag made of destroyed American Flags – which pretty much says it all about this crowd of malcontents.


 What does this mean?           


Oh, Nancy, we’re still waiting……

Oh great, now every trip to Kroger will be like going to Costco


The smaller print says, “Just kill me in that case”. OK   But in a nice way, of course       

And they discerned this how?

SEIU, Tides Foundation, George Soros…… Don’t confuse them with the facts though




I detect a theme here…. The following two should get together.  



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