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Coal Miner’s Dodderer

This is actually from last year, but it’s new to me so I’ll share it thinking it might be new to you, as well.

Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-5th) is shown here pressing EPA chief Lisa Jackson over the number of coal mining permits, of the 190 requested, she had approved.  Unlike her boss, Barack Hussein Obama, Miss Jackson is not a very accomplished liar. 

This woman doesn’t even seem bright enough to man a toll booth or push a vacuum cleaner, let alone be in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency, or as Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli calls the EPA, the Employment Prevention Agency.

Hat Tip to John Taylor for sending the email and to EPA Abuse.


Bill Whittle Throws Down the Gauntlet

This is his finest Afterburner yet and that’s saying something.

In ‘Merchants of Despair’ he catalogs all of the major misdeeds and malevolence of the Obama administration and at the end he speaks to you conservatives that sit on the couch on election day.

How do we find these bellyaching nonpartisipants, register them to vote and get them to the polls this November? That is the challenge and the only solution to our national despair.

And of course, as I always do when I post a new Whittle video, I urge you to go to PJTV and become a subscriber.


Virginia AG Cuccinelli – EPA is more about control and transformation of our economy, not protecting our environment

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, well-known for his principled adherence to the constitution and the rule of law, spoke to party leaders at the Republican Party of  Virginia’s annual meeting. The General discussed the link between free people and free markets and clean environments as opposed to the environmental disasters which have and are occurring in places like Chernobyl and China.

Cuccinelli then updated the GOP’ers on his legal action defending Virginians from the unprecedented attack on our liberties from the Obama Care legislation and its unconstitutional mandate which imposes punitive fees on citizens engaged in inactivity somehow claiming that inactivity is in fact an activity. Cuccinelli points out that the dictionary maybe the biggest obstruction for the Feds who are defending this legislation.

During a Q & A session the AG commented on Obama’s “Central Planning” command and control approach to governing and poked fun at HHH Secretary Sebelius.

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