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Democracy Dies. Girly Man Cries.

Someone get this precious little snowflake a tissue.

I suggest that this man skip over the border and move to Canada if that’s the way he feels. He is apparently incapable of accepting the reality that the power play against the citizens of Wisconsin was an epic FAIL and that the voters made that loud and clear.


Battle for Wisconsin Update

HUGE voter turnout.

According to the Waukesha Patch….

“At 6:30 we already had our first lady in line,” said Jane Neill, chief inspector at the Waukesha West High School polling location. “And we had a line before we opened at 7.”

Within the first hour of the polls opening at West, 306 voters had already cast ballots, which is 10 percent turnout for that location.

Neill said the line to vote stretched to the street very early in the morning, which signaled a massive turnout. She said the line wasn’t even as long that early for the 2008 presidential election.

What does it mean? Considering that half of teachers, when given the chance to opt out of automatic Union dues withholding, chose to do so. That, combined with the improving economic conditions in Wisconsin, are very encouraging signs.


Tuesday, May 8th. A Tremendously Bad Day for Democrats.

Yes, you know of the prison inmate who received 41% of the vote in the West Virginia Democrat’s primary against the incumbent Preezy.

Yes, you know that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recall primary resulted in him receiving more votes than all of the Democrats, COMBINED.  In a basically meaningless primary for Republicans.

And yes, you know that Democrat Senator Richard Lugar, got WUPPED in the Indiana primary.  Saddleburr, you idiot, Lugar wasn’t a Democrat.  He was a Republican.  UmmmmmKay.  Determining Richard Lugar’s party affiliation is kind of like determining the sex of a field mouse.  It requires a magnifying glass.  He’s a Democrat, for all intents and purposes.  You say he’s a Republican.  I say that I forgot my magnifying glass.

But did you know that a Republican won the Democrat Lt. Governors’ primary in Brookfield, Wisconsin yesterday? 

That’s correct.  A Republican……won a Democrat primary.

As I pointed out in my post about the Wisconsin chaos back on April 13th, if each race didn’t have a primary entry in the recall process, the law stated that a general election would be held.  Meaning, there could be a mix of primary and general election races on the same day.  Democrat engineered chaos.

To prevent this clusterflub, the Wisconsin Republican Party fielded “fake Democrats” to make sure that every election was a Primary.

Enter one Isaac Weix, “fake Democrat”.  He actually won 44% of the vote, beating the other two “real Democrats” in that district.  Mind you, this is a Republican district, and that Mahlon Mitchell, another “real Democrat”, won the race statewide and will face current Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in the general election on June 5th.

But Weix won that district. 


The Democrats had a horrendous day yesterday and I can barely wipe the grin off my face.

We, at Disrupt the Narrative, have a special place for fellow Disrupters. 

Well done, Mr. Weix.  And, well done, Wisconsin Republicans.

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