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Obama, Sony Corporation and Seal Team Six: The Movie

By now you’ve probably heard that Sony Pictures is doing a movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden that is scheduled to be released a month before the November 2012 election.  There is much concern about the level of access to members of the military, particularly the Navy Seals, and perhaps even classified material that the White House is providing the film makers.  Representative Peter King is on the case.

King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has demanded that Pentagon and CIA inspectors general investigate their access. He cited reports that (screenwriter Mark) Boal was on hand for a closed-door intel agency ceremony honoring the Bin Laden team, raising eyebrows in the room

But why would Sony risk alienating a large number of consumers by sponsoring Obama’s neo PT109 movie, which will be a 90 minute campaign commercial for Obama the Action Figure? 
Because Sony’s CEO, Howard Stringer is a big time New York City liberal true believer and a heavy contributor to Democrats. 
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – $15,000 on 4/19/2010
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – $5,000 on 5/11/2009
Obama Victory Fund – $28,400 on 10/14/2008
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – $10,000 on 2/22/2008
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – $28,500 on 9/25/2008
While giving large amounts of cash is good, using the corporation of which you are CEO to release a pro-Obama crockumentary right before the election is even better. 
Stringer is also behind the new corporate motto…

Make Believe, Indeed

And then there is Sony’s Executive Vice President and chief counsel, Nicole Seligman..
She also was a bridesmaid at Caroline Kennedy’s wedding, so upper management at Sony is well connected to the New York liberal elites,
Note to self:  Add Sony to the list of corporations from which I refuse to buy.  GE, Citigroup, Progressive Insurance, Ally Bank….I’m sure there are more but I’m not remembering them at this time.

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