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Teachers Union Gone Wild; The NJEA Not About The Children

Do teachers unions across the country have the best interest of the children in mind?

We Report, You Decide

Here is a behind the scenes peak at the New Jersey teachers when they don’t think anyone is watching.

Update (Saddleburr)

The grumbling and accusations against James O’Keefe have begun.  The Unionistas have been shown to be defiant, corrupt and criminal.  They don’t like that.

And here’s Part 2 of Teachers’ Gone Wild.  In this one a parent complains about his child being called the N-word by a teacher.  His negotiation with the Superintendent is instuctive.  The Teacher won’t be fired, but also he won’t be reprimanded if the parent stays silent.

If they thought Chris Christie was out for them before……

Update 2:  Christie responds.   We knew that there would be a comeuppance.  And a comeuppance it was!


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