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America today is on bended knee…

“American today is on bended knee, in prayer for the people whose lives were lost here” George Bush’s bullhorn address at ground zero

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Best iPhone apps in the world

I’ve been an iPhone user going on 6 months now.  People told me getting an iPhone would change my life.  I scoffed.  They were right.  It’s the apps that make the iPhone what it is, which is pretty much whatever you or the app developer want it to be.  This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but here’s what I think are the best, or most useful iPhone apps that I’ve used or heard about.

Amazon Kindle – this app turns your iPhone into a Kindle.  You can buy books from Amazon, download them, and read them.  On your phone.  The screen is bigger than you think – plenty big enough for comfortable book reading.  And because the screen is your light, you don’t need to keep a lamp on.

WordPress – your iPhone is now your blog platform.  Or your photoblog platform.  Or probably, with Qik, your video blog platform (haven’t tried that yet, but I bet you can do it).  Add in a couple of these other apps, and you’re basically carrying around your total blog communications center wherever you go.

Photoshop – ok, it’s nowhere near as powerful as full-up Photoshop.  But it’s still cool, and now it can manipulate video too.  You can use the PS app to take 3GS photos and do several slick things to them.  At the price – gratis – you can’t beat it.

Air Video – probably the most underrated app in the whole store – whoever invented it should’ve gotten that Nobel that went to Obama.  Air Video has two parts, the app that goes on your phone and the server that gets installed on your computer (Mac or PC).  This little app lets you play videos that are stored on your computer, on your phone, via wi-fi.  In other words, you can record your favorite show on your PC with, say, Windows Media Center, and then play it on your iPhone.  Without ever actually putting the file on your phone.  If you get that heinously expensive composite video cable that Apple sells for the iPhone, you can hook the phone up to your TV, turning your phone into a video server.  And yeah, it works over 3G too.  Air Video will can also command your computer to convert your videos to the iPhone/iPod format.  Pretty flippin’ cool and certainly worth 3 bucks.

Redbox – pick a movie. Reserve it for a buck. Go pick it up at the nearest Redbox.  Simple, elegant, useful.  I’ve reserved movies while driving down the street, which is probably a bad idea, but lots of fun things are basically bad ideas.

WootWatch – one day, one deal, one app to rule them all.

iClickr – use wi-fi to take control of your computer and run your PowerPoint.  For those times when you’re the only technically capable person in the room, and video cable lengths force you to keep the laptop out of podium range.

Echofon – twitter. TweetDeck looks cooler, but Echofon seems faster and easier to deal with.

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