Sorry I Was Missing for a While. Nasty PC Virus Requiring Geek Intervention Kept Me Out of the Battle. But NOTHING BAD HAPPENED in my Absence.

24 Nov

That’s right.  All is well.  Obama didn’t act unconstitutionally on anything.  At all.  Even Saturday Night Live knows that and didn’t create a skit about anything like that.

And the House Intel Committee has found that Benghazi was all by the book.  And there was no stand down order.  No cover up.  No lying.

And Hillary’s transvaginal mesh is not providing for her a case for restitution as is the case with Bill’s erections lasting for more than four hours.

Oh.  And Ferguson, MO releasing the indictment decision after dark with full media complement and a crowd of anarchists ready to perform to their expectations tonight?

Like I said.  Nothing bad happened in my absence and nothing bad will happen tonight.

My inner Mary Poppins says that it’s so.

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Posted by on November 24, 2014 in politics


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