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Gerry Connolly once feared the left…

…and responded to his fear by voting for Obamacare in spite of his public misgivings.  We haven’t yet shed light on this one and done first termer, who also surfed into office on the wave created by the Obama sewer explosion of 2008. 

It’s good to remind the voters of Virginia’s 11th Congressional District what a spineless mass this useless carbon based life form really is.

Under the withering assault of people like guest host, Michael Shure, from the Young Turks Turds, who asserted back in July of last year that Connolly was being weak by resisting the wonderfulness of Obamacare because he comes from a once reliable conservative district, the Man of Jell-O™ sold out his constituency. 

According to this guest host, all of those rich conservatives are also going to benefit from the enormous cost savings to be realized by the enactment of Obamacare.  Or something.

We shouldn’t be protesting.  We should be saying ‘Thank You’ according to our Gangster President.

Connolly should have followed his instincts instead of listening to the snivelling weenies on the left.  Now Connolly is paying the price, like the rest of the Obamacare Gang of 219.

Personally, I find those poseurs who feigned reservations to the bill, then ultimately caved, more reprehensible than the true believers.  They were holding their fingers in the air, more concerned for their political fortunes than they were with doing the right thing.  They knew, in their hearts, that what they were doing was wrong.  They chose what they felt was the politically expedient thing to do at the time, although, that shows a certain level of stupidity considering the large public uproar that was evident leading up to the vote. 

But listen to the left they did.  Now they will pay.

In Virginia that will include Tom Perriello who will lose to Robert Hurt in the 5th District who will win in spite of this defamatory and untrue ad by SEIU.  Yes, I’m sure that Hurt stays up at night trying to figure out ways to screw veterans returning from war.  Really SEIU?  That’s what you’re running on?

If I were a member I’d demand my money back.  It’s simply not credible.  

That’s desperation on the part of Perriello, who is known to kill puppies and kittens for the pure pleasure of it.  I made that up, but that’s the tactic that One Term Tom and the SEIU are using.

There are some true believers who might be in trouble, as well.  The despicable Jim Moran in Virginia-8 is facing the most serious challenge of his destructive career from Patrick Murray, with this race being described as ‘absolutely winnable’ by Gov. Bob McDonnell, who knows a little bit about winning in Virginia.

Virginia 11, this blog wholeheartedly urges you to dispense of this man with great vigor and to vote for Keith Fimian for Congress.

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