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Oh fer. Hussein. Obama. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.

“Bracket” Obama has not only bombed in Libya and bombed ON Libya, but little VCU called in an airstrike on his last choice in the NCAA basketball tournament…Kansas. Joey Rodriguez from VCU said that Obama’s choice MOTIVATED them to upset the last of his NCAA picks.

Coach Shaka Smart used the Obama quote to pump up his players.

He showed his players motivational clips of everyone who said the Rams should not have gotten a tourney berth. He showed them clips of analysts continually picking VCU to lose. For his final message, he used The First Doubter himself, Barack Obama, showing the team a pregame ESPN clip of the president picking Kansas to win it all.

Khadaffi is running the same video in Libya, I hear.

Even Sports Illustrated couldn’t help but kick sand in the face of our 98 pound weakling President, with their Obama goes 0-for-Final Four headline.

Teh Bracketz were the most important thing in Obama’s life when he shared his well-publicized picks on ESPN at the expense of his role as Commander-in-Chief, motivating his Troops or explaining to the American people why he was committing us to his adventure in Libya.

But. He had his reasons.

He had to cement himself at the bottom of the NCAA pickin’ class, which he was quite accustomed to throughout his, ahem, Kollege Kareer. Who knows? It’s a state secret. I say he was a loser. Bottom of his class. There’s no evidence to the contrary.

He’s our national affirmative action hire. But you all knew that.

But, tomorrow His Petulency will forecast his predictions about Khadaffi and Libya, having to interrupt his intense schedule in order to once again lay out his world vision to get us hayseeds up to speed, giving us a glimpse into his immense wisdom.

Let’s just hope it turns out better for us Americans than his predictions about roundball.

Or Obamacare.

Or the Economy.

Or Jobs.

Or International Affairs.

Or…everything else he’s touched.

The Sports people are calling it the Obama Curse. They have no idea how correct they are.

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