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Congressman Randy Forbes on American exceptionalism.

Congressman Randy Forbes from Virginia is certainly not among the most well-known members of congress, but he should be. He is a solid constitutional conservative and an excellent and eloquent speaker. A solid family man who defends family values and as a member of the Committee on Armed Services, he provides valuable oversight while tirelessly defending our men and women in uniform. Mr. Forbes has an understanding and respect for the founding principles of our nation along with a deep love of country.

Mr. Forbes, in an Independence Day message to his constituents, highlights the exceptionalism of America and without naming him directly, cautions us of the danger to that exceptionalism posed by President Obama, who stated that America is not great and believes our nation is no different from other nations around us, a president who not only regrets the success of this nation but travels around the world apologizing for it!

235 years ago, our Founding Fathers had a vision for a nation free from the
tyranny of England. They had no reasonable expectation of success and they were
unsure of what the new world would look like – they only had a dream. And out of
that dream – despite the overwhelming chance of failure, of personal ruin, of
death – they built a revolution. They built America.

Since that point, American greatness has come from an exceptional combination
of faith, family, dreams, the empowerment of individual citizens, respect for
the rule of law, and dedication to a well-guarded peace. We were created one
nation under God, and we still are one nation under God. We were created on the
bedrock of liberty and freedom, and we still stand on that bedrock of liberty
and freedom. To this day, no other nation in the world has matched the level of
America’s greatness. Our nation didn’t just happen. Our principles are different
from the rest of the world.

Today, there are those that would say that America is not great. There are
those that believe our nation is no different from other nations around us.
There are those that are willing to allow our nation to fall to the same fate as
countries like Greece. There are those that would express regret for America’s
success. These notions are frightening, because the moment we begin to apologize
for America is the moment we begin to spread roots that choke out any seeds of
success for our nation.  The moment we stop believing that our nation is special
is the moment we will cease to be special.

I refuse to buy into the idea that America is mediocre or that she is like
any other nation in the world. America is a nation that was born to be
extraordinary. The American experiment is worth preserving. Our freedoms are
exceptional.  And to boast about these freedoms is not only allowable, it is

I believe America’s greatest days are ahead of us, but we must realize that
the direction of our nation’s future lies within our own ability to cling to the
uniqueness of America. That is what the Fourth of July is. It is a reminder that
the freedoms we enjoy as Americans should not just be acknowledged – they should
be celebrated.

So this weekend, as you give your child or grandchild that extra popsicle,
gather with friends and family at the beach or around the grill, or sit with
your loved ones on the old quilted blanket watching the glittering display of
fireworks go off in the sky, remember that you are a part of something
exceptional. And that exceptionalism is worth celebrating.

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