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Ken Cuccinelli “Its always about the people” – The Obama administration’s regulatory assault hurts poor people first and hurts poor people the worst.

Ken Cuccinelli addressed Central Virginians at a Richmond Tea Party town hall event on July 17th. The Virginia Attorney General opened by delivering an interesting breakdown of the recent Supreme Court decision on the Obama Health Care tax law. He then took the opportunity to explain how the Obama administration’s regulatory assault negatively impacts our economy, and more specifically, it’s detrimental affect on the poorest among us.

In my role as AG, I see the damage they do. I see the the regulatory burdens, the loss of opportunity, the loss of choices for business owners, and how they’re smothering various parts of our economy that they don’t like and there’s people involved in that. Its always about the people.  When you have this kind of across the board regulatory assault, the first people hurt and the people hurt the worst, are the poor.

The AG then went on to explain that the EPA’s attack on the coal industry is hurting the people of Southwest Virginia by depressing their economy and then to add insult to injury, increasing their electricity rates.

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Day one of CPAC 2012

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Senator Jim DeMint South Carolina

Senator Mike Lee Utah

Andrew Breitbart

CPAC 2012 had a great first day with rousing speeches from conservatives like Senators Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and Rand Paul. Extremely informative panel discussions on topics ranging from foreign policy to the EPA’s green assault on jobs. A couple of highlights were the speech from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinellli and an eye-opening panel discussion unmasking the puppet masters of the Occupy movement by Andrew Breitbart and Citizens United. They are working on a new film due out this spring called Occupy Unmasked. DTN will have more on this soon.




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