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What to Expect During Next Week’s Republican Convention

As predicted several months back, there will be attempts to create mayhem on behalf of the Community-Disorganizer-In-Chief.  And although this will make the news, it will blow up in Obama’s face as the contrast between the Obama anarchists and the decency of the Republican attendees and their candidates becomes increasingly sharp.

That Obama is sending out his flying gaffe-monkey, Joe Biden, and DNC spokeswitch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz to disrupt the proceedings, shows a glaring lack of class and poor judgement.

But that is nothing new, as classlessness and poor judgement characterize much of the left, including this classless president.

But, ultimately, at the convention itself, there will be a parade of ordinary citizens with personal and touching stories about Mitt Romney doing things for them without fanfare and without bragadoccio.

Mitt would never tell the story himself.  He doesn’t have to.  He doesn’t want to.

But there are stories.

So America will see a split screen presentation next week, with the selfish OccuBamaBots on one half showing their incivility and beastly behavior, while on the other half there will be countless personal stories of how Mitt Romney went out of his way to care for them in their hour of need.

The contrast will be stark.  Obama has never lifted a finger for anyone but himself.  Not even his half brother in Kenya.

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Monday’s Passing Reflections


The increasingly desperate tone of the emails I get from Obama, the Democrats and groups like DailyKos are…….hilarious and encouraging.  Check out this one from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that crossed the transom today.

I just got this disturbing report: Yesterday’s Romney-Ryan rally in North Carolina pulled in an overflow crowd of 15,000 people.

There’s no spinning that number. It’s a LOT of people, and the Republican base in energized.

And that’s not all. Since the VP announcement, Romney’s campaign has brought in over 70,000 donations from his Tea Party base.

We’ve got to step up our game and mobilize our supporters — starting right now.

Donate $3 or right now to help us rally our base around President Obama’s agenda >>

Listen to what one Republican supporter said about Paul Ryan: “I love him…He’s going to excite the Tea Party and get them on board…”

We can’t let the Republicans claim the momentum. Donate $3 or whatever you can:



Brynne Craig
DCCC Field Director

That’s right, Brynnie baby.  You have every reason to be terrified.  You sound kinda spooked.  It’ll be OK, sweetpants.  Calm yourself.


Does the Republican Party and the Romney campaign really have to succumb to the same old, tired ‘Presidential Debate Commission’s’ tricks…..AGAIN?  Today the commission, a commission chaired by former Clinton spokesperson, Mike McCurry and some Republican doormat I never heard of, announced the moderators for the upcoming debates.

Let’s just say that Barack Obama will be asked by those moderators about his favorite flavor of pie, what historical figure he’d like to go on a long walk on the beach with and how bad the situation was when he came into the White House.

Seriously?????  Candy Crowley, the porcine liberal from CNN, Bob Schieffer, the doddering liberal from CBS, Jim Lehrer, the government paid liberal from the government financed PBS network, and some broad that I assume to be liberal from ABC will moderate these debates?  I only say, ‘some broad that I assume to be liberal’ because I’ve never actually seen ABC News.

I heard that it exists, though.

So, Fox News Channel, which is cleaning all of these news services’ clocks on a daily basis, in every time slot, is shut out.

I guess having a guy like Thomas Sowell or anyone from Heritage would be unacceptable, as well.  Having low rated network stooges is where we’re going again.

The Republicans and the Romney campaign had better scream bloody murder about this.  It’s outrageous.

But here’s the really obvious part of the lie.  I had read earlier that some high school girl petitioned the Commission on Presidential Debates to get a woman as a moderator.  Good luck with that.  I scoured their website for any contact information and there is none.  Or my scouring skills aren’t as good as they used to be.  So how did this girl get through the wall of privacy?

If someone can show me the pinhole as to how to get through to comment, I’d appreciate it.

As it turns out, according to the LA Times, the decision to include women was the result of online petition from, not one, but 3 high school girls from New Jersey.

Including one named Axelrod.

I don’t know if there is any relation to David Axelrod, head of the Obama campaign, but how many Axelrods do you know?  Personally, I’m not tripping over Axelrods here in Virginia.  I’ve never met an Axelrod.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence and maybe you, the reader, are swimming in Axelrods.

A trio of high school girls from New Jersey had mounted an online petition campaign to get a woman back on the debate stand.

Emma Axelrod, Sammi Siegel and Elena Tsemberis were cheering the Commission on Presidential Debates for its choice of Crowley and Raddatz.

But the article starts by saying that Candy Crowley IS REALLY, REALLY TOUGH on the Administration, so they’re in no way biased.

Those carping that Crowley had betrayed bias haven’t been watching the reporter over the years, or since she began moderating CNN’s Sunday show “State of the Union” a couple years ago. This is a woman who talked about Sarah Palin as “lighting a fire in the grass roots of Republican-land — fresh, folksy and

In recent weeks, she dug in on David Axelrod, President
Obama’s chief strategist, about whether another operative had really meant to suggest that Mitt Romney might be a felon. She bored in on the White House Chief of Staff, Jack Lew,  about invoking executive privilege when Obama had harshly criticized President George
W. Bush for doing the same.

Top Obama campaign operative David Plouffe also recently tasted Crowley’s toughness. Wasn’t the invocation of themes from the 2008 campaign a sign, she asked, that Obama hadn’t achieved the goals he set for his first term? When Plouffe turned to deficit reduction, she responded: “But you’ve had four years to do that.”

Horse shit.  This is a set up.

You can tell it was going to be a setup by the 25 year old picture of Candy Crowley the LA Times used in the piece.

This is a more recent photo of her.

Candy Crowley with big hairy cheek mole removed


Speaking of CBS’ Bob Schieffer, that 60 Minutes interview from last night did a little creative editing on the Romney/Ryan interview, conveniently omitting Paul Ryan’s statement about his mother being a retiree in Florida who depends on Medicare and Social Security, reinforcing his position that  current recipients are in no way effected by his plans to try to save those programs.

It must have just  been an oversight on the part of the Tiffany Network, who gave us those Dan Rather ‘fake but accurate’ letters from the Texas Air National Guard regarding George W. Bush’s service back in 2004.

I simply don’t know if the scuttling of that important part of the dialogue was intentional on CBS’ part, but let’s just say that I have my suspicions.

How does that Who song from their album, “Whos Next” go…again?


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Mitt Romney Visits Patrick Henry Territory Tomorrow

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains
and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take;
but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Hanover County, Virginia, is Patrick Henry’s county.  It also happens to be my county.  I live very near Patrick Henry’s home at Scotchtown in rural Hanover County, so it is a perfect venue for President Romney to launch his bus tour and to announce his running mate.  Not saying he’ll announce, but we’ll be putting on the pressure.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE.. 11:06PM  Romney will announce tomorrow morning before the Ashland appearance.  Right now it’s looking like Paul Ryan.

But Hanover County has this little “Ashland Problem”.  Ashland is a liberal wormhole in a conservative county and that is where Mitt is going to meet the crowd.  Ashland is our county’s southside view of a northbound horse, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Essentially, the Hanover Democrat Party are a laughing stock in this county and if it were not for the college, Ashland would be a regular American town.  But it is not.  You can tell that by the town’s overblown idiocy, proclaiming itself as ‘The Center of the Universe’

They’ve awarded themselves a medal.  Whoop Dee Effin’ Doo.

So I expect that operatives will be shipped in to disrupt tomorrow’s event.

But I will video document the entire event.

I could bore you with what Democrats have done to Ashland, but I’ll spare you the ugly details.

Let’s just say that it will most likely be Democrats…yawn…. being Democrats.

They knit uteri and put them on a stick for political theater.  They set up illegal emcampments and deficate and urinate at will.  They…occupy.

I can’t wait to fuck with them.

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Obama Unveils Heads I Win, Tails Romney Loses Tax Calculator

On Friday the Obama campaign rolled out a tax calculator app online, in which you enter your annual income, marital status and number of dependents.

The first assumption is that the ‘real tax rate’ is the Bill Clinton rates so that they can continue the narrative that the present tax rates, the rates that have been in place for ten years continue to be characterized as the ‘Bush tax cuts’. The Democrats like to use the name ‘Bush’ because they think the whole country has the same boiling hatred for the former president as they do.

Also, characterizing the current tax rate as the ‘Bush tax cuts’ makes them an aberration from what the real rates should be, therefore cancelling them for the wealthiest Americans cannot be labeled as a tax increase. Which it is.

Let’s go to the tax calculator, shall we?

I put in married, no dependents, then started plugging in various incomes.

Here’s $30,000.

Has anybody heard Mitt Romney say he was going to raise taxes on the poor? Or on anybody, for that matter? I believe his position is to maintain the current rate and then eventually lower tax rates for everybody.

And how does Obama cut taxes for people who pay no taxes?

The $60,000, $90,000 and even $190,000 results in pretty much the same thing.

You see, Obama is the big tax cutter and Romney is the tax hiker.

I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing before proceeding over the arbitary $250,000 magic line in the sand where all of a sudden you’re rich and need to ‘pay your ‘fair share’.

But a funny thing happened. At that level Romney becomes a tax cutter, but Obama continues to be a tax cutter, too. What ever happened to punishing the rich?


How about $290,000, which is, you know, really, really rich?

There’s good old Obama cutting taxes on the rich again.

Lastly, let’s look at $780,000. Surely at this point the real punishment begins. I mean, come on. Couples earning that much money must be deserving of a tax hike. They’re part of the reviled 1%, aren’t they?

I guess the point we’re supposed to take away from this is that while good King Obama is benevolent enough to continue to provide tax relief for the very rich, Mitt Romney is lavishing them with tax cuts.

Or something.


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A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s a devastating indictment of the feckless and wreckless Obama administration’s record. Romney needs to use this everywhere.

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Obama’s Tranformation of America Continues…Tea Party Candidate Ted Cruz Soon to Become a United States Senator

Not exactly the tranformational change that the anti-American Marxist envisioned, but his post electoral record remains firmly intact.

Because of Barack Hussein Obama’s assault on American values and institutions, conservatism is on the rise in America.

It started in Virginia and New Jersey in 2009, with a sweep of Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General in Virginia, with McDonnell, Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli cruising to a landslide, but also with Chris Christie in New Jersey.

On Christmas eve of 2009, in the dark of night, behind closed doors, Obamacare was passed against the wishes of the American people, leading to the electoral bloodbath of 2010 for for Democrats. Tea Party Republicans swept into the House of Representatives and the Senate also gained Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio, among others. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker became Governor and much mayhem ensued, but the leftist uprising was defeated soundly a little while back.

In the meantime…
Obama closed businesses, closed coal mines, closed coal fired power plants, shut down drilling in the Gulf, shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, engineered Operation Fast & Furious, watched in glee as the muslim world went ablaze, Obama insulted us, assaulted us fundamental transformation is nearly complete.

Obama’s electoral fortunes have doomed him to ONE TERM status.

Barack, your Executive Orders are what finally did you in. When you displayed that you have no regard for the rule of law and showed more than an ankle of your dictatorial inclinations…….that was it. Even the passive citizen saw a danger in you. When you derided achievers in Roanoke with your ‘You didn’t build that’ schtick….it was over. When you did pillow talk with Russia, assuring Medvedev that you’ll have more flexibility after the election…it was over.

So, add Ted Cruz to the ranks of being the next Tea Party Senator who will be swept into office as the American people sweep more Democrats out of power in 98 days.


And to the transformational president who changed America back into a conservative, (or at least not totally insane) nation, we owe you a twisted bit of gratitude, in a tangential way. As Usurper-in-Chief, you alarmed the sleeping electorate and showed us how very, very evil and destructive the left is and how quickly people of your persuasion can destroy what has taken centuries to build.

You’re finished, Benito.

Yeah. Obama. YOU built this.

And thank you. In a perverse way, you saved the nation.

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If Romney is the Republican nominee, Obamney Care is not an issue.

I can see it now, The Obama campaign can produce ad after ad about how Romneycare was not only the blueprint for Obamacare but the Republican nominee partnered and collaborated with the Liberal Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy to design the disastrous Massachusetts health care reform known as Romneycare.


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