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Psssst, Romney Detractors…Part 1 – To the Ron Paul Supporters

I won’t rehash the recent events which took place at the RNC (Remember Maine 2012) and are alleged to have been mandated by Romney himself.  There is certainly plenty on the internet to make your own determination. Robert Long at the Bangor Daily News provides a good overview along with several good links providing additional detail. Another good timeline of the Maine Caucuses leading up to the Maine State Convention is provided by Wikipedia.

What these good citizens are choosing to ignore is that the Delegate challenges began in Maine, initiated by fellow Republicans Peter Cianchette and Jan Staples – not by Mitt Romney.  In the end, it was the Ron Paul Delegates who refused to compromise despite allegations that unqualified participants were allowed to cast votes at the Maine State Convention in May. Not a single article, blog, etc. has credibly tied the Maine Delegate mess directly to Mitt Romney. Not one.  What my research did find is that if there is a culprit, it is the Ron Paul supporters and their state convention coup in Maine. Nevada and Minnesota Delegates experienced similar issues with Paul supporters who decided to buck caucus wins by Romney and cast their votes for Ron Paul instead. Based on the results of the Nevada caucuses in February, Romney should have received 20 of the 28 votes, but nine Paul supporters slated to vote for Romney cast their vote for Paul instead. When you start looking at the cumulative, is it any wonder that the RNC tried to find a way to stop this convention nonsense in the future?

The Virginia Delegates were also in an uproar regarding their lost bus which they are convinced was also coordinated by Mitt Romney himself to prevent them from voting against the RNC rules change. Let’s not get side-tracked folks, buses get lost. I’ once coordinated buses for an event of about 2500 people – in Chicago. In a city the size of Tampa, it is not unusual that they would have to recruit drivers from outside the area to accommodate their needs. These drivers are subject to geographical issues just like any other out-of-towner.  Despite all of our best attempts, we had wayward buses at our event in Chicago. A central VA Tea Party group had a bus driver who took us on a two-hour trip out of DC last year because he didn’t take the exit that is less than a block from Union Station. On the day of the John Stewart Rally, yeah, that was fun. Americans For Prosperity planners failed to coordinate the buses at the recent Defending the Dream Summit in DC, resulting in hundreds of attendees waiting for well over an hour for their shuttles to Upper Senate Park only to arrive at Union Station and be told that we were being sent back because the event was over. And I was once on a corporate outing where our driver decided to bring us back to central Virginia from Hot Springs, VA by way of West Virginia. Buses get lost folks, it isn’t always about a conspiracy.

But this November is not just about Ron Paul; it isn’t just about Mitt Romney; it isn’t even about the RNC (Committee or Convention), or the Paul supporters, or lost buses. What it is about is our liberty. A Ron Paul supporter from Virginia asked me if I was willing to trade liberty for security. Seriously? This young father of three is actually considering staying at home or writing in Ron Paul in the November election because he feels that the Maine and Virginia delegations got a raw deal and it is all Romney’s fault when there is no evidence to support that claim.

So this person is willing to trade EVERYONE’s liberty just to make a point? Is acting like a petulant spoiled child a wise move when the stakes are this high? Like it or not, we have a two-paryy political system – even Ron Paul himself did not run as Ron Paul (L).  If you don’t like the process, work to change it for the elections in 2014 and 2016 and beyond. Obviously, we didn’t work hard enough to make the change this time around.  That can’t be blamed on Mitt Romney. We didn’t get here overnight, folks.

As a citizen of this great country, I resent the hell out of anyone who deems to sit on his or her sanctimonious high-horse and hand this election over to Barack Hussein Obama in the equivalent of an adult hissy fit. If the RonPaulians and the rest of the people who got their feelings hurt at the Convention (for whatever reason) are comfortable with that moral decision and the devastating consequences that are sure to follow, then God help us all.


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Will Tampa’s Democrat Mayor Cancel the Republican Convention?

Mayor Bob Buckhorn….

Absolutely we’re prepared to call it off,” Buckhorn explained to CNN. “I mean, human safety and human life trumps politics. I think the RNC recognizes that.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be a factor in this particular convention,” Buckhorn told CNN. “But we are prepared in the event that it is.”

What will the Mayor’s threshold be for cancelling the opposing party’s convention, I wonder?  Will a mere blustery day cause the president to intervene?

Sorry for the paranoia, but these people will do anything to disrupt the narrative that week.

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