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‘Hope and Change’ Was a Date Rape Drug

In 2008 Barack Obama talked real sweet to us.  He took us out for a candlelight dinner and whispered beautiful promises into our ears.  He told us we were pretty.  He told us that he loved us.  He offered Hope.  He insisted we needed a Change.

And then he slipped ‘Hope and Change’ into our drink and it all sounded wonderful.

Until we woke up with a hangover the next morning, clothes disheveled and feeling violated.

Barack Obama had raped America.

And if you think my hyperbole is over the top, I’ll admit that it is.  To a degree.  But it’s not only kinda true, this accusation is no more spurious than the charges leveled by the President, the Vice President and his surrogates against us.

Republicans wants to put blacks back in chains.

Romney murdered a man’s wife.

Paul Ryan wants to murder your grandmother.

Romney doesn’t pay taxes.

Romney’s a felon.

So I stand by my statement.

Barack Obama used ‘Hope and Change’ as a Date Rape Drug.


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