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Dishonorable Disclosures: Operational Security is Being Compromised for Political Purposes

A new group of concerned former CIA, Seals, and other Special Ops military operatives are speaking out on behalf of active duty warriors who are forbidden to speakout against the outrageous disclosure of military special operations secrets that are being divulged by the Obama administration.  And it’s all for self aggrandizement and political purposes.

The operational secrecy required to conduct operations like the taking of Osama bin Laden has been compromised by Obama, both individual units and tactics and methods, and these men are none too happy about it.

What this president is doing is endangering the lives of our Special Ops forces and their families, local nationals in theater of war, and providing to our enemies deep insight into highly sensitive information.

It’s dangerous and it’s just plain wrong.

Watch the video.  Pass it on.

Here is their website.

One last thing.  A good friend, who is active duty military, was recently instructed to STFU by his senior command about any political thought or philosophy, whether it is directly related to this preezie or not.  When he cannot have a philosophical discussion about morality, personal responsibility and constitutional topics we find ourselves teetering on a very dangerous precipice.

H/T:  Fox News Channel’s “The Five” who ran the teaser and gave the website info tonight.


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