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Virginia State Board of Elections Asks Voter Participation Center to Stop Sending Voter Registration Forms

Update: The Virginia State Board of Elections has decided NOT to call for an investigation of the Voter Participation Center and will NOT take action on a Romney campaign request to examine voter registration forms submitted by VPC’s over the last two months.

The State Board of Elections is meeting today to discuss whether to call for an investigation into the ‘non-partisan’ Voter Participation Center. In the meantime they have instructed VPC to stop sending out their voter registration forms that have certain fields preprinted.
VPC has been implicated into at least on case where a felon voted illegally after filling out one of their forms.

The saga continues. Disrupt The Narrative first brought aspects of this case to light when we posed several unanswered questions about VPC and the seeming irregularities.

Then we exposed the fact that this is a highly partisan group by examining the members of their Board of Directors. This group has ties directly to George Soros and

This was followed by the exposing of the VPC founder’s political donations, all of which went to Democrats.

We’ll see what the State Board of Elections decides today.

H/T: Jeff at Right Side News

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