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Barack Obama Has Held Office 1.6% of our Nation’s History But Has Accumulated 33% of our Cumulative DEBT

Think about that and think about what another four more years of President Wreckless will do to the future of this country.

Of all of American history since our Constitution was adopted, Barack Obama has been but a blip on the history timeline.  And yet he’s completely trashed our economy.

Eric Bolling produced that statistic on FNC’s ‘The Five’ tonight.

Too good to not pass on.

If it only seemed Obama is raiding the Treasury and spreading the ill gotten…and borrowed… booty far and wide, it’s even worse than it seemed.

The man is purposefully looting the nation and imprisoning its future generations because he hates this country.  There is simply no other credible explanation for this sort of wanton behavior.

The beautiful part of all of this, since I’m looking for any kind of silver lining to this high speed train wreck, is that the next unemployment figures come out the morning AFTER Barack Obama accepts the nomination of his party at their convention.

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