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“Today I became a Republican”

Just read it.

With the Democrats in power, working moms like the Texan who wrote that letter, along with just about everyone else, more and more work for the government than for ourselves or even our employers.  That’s not how this country was intended to be.

I particularly like the line about the British colonists laughing at a +39% income tax rate.  The Stamp Act that sparked the original Tea Party and eventually the Revolution itself was measley by today’s standards: It was only about 8%.

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Obama on the Sherrod affair: YouTube made me do it!

My friends, behold 21st Century leadership!

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack rushed to judgment when he dismissed a former government official over racism allegations, U.S. President Barack Obama said in an interview on Thursday.

“He jumped the gun, partly because we now live in this media culture where something goes up on YouTube or a blog and everybody scrambles,” Obama said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that will be broadcast on Friday.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Wasn’t Obama the candidate who was the be-all end-all genius of social media ‘n stuff?  Yet here he is on the one hand acknowledging that Shirley Sherrod got chucked because the Obama administration fears the YouTube, and then on the other hand chucking his subordinate – the Secretary of Whatever Vilsack is – over the whole thing.  Obama the formerly hip has managed to look simultaneously curmudgeonly and cowardly in one sound bite.  That’s a heckuva accomplishment (Texas Sen. Kirk Watson – here’s one to note next time you’re asked what Obama has achieved!)

You know who looks worst in all this?


The man still hasn’t figured out the first thing when it comes to leadership.  He’s jumping like a chihuahua on speed at the first sign of trouble from the mighty Breitbart’s YouTube hits, scattering his administration like bowling pins when things go a little sour, and in the end trying to find a way to – again – lament how awful the new media world we live in is turning out to be.  He’s turning into a crusty old goat right before our eyes.

Obama is finding out that it’s fun when you’re the outsider lobbing YouTube grenades at The Man, not so fun when someone else is lobbing the YouTube bombs back at ya after you’ve become The Man.  He’s obviously not finding out that, sometimes, you as the leader have to be prepared to defend the folks who work for you, even when it’s expedient to throw them under the overused bus.

We’ll end with a little irony.

“I’ve told my team and I told my agencies that we have to make sure that we’re focusing on doing the right thing instead of what looks to be politically necessary at that very moment,” Obama said.

“…doing the right thing instead of what looks to be politically necessary at the moment.”  Riiight.  Obama has told his team to do the exact opposite of what he has just done, and consistently does whenever there’s political trouble that threatens him personally.  That’ll work, champ.

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Obama comes to Texas, Bill White bravely tucks tail and flees

Or perhaps, “fleas” would be the better choice of words.  First, Obama – he’s coming to Texas in August to raise money for the Democrats.

Democratic sources say President Barack Obama will be in Austin and Houston on Aug. 9 for a pair of fundraisers. And Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White doesn’t plan to be there.

Said White spokeswoman Katy Bacon, “That week is jam packed, and he’s not scheduled to be in Houston or Austin at all except for the night of the 12th. In August, Bill will be talking with Texans about the future of our state, laying out his plans for the same.”

The president’s approval numbers aren’t good in Texas, and Gov. Rick Perry has repeatedly sought to link Obama and White.

How eenteresting – Dem gov nominee doesn’t want to be seen in the same room with a president of his own party.

Or, with a president whose glory Bill White attempted to bask in, back when it was glorious and all.

White’s scamper might have something to do with Obama’s intense unpopularity in Texas. He wasn’t always so shy around the big guy.

This is a Bill White newspaper ad from February 2009.  There’s no arguing with the accomplishments of the man on the left.  But the man on the right…?

The man in the middle…Bill White.  He would be the one celebrating the accomplishments of the man on the right that he won’t be seen with now.

Update: “…when danger reared its ugly head, (White) bravely turned his tail and fled…”


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San Antonio blogger wants Ciro and Quico to “get serious”

I wouldn’t care, except this blogger blogs at the San Antonio Express-News, that’s the big newspaper reporting in the district in question, and her post offers no evidence that she has a clue what’s at the heart of that Ciro Rodriguez video from last week.  You know the one I’m talking about – Ciro Gone WILD.

Now, to blogger Maria Anglin’s objections:

Let’s talk about this video of Ciro blowing his top with some woman at a town hall meeting last week. Ciro doesn’t look too cool and collected while he’s losing his temper, does he? No sir, he doesn’t. Now a video of Ciro’s angry words is the first thing that pops up on under the header “Ciro Rodriguez: Out-Of-Control.” Does that look good? No sir, that doesn’t either.

Ciro, thanks for apologizing. Being called a liar is a punch in the gut, but it’s part of being a politician and you ought to know how to react to that kind of stuff by now. You’re no rookie; you know that. And it appears that you now realize that there is no way to take back the moral high ground once you start pounding on the tables with a newspaper to show everyone how upset you are. It’s a safe bet that everyone in the room knew you were madder than a wet hen, and that’s not your best side. You probably shouldn’t point fingers at other adults to make your point, either — it doesn’t go over well.

And Francisco “Quico” Canseco. Do you really want to lead your Web site with this? Wouldn’t it be better to lead with your take on the issues you believe are the most critical for the 23rd Congressional District, as your note posted right under the Ciro video says? If you’re leading with a fistful of “look how badthis clown looks,” what does that say about your position?

What we have here is a blogger’s failure to understand what she’s seeing.  The Ciro Gone WILD video is serious, on its own, for two reasons, and the Canseco campaign is more than justified in making a big deal out of it.  First, the video demonstrates clearly that Ciro Rodriguez doesn’t understand the bill that he voted for.  He tries citing the government’s numbers on that bill, and his own constituent calls him out for using dated figures – figures that are no longer in operation, according to the very government Rodriguez is relying on for authority here.  Rodriguez’s reaction shows that he’s operating from talking points that his party or maybe someone on his staff wrote for him (just a guess, but the talking points’ author is probably somewhere within Obama’s personal political army, Organizing for America) and he doesn’t know what to do when those talking points get blown up in front of a room full of people whose votes he’s trying to get.  So he lashes out, and looks like a menacing jerk in the process.

All of that is serious.  You want bullet points, here are a few.

1. Dem Rep Ciro Rodriguez doesn’t know what the hell he voted for or what it will cost, so

2. He relied on talking points rather than having any real understanding of the bill (which is his job, by the way), and

3. When those talking points are proven to be useless,

4. Ciro Rodriguez chooses to lash out rather than admit his shortcomings and his error in voting for that bill.

All that seems pretty clear to me.  Let’s hope it sinks in on Ciro’s defender over at the Express-News.

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Texas Tribune reluctantly covers Ciro’s outburst

I’m only posting this as a study in framing.  Today we’ve had a video clip from Texas Democrat Rep. Ciro Rodriguez go totally viral – it got front paged on Drudge, went high up on the big blogs, it was pretty much everywhere – outside the state of Texas.

Within the state, there’s a relatively new online news source that at least bills itself as nonbiased, fact-based, etc.  It’s called the Texas Tribune.  I kept an eye on them throughout the day to see if, and how, they might cover the Rodriguez video.

The Trib took a while, but when they finally got around to covering it, they didn’t fail to disappoint.  The story here – the who, what, when, where, how – is that a Congressman lost his cool under questioning by a voter.  That’s what happened.  But check out the framing in this headline from the Tribune:

Conservatives Circulate Rodriguez Town Hall Clip

Note who the actors are in that headline – not the powerful official who lost his cool and slapped a table with a newspaper.  No, the real actor here is “conservatives” for circulating the clip.  That, my friends, is Grade A biased framing at work.

Then check out the story’s tone.  It’s full of, what, ennui?  It’s as if reporter Morgan Smith drew the short straw and had to cover this icky story so she slapped something together, hit post, and ran off to scrub her hands of the taint of having to write it.

A clip of U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, in which he apparently flares up at a constituent questioning him on health care, is making the rounds in the conservative blogosphere.

The 44-second-long video appears on the site of right-wing media mogul Andrew Breitbart and purportedly shows the San Antonio Democrat at a “recent” — the post does not give the date or the origins of the video —  town hall meeting taking questions from constituents on healthcare. Urged by a woman to “tell the truth,” a visibly flustered Rodriguez slams a newspaper on a nearby table, and says, “Ma’am, don’t accuse me of not saying the truth.”

Heh.  He didn’t “say” it, he growled it – while ironically demanding civility of the woman he’d just menaced and whose table he’d intemperately slapped.  Then, the Trib posts Rodriguez’s excuse/apology as an update before getting to the actual clip.  Which is, ya know, the meat of the story.  Generally, it’s proper blog form not to update in the middle of a post, but at the end – but this update just puts that much more padding in between the reader and that awful, icky, clip that Morgan Smith clearly doesn’t want to write about.  With that structure, the Trib’s post amounts to an inverted frame built on a biased frame.

I expected better of the Trib.  Well, hoped for better anyway.  The Trib is living down to my expectations, unfortunately.

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Ciro “The Zero” Rodriguez Goes Nuts When Asked about Obamacare

Over at Big Government, Mike Flynn characterizes Rep. Rodriguez’s response in a word: PANIC.  After watching the video a couple of times, and chuckling, I’d say that’s about right.

Ask a simple question, get an insane rant.

Here’s the thing: The Democrats outside Obama’s bubble know that their party is imploding.  Ciro’s tirade is one bit of proof; what the Democrat governors are saying about the idiotic lawsuit against Arizona is another.

Obama officials and governors met behind closed doors yesterday at the National Governors Association meeting in Boston, and Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen told the New York Times [NYT] the White House should be talking about creating jobs, not immigration which will hurt Dems in the fall.

“It is such a toxic subject, (at) such an important time for Democrats,” Bredesen said.

Bredesen is an example of a Democrat who can win in the South, in that he’s fiscally fairly responsible and doesn’t come off as your typical leftwing ideologue.  The bad news for him: The Obama bunch may double down on the Arizona lawsuit.

But back to Ciro: If you’re a Democrat running in a competitive district in Texas, and you either voted for Obamacare (as Rodriguez did) or did nothing to stop it (like Rep. Chet Edwards), you’re bound to be in a panic.

I can’t wait for the show.

Update: Rodriguez’s Republican opponent, Quico Canseco, is hitting inboxes quickly with a response to this shocking, yet amusing, video:

“Ciro Rodriguez has a history of cursing and yelling at people who disagree with him. It shows how much contempt he has for the people of this district and their concerns about the economy, exploding federal deficits, and reckless government growth.” Canseco said.

And they send along a link to a previous Ciro rant, when he cursed in front of children.  Keep is classy, Ciro.

Update: Bad news for Ciro – it looks like this story has some national legs.  Others covering it include Jim Geraghty at NRO, Hot Air, Riehl World View, The New Ledger, Texas GOP Vote and The HillUpdate: Instapundit weighs in.


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Did Bill White use the EPA to hit Texas?

There’s politics, and then there’s politics, and if I were a lefty blogger I’d be questioning the timing of what the Obama EPA is up to here in Texas.  Last week, Obama’s EPA fired off a nasty barrage straight at the Texas economy.

Igniting an angry backlash from Gov. Rick Perry and other state officials, the EPA on Wednesday upended the state’s 16-year-old air permitting program in a ruling affecting more than 100 industrial sites, including two in North Texas.

In a much anticipated decision, the Environmental Protection Agency‘s Dallas regional office announced that it has rejected a clean-air implementation plan by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, ruling that the state’s flexible permitting system violates portions of the U.S. Clean Air Act and effectively relaxes federally mandated emissions requirements.

Up to 125 plants holding flexible permits will now be required to shift to more rigid federal requirements, including Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth and the Holcim cement plant in Midlothian, EPA officials said. Other affected facilities include those owned by BP and Exxon Mobil, as well as petrochemical plants along the Gulf Coast and the Lower Colorado River Authority’s coal-fired power plant near Austin.

This decision puts a whole lot of Texas jobs at risk.  And it’s unnecessary: Texas’ system has made the state’s air cleaner faster over the past 16 years than most other states.  And, Texas’ system has up to now enjoyed bipartisan support.  Heck, it was put in place during the last Democrat governor’s rule, fercryinoutloud.

But that’s not good enough for the Obama thugs, apparently.  And, it’s not good enough for Bill White, the Democrat who wants to be governor.  Tucked into a Houston Chronicle editorial last fall is this little gem.  This occurred while White was still the overspending liberal mayor of Houston.

Mayor White has also been critical of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as being too lax in enforcing state laws against polluters. “Procedures today are tilted toward those putting cancer-causing chemicals in the air in large quantities and against those representing the public interest,” said the mayor. He cited the TCEQ rules requiring objections to emission permits to be filed within weeks, “even if the polluter took months to prepare the application, and then the polluter can continue putting chemicals into the air under the old permit …. That’s just not right.” According to the mayor, the city protested a benzene permit for an area refinery but TCEQ has not acted for six months while the facility continues to pump tons of the chemical into the air.

After meeting with White, EPA officials announced that many of the TCEQ rules are in violation of the federal Clean Air Act. The EPA is currently gathering comment on TCEQ permitting practices and will decide which to change or abolish next year.

There’s a lot of noise from Bill White in that.  Please allow me to condense it a bit.

Mayor White has also been critical of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as being too lax in enforcing state laws against polluters….After meeting with White, EPA officials announced that many of the TCEQ rules are in violation of the federal Clean Air Act. The EPA is currently gathering comment on TCEQ permitting practices and will decide which to change or abolish next year.

Well, “next year” is now, White’s running for governor, and Obama’s EPA is assaulting Texas.  This all just happens to be going on right after the Dems have finished their state convention, so political season is well and truly underway and shock of all shocks, there’s a new thing out there  to put the incumbent Republican governor on the defensive.

If this were any other administration it would be easy to dismiss all this as bad appearances and nothing more.  But this administration sold a health care bill on a pile of lies, and this administration is already playing politics with the unsecured borders, and this administration has been threatening idiocies like taking Arizona to court for passing a law that’s almost identical to a federal law that’s been on the books for 70 years or more.  This is the Chicago administration that tried to trade a job for Joe Sestak for a Senate seat.  This is the administration that never lets a good crisis go to waste.  Especially when it can provoke the crisis to help fellow Democrats.  Or to at least try to help fellow Democrats.

If White and Obama are conspiring to use the EPA to attack Perry, well, there’s an awful lot of collateral economic damage to consider.  This attack doesn’t just hit the governor, it threatens thousands of jobs all over Texas, with potential ripples well beyond the Lone Star State.

Update: Check out this animation of how air quality has improved over the past 20 years.

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Founding Fathers FTW!

I don’t have a lot to add to what’s already been said about Independence Day over the years.  It’s a day for fireworks and family and freedom.  It’s also a day just to think on the power of 1300 words well assembled for the cause of freedom.  Those founding fathers of ours weren’t perfect, but they created two remarkable documents – the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – that have stood the test of time and have stood in the way of tyrants the world over.

Founding fathers ftw!

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Yes, we do need photo ID…to throw crap away at the dump

This is a genius post by Blue Dot Blues.  Kicker: In Texas you need a photo ID to haul junk to the dump.  But, thanks to the Democrats, you still don’t need photo ID to vote.

Oh, Democrats like photo ID for some things.  Like getting into their townhall meetings ‘n stuff if they think you’re planning to ask them a screwball question.

And based on what we’ve learned about Bill White, that son-of-a-vet would use your military ID to cancel your vote.

But demand a photo ID to vote?  Why, that’s just crazy talk is what that is.  If you’re a weasel Democrat.

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Bill White’s long history of trying to limit military voting in Texas

So we have this fella named Bill White who’s running for governor of Texas.  Problem is, he’s a Democrat, and they’re out of step with the people of the state.  They haven’t won a statewide race in forever and they’re losing their grip on what they do have.  So Bill White, a liberal, has to pose as a moderate or moderate-enough Democrat to fool enough people into thinking that he’s not yet another socialist and radical of the left who has weird attitudes.

This will not help his cause one bit.  Here’s what he said.

…Bill White stated his support for military voters’ right to vote in local elections and described his support by saying, “Military voters have every right to vote where their children are enrolled in school. Military personnel should be allowed to cast ballots in local elections that determine city or county taxes, police and fire protection, etc.”

Yeah, uh-huh.  That “strong support” would end up making it so that military members, who move around a lot and often find themselves overseas, would not be able to vote in local elections.  That part about “children are enrolled in school” gives the game away because, a) many military members are single so that doesn’t apply to them and b) many military members have their families with them wherever they’re stationed, but may otherwise have deep and longstanding ties to Texas.

But rather than wade into the minutiae here, there’s a more basic question that ought to be asked: Who the hell does Bill White think he is, to be talking about putting any limits at all on military voting rights?  Answer: He’s a liberal Democrat, and they’ve long had a problem with military voting in Texas.  It goes all the way back to 1997, when the Dems lost a local race they thought they owned.  In a precursor or sorts to Bush v Gore 2000, the Democrats tried suing their way to victory by challenging military votes.  And Bill White supported the effort – he was Texas Democrat Party chairman at the time.  He also defended Democrat efforts to get this anti-military attitude written into Texas law.  That’s all in the linked story.

So when Bill White says now that he’s a strong supporter of the military, the truth is, he’s a strong supporter of denying the military their full rights as citizens.  He’s a strong supporter of using lawsuits and such to game the electoral system.  But he’s not a strong supporter of the military.  At all.  He’s just another liberal Democrat, like the rest of ’em.


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