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Bill Whittle on Juan William’s Working Class

When Juan Williams threw the race card at Newt Gingrich in the last Fox News Republican debate Williams revealed more about his liberal mindset than he realized. 

No.  Work is not demeaning.  Even janitorial work.

And yes, lying about and living on handouts IS demeaning.

PJ Media’s Bill Whittle dissembles the liberal argument masterfully, as always.

I, too, worked part time as a janitor when I was in High School and it never crossed my mind that I was being demeaned.  I had money in my pocket, which my non-working friends did not and I learned the responsibility of showing up, working hard and reaping the rewards.  These lessons have served me quite well in my adult life.

But, as Whittle points out, the Democratic Party requires poor, defenseless government dependents if they are to win elections.  Without the underclass of they’re own making, the Democratic Party will forever be in the political wilderness.


It’s Fun to Reveal a Dunce

It’s not hard work.  It’s just fun.  Especially when the dunce is a willing contributor.


If Obama asserts structural problems with the economy for the last two decades…

I’m no math major, but that means things were fine all the way through the end of George Herbert Walker Bush’s term.  So everything started going to hell under Bill Clinton, I guess.


Click image to watch


Since it’s no longer effective to blame things on Bush 43, Obama has to trash the last 20 years of American history.  This is simply pathetic.  None of the presidents for those 20 years have had chronic unemployment like this president has given us.  None of the presidents had this shrinking of GDP like this president has given us.

But he’s right, we are getting sick of your captainship.

There are so many clips in this video that will be used by candidates running against him that it’s actually a Christmas gift.  Thanks, Mr. President!


If George Allen wants to anger a vast swath of the Republican base, he’ll participate in the Associated Press debate

That AP is hosting a debate between Virginia Senate candidates George Allen and Tim Kaine this Pearl Harbor Day, 7 months before the Republicans and Democrats hold their primaries, can mean only one thing.  The AP is attempting to select the people’s candidates for them.  The people of Virginia are in no mood to be manipulated by a conniving press organization like AP and if anybody should recognize that the press is not to be trusted and not a friend of Republicans in general, one would think that George Allen would be that person.  It’s not like he hasn’t been burned in the past by this Democrat media complex.

That both accepted the invitation, to the exclusion of viable challengers on both sides reveals a sense of entitlement and arrogance that may serve both men poorly.  AP claims that none of the other challengers are polling at the abitrary threshhold of 15%, but as we’ve just witnessed during the Republican Presidential primary process, polls can swing precipitously as the result of the debate process.  Just ask Newt, Herman, and Rick Perry.

On the Republican side Tim Donner, Jamie Radtke and Bishop E. W. Jackson, to name but a few, are challengers to the Senator who went down to Mark Warner in 2006.

The Republican Party of Virginia has announced 3 ‘all comers’ primary debates to be held in the Spring. That was a very good move and it negated any validity this AP debate once had.

If George Allen was smart, and I’m not saying that he is or isn’t, he would drop out of this travesty and concentrate on his debate performances this Spring.  To do anything other than that would smack of elitism.  To piss off a large part of the base would not only hurt him, but has large up ticket implications and we can ill afford to suppress GOP turnout next November.  There is simply too much at stake.

Drop out, George.  For the good of the process.

As for Tim Kaine…do what you want.  We already know you’re an elitist.


Richmond Tea Party: City Leaders endorse anarchy.

Eric McGrane, President of the Richmond Tea Party, just asserted to me that laws should be universal, applying to all groups equally, but the fact that RTP has well documented issues requiring compliance and expenditures somewhere between $8,000 and $10,000 that were forced upon the group over the last three Tea Party events in Richmond shows that all laws do NOT apply equally.

“The fact that they are not and the fact that mayor Jones refuses to enforce the law and choses to empathize with the OWS movement shows that city leadership endorses anarchy over lawfulness in Richmond.”, said McGrane.

I remember the mounting requirements and impediments as we planned the first Richmond Tea Party.  At first we were told that as long as the first event was mobile, i.e., not stationary, that no permit was required.  Once it was determined that our Richmond Tea Party group was too large to unleash on the streets of Richmond we complied with every single demand from the city, including acquiring a Special Events permit, a million dollar liability policy, spending for police security, a medical emergency team, portable toilets, vendor licenses and a myriad of other obstacles.

McGrane stresses that Richmond Tea Party maintains a good working relationship with the various departments, including parks and recreations, and the police, but their beef is with the mayor and city leadership that penalizes a law abiding organization like Richmond Tea Party, but gives a pass to the anarchists, communists, socialists, and community organizers from the Occupy movement.

A refund for the over $8,000 in expenses incurred over the last 3 RTP events is justified and appropriate.

One last point.  The Governor that sat in the Richmond capital in 2009 was former DNC Chair and Senate Candidate Tim Kaine.  Nothing that happens in the capital city goes without the notice and approval of the Governor.  Did Tim Kaine advise that the mayor erect such roadblocks?  Just curious.


The Incredible Power of George Allen

Former Senator George Allen, a man that holds no elected office, apparently still has a vote in Congress according to the Tim Kaine campaign.  Here is an excerpt from an email I just received from the failed Governor and DNC Chairman’s Senate campaign:

According to the Associated Press, “the government’s main disaster relief fund is on track to run dry” by next week — so I wanted to make sure you saw Governor Kaine’s message about the need to pressure Congress to stop with the political gamesmanship and approve emergency funding immediately.  

In Louisa County, Virginia, alone, last month’s earthquake caused more damage than the entire non-capital county budget for 2011-2012.  Now high school and middle school students can only attend classes two or three days per week because there aren’t enough functioning classrooms.  

Fortunately, the Senate passed bipartisan legislation last week to fund disaster relief efforts.  But George Allen, Eric Cantor, and the Tea Partiers in the House of Representatives are holding funding hostage.  These are the same folks who voted for two wars and tax cuts for millionaires without paying for any of it – and now they’re insisting on enacting more spending cuts before they’ll appropriate money to help those impacted by natural disasters.

I have not yet taken sides in the Republican primary for Senate, but any unelected person who can still wield a vote in Congress is a person of super human ability and bears consideration.  Can George Allen also bend spoons with his mind?  You decide.

Oh, and I won’t even quibble about the ‘two wars’ part of the email.

Yes I will.  Hey Timmy, don’t forget about Obama’s adventurism in Libya.  That’s 3 wars.



Two Virginia Counties make CNN/Money’s Top 25 Job Creators…

And Timmy Kaine rushes in to try to take credit for it.

“I want to congratulate Loudoun and Prince William on earning the distinction as two of the top 25 locations in the nation for job growth. As CNN highlights, these counties maintained and even improved their status despite a tough economy through smart fiscal decisions that protected their credit ratings and strategic investments in areas like infrastructure that created jobs. This balanced approach of fiscal restraint combined with investments to spur job growth helped me, as Virginia’s Governor, recruit new companies to the Commonwealth and maintain our reputation as the best state for business.”

Mind you, he hasn’t been Governor for a year and a half.  And he was a part-time Governor for the last year of his regime, acting concurrently as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

No, Tim.  You may not rush in to take credit for something that the Counties did themselves.

One last point.  Both of these counties are within commuting distance to the national Capitol, therefore it is highly likely that many of the jobs that were created have something to do with the exponential growth of the national government, either directly or indirectly.  Federal jobs, federal contracts and suppliers undoubtedly play a large role in these counties’ success, so the award has dubious underpinnings. 

But, that having been said, congratulations anyway.


Virginia Democrats: Fighting the Last War?

Governors in Virginia may serve only one term, so why are Democrats wasting their time and money trashing Governor Bob McDonnell?  Never mind that they’re wrong on the facts, which they are, but what is the point exactly? 

Are they trying to cover up for the last Governor, Timmy Kaine, who bankrupted the Commonwealth and is now the Democrat candidate for U. S. Senate?  Using that kind of circular logic it all makes sense, if you can lower your brain power to a Democrat’s level.  

Just like Obama, Timmy Kaine cannot run on his record as Governor.  He was a horrible, big spending, big taxing, big regulating Democrat.  He’s a Democrat so that comes with the territory.

He was also disasterous as Chairman of the national Democratic Party, presiding over one of the most devastating sweeps from power ever for a political party.

The only arrow in the Democrat’s quiver is character assassination and they are itching to lash out. 

Their problem is target selection.

Or maybe this is in relation to the statewide races for the Virginia Assembly this year?  That’s more immediate, but connecting this video to any of those particular races is a stretch.  Plus, McDonnell is polling very well in most of the state so he’s more likely to help Republicans statewide than hurt them.

Anybody have any idea what I was supposed to glean from this other than McDonnell=Bad?


Sigh. Yet another Democrat pervert and his ties to Senate candidate Tim Kaine

Just reading the blog of the Chairman of the Fairfax County Virginia Democratic Party might have signaled trouble, but the warning signs were apparently ignored.  Blame it on a lack of readership, judging by the paucity of comments, but one of his readers must NOT have been his wife, defeated Democrat Mayor and current City Councilwoman of Falls Church, Virginia, Robin Gardner.

Michael Gardner has been arrested for allegedly molesting 3 little girls.  Ages?  9 and 10.

Gardner, who according to police records reported by the Associated Press, has been charged with sexually abusing three girls, two of whom, ages 9 and 10, attended a birthday slumber party for his 10-year-old daughter Saturday night and a third, also under age 13, in a separate incident earlier. The charges are aggravated sexual battery and a count of animate object sexual penetration.

The blog is a typical mixture of predictable leftist hate, mythology and stupidity, but perhaps this post might have been a hint.

I completely misunderstood the mayor’s (his wife’s) promise I could have four little hotties this week.  She is a cold, cold woman.

Yes, it’s a play on words, but Mr. Gardner, you reveal something about your proclivites in your little joke.

And then there is your seeming support for a strip club to be opened in Falls Church.

For a modest cover charge, customers will soon be able to enjoy a buffet and young women dancing wearing g-strings and pasties.  Drinks and lap dance grindage are extra. Natch. 

Add Michael Gardner to the long list of deviant Democrats.  I’m sure that Senate candidate, former DNC Chair, former Governor Tim Kaine will be asked about this by an inquisitive press.  How about it, sir?  I know.  Guilt by association is just plain wrong.  But a distinct pattern is emerging.

The Gardners are high-profile Democrats, having hosted Democratic campaign events at their Ellison Street home, including one for Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine during his campaign last fall.

I’m not asserting that this is the same Michael Gardner on Barack Obama’s site, but the writing style seems familiar.

But, Michael Gardner is obviously a tortured man.  Two videos from his blog, first, that of his wife channeling Ethel Merman IN PUBLIC!! may be more humiliation than a man can endure and might lead him to insanity.  I barely got through it myself and if my wife were predisposed to such public outbursts, I’m not sure what I’d do.  But molesting little girls isn’t on the list.

And then there is this disturbing video his last blog post entitled “Somehow appropriate”. which features Pink’s ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’, containing images of sadism and torture.  Gardner doesn’t have any text to add to it.  It’s just out there.

This is one sick pup.


Tim Kaine. Man of Conviction. Except when he isn’t

In the last days of his Governorship, Senate candidate Tim Kaine quietly made a request to Attorney General Eric Holder to release Jens Soering into German custody, a German man who murdered (nearly decapitated) two Virginians. This would have eventually lead to his freedom.

Kaine made no announcement about it.

Fortunately, new Governor Bob McDonnell rescinded the request as one of his first official acts in office.

Kaine’s stated reason? He wanted to save money by making Germany incarcerate him. So, his Jens Soering move was just another economic policy like the closing of rest stops, another patently idiotic move reversed by Governor McDonnell early on.

But Kaine has no regrets about his decision.

“I feel like people care about your character. Even if they disagree with you on an issue, they can respect that someone with conviction is in the position.”

Yes, Mr. Kaine, people do care about character and your lack of it. And if you had such strong convictions about your decision why did you do it secretly?

“I did not believe it would be popular, but I thought it would be the right thing to do,” he said.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has been filing FOIA requests to get the facts of this foiled transfer. Expect to hear more about this issue as the campaign heats up.

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