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Not everyone is happy with the outcome of the last election

I live in a very conservative area, very near the home of Patrick Henry, but there are some liberals bespoiling my idyllic paradise.  This is the third time someody has snapped the Gadsden Flag off of my mailbox over the last year, but this time they also broke the pole it in half and shoved it in inside my mailbox.

Thank you, Mr. or Miss Liberal for proving my point.  You are a child and your henchmen do not deserve to lead.

Vandalism.  Destruction of Private Property.  Is the fact that it was put in my mailbox make this a federal crime?   Not sure.

I’m considering my next option.  It will be replaced.   Maybe with a LARGER one.


Daily KOS trying to save Pelosi

Just got this email.  This might be the first time I’ve ever agreed with KOS on anything.  The Democrats SHOULD retain Nancy Pelosi as their Minority Leader.  She should continue to be the face…

…of the Democratic Party.

Democrats suffered serious losses on Tuesday, but no one was hit harder than the corporatist Blue Dogs. Over half their members are gone. Apparently, being the GOP’s best friends on issue after issue wasn’t the political winner they claimed it was. 

(Really?  The only ones that survived voted against Obamacare-saddleburr)

But getting drubbed hasn’t made the Blue Dogs humble. Now, they have Nancy Pelosi in their sights, demanding she step down as Democratic leader in the House. The Blue Dogs want to replace her with one of their own, so they can deliver our entire party to Wall Street.

Don’t let the Blue Dogs take over. Sign the petition letting Nancy Pelosi know she has your support as Democratic leader in the House.

Pelosi will decide whether to run for House Minority Leader within the next week, so she needs to hear from her supporters ASAP. At Daily Kos, we will deliver your signatures to her personally, so she knows you’ve got her back.

Pelosi led Democrats to historic victories in 2006 and 2008. We are confident she can reclaim her gavel in 2012. But to do so, she first has to ward off the Blue Dog threat.

Sign the petition showing your support for Nancy Pelosi. The fight for 2012 begins NOW.

Friggin’ Blue Dogs,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

“Never … murder a man who is committing suicide”- Woodrow Wilson


More Rationality From the Stewart Crowd….

With credit to and Breitbart. See if you can spot the Alan Grayson supporter….

“What’s wrong with communism?”


The Moderates of the Rally to Restore (In)Sanity

ReasonTV Captures the Spirit of the Rally to Restore (In)Sanity . I have a feeling many of them would have been dressed the same, even if it was not the day before Halloween. I was in D.C. for another event and got stuck in D.C. traffic at the same time this Rally ended. I knew from the freak show on the streets that for some, this was just another opportunity for them to sport their Halloween costumes and this video confirmed it. I am impressed by their eloquence and their ability to articulate their points of view.

I watched the event on C-SPAN. It was two  hours of painfully unfunny schtick, but in addition to the signs below, caught a few on the streets of DC including “Real Americans Eat Bald Eagle Eggs” and “I’m Not A Climate Scientist So I Don’t Refute What They Say”. Guess he missed the story about Hal Lewis’ resignation from The American Physical Society. While watching the event on C-SPAN, caught “Pimp My God” among others. Don’t know if I have the stomach to watch it again to capture the others.

What a nice way to spend a lovely fall afternoon with your daughter.  Her Dad’s sign should say “Moderate Women are Tepid”. That would be more accurate.

Waiting for Nancy’s outcry about the Nazi references…..

Hmmm – reckon this fellow knows what NAMBLA is? Someone said that it’s some kind of Daily Show running joke. Seems like they would have picked something that didn’t reference pedophelia.


Any guesses on what in the world the sign on the left means? Dry Hump your Party? Someone clearly needs some real lovin’.


I would submit to these three buffoons that “Tea Baggers” are paying more taxes than they are. As a matter of fact, I would bet on it.


Are they brothers?


This is a flag made of destroyed American Flags – which pretty much says it all about this crowd of malcontents.


 What does this mean?           


Oh, Nancy, we’re still waiting……

Oh great, now every trip to Kroger will be like going to Costco


The smaller print says, “Just kill me in that case”. OK   But in a nice way, of course       

And they discerned this how?

SEIU, Tides Foundation, George Soros…… Don’t confuse them with the facts though




I detect a theme here…. The following two should get together.  




Socialism is Cool – Perriello Supporters Told Us So!

I would call them useful idiots. Are they so totally detached from reality that they don’t understand the consequences of favoring such rule?

Are they so ignorant that they refuse to see that Socialism but is just a stepping-stone to Communism?

Let’s name a few perpetrators shall we? Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Chavez, Guevara, Engels, Stalin, Castro, Kim Jong Il. I wish Ben had asked these people to explain how Socialism was cool under these monsters.

“The only important difference between Nazi-ism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, and Liberalism is the spelling; and that the last group hasn’t got the brains to figure it out.” – Bill Vance 

“The problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher
Pathetic, but more proof that American Universities are bastions of liberal progressivsm who have lost all sense of reasonable discourse.
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