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Wisconsin Recall Circus Gets Even Weirder

Remember my post about this turning into a Clown Car, with 14 candidates on the primary ballot for Governor?

Now, pay attention. This is now so convulted that I should draw up a flow chart or something.

Among these candidates are Republicans running in the Democrat primaries and vice versa. And Republicans voting on Democrat ballots and vice versa.

Enter Arthur Kohl-Riggs, running in the Republican primary against Scott Walker, who until just recently was serving pizza at a Children’s Museum. He’s a ‘progressive Republican’.

Arthur Kohl-Riggs. Notice the button. It is the clenched fist of the Occupy/Socialist/Anarchist movement.

His mission? To force Republicans to vote for Scott Walker on the Republican ballot so they don’t cross over and interfere in the Democrat primary selecting the weakest candidate to face the Governor in the recall.

As you may know, the Governor’s is not the only recall vote under way. The Republican Lt. Governor and 3 remaining Republican Senators are also facing recalls. And the Republicans are running their own ‘protest candidates’ on Democratic ballots so that every race has a primary challenge, otherwise the general election in each race could be moved up to the date of the primary date.

Woozy yet?

In other words, the May 8th vote could have been a primary for some races and a general for others.

Oh. And to keep it interesting, in Wisconsin you don’t need to register by party, so apparently you can ask for the Republican ballot for Governor, the Democratic ballot for Lt. Governor, and the Republican ballot for state Senate.

It’s official. Wisconsin is in complete chaos thanks to the Democratic Party.

Read this article from the Waukesha Patch, that delves into the whole messy matter if you dare.

And if you think Wisconsin is the only former-blue-state-gone-red in the grips of raving lunacy, you would be wrong. Michigan Democrats are engineering a recall movement against Governor Rick Snyder.

Hell hath no fury like Democrats scorned.


Misogyny in Wisconsin

Most Americans are familiar with the Union driven recall against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, but did you know that there are 4 other recall votes in that State? The Unions have successfully collected signatures to get recall elections against 3 Republican Senators, including the Majority Leader, and the Lt. Governor.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, just finishing up the 1st year of her term, has been the subject of vicious and demeaning attacks from the Union goons as well as from a local radio personality in Madison. John ‘Sly’ Sylvester has accused Kleefisch of performing a sexual act on all of the talk show hosts in Milwaukee, for instance. I’m sure Media Matters is preparing their attack on Sylvester as I write this.

Here’s a little sample from today’s show to give you a sense of this hateful little man.

This, after he and his callers were plotting the interruption of a Mitt Romney event scheduled for Madison tomorrow, incidentally.

Governor Walker has raised a fairly sizable war chest, but Kleefisch could really use our help. As a Tea Party favorite who defeated an establishment Republican for the nomination she doesn’t get much help from the Republican Party.

Michelle Malkin has done a great job of chronicling what is going on in the Badger state and Sarah Palin has entered the fray.

Outside of Wisconsin, most conservative activists are not even aware that she may be booted from office for simply doing her job. Kleefisch told me that on a recent fundraising swing in D.C., national GOP leaders were shocked to learn of her plight.

Kleefisch has done a great job and the Big Labor long knives are out for her. We can’t let Wisconsin be seized in this recall coup d’etat. Here’s her website if you wish to help out.

Update: Breitbart has the actual radio broadcast of the sexist attacks by Sylvester here.


Bill Whittle Throws Down the Gauntlet

This is his finest Afterburner yet and that’s saying something.

In ‘Merchants of Despair’ he catalogs all of the major misdeeds and malevolence of the Obama administration and at the end he speaks to you conservatives that sit on the couch on election day.

How do we find these bellyaching nonpartisipants, register them to vote and get them to the polls this November? That is the challenge and the only solution to our national despair.

And of course, as I always do when I post a new Whittle video, I urge you to go to PJTV and become a subscriber.


Craziness in the Nation’s Capitol

It was an historic, crazy and entertaining day at the Supreme Court.  I was clicking pics on my iPhone and emailing them to Bryan Preston over at PJ Media throughout the Americans for Prosperity rally and those can be seen here.

I’m going to tease you a bit with more pics from the AFP rally, but I’ve got lots of video to sort through from being amongst the Obamaggots at the Supreme Court itself, which was a few blocks away from the AFP rally. 

It will take some time to mash up all the video I took and I hope to provide something tonight, or at least get it mostly done tonight and it’ll show up tomorrow.  (I’m one guy here.  Gimme a break.)

Let’s just say that early today, when we were at the Supreme Court most of the participants appeared to be college age kids looking for a party and when pressed they weren’t very informed.  But they certainly dance and chant as instructed by their ‘minders’.  Lots of energy, too.

But there numbers were smallish, even though they were provided signage and breakfast by NOW, SEIU, Planned Parenthood and others.  McMartin may have a great scoop about payments being made to participants, but he had to go to his daughter’s birthday party tonight, so stay tuned for that.

We outnumbered the ObamACORNs decisively today.  At least 5 to 1.

Enjoy these pics whilst I have some dinner and then get to work. 

Let’s just say there’s a very, very special UTERUS waiting for you people once I get done.

And Breitbart was there….



Stay tuned for more.


Obama Shocked that Authoritarian, Top Down Government Doesn’t Work

Well, in North Korea, anyway.

Dear Leader is in South Korea where he visited the DMZ to stare across the border at the squalid country of North Korea.

If a country can’t feed its people effectively, if it can’t make anything of any use to anybody, if it has no exports other than weapons and even those aren’t ones that in any way would be considered state of the art.

“If it can’t deliver on any indicators of well-being… for its people… then you’d think you’d want to try something different,” Obama said in a highly undiplomatic and unusually frank public appearance.

There are certain things that just don’t work and what they are doing doesn’t work.”

From there he went to Seoul, where a free market creates a bustling and vibrant economy.

Everything you need to know about North vs.South Korea

And even with the stark contrasts between the results of freedom vs. government control, the president just doesn’t get it.

North Koreans enjoy income equality, one of the president’s stated goals. I’m sure North Koreans also enjoy equal access to health care.

Most American leftists believe in socialism and feel the only reason that it’s failed every time it has been tried is because it wasn’t administered by the right people. The right masterminds can make it work just fine.


Coming May 1st: Occupy May Day General Strike

‘No work.  No school.  No chores.  No shopping.  No banking.’  In other words, for the Occupy crowd it’s a day like any other.

This new, supposedly spontaneous grass roots movement isn’t new at all. It’s origins date back to the 19th century and has been known as the International Workers Day (aka May Day) for nearly two centuries.

Here’s the Russian May Day from back in 1920.

Notice the hammer and sickle.

Then there was the Cleveland May Day riot of 1919.

So, there is nothing new here. These are just Chairman Obama’s anti-capitalist foot soldiers executing the master plan, bringing about fundamental change to America.

Image above from Free Republic.
Don’t say he didn’t warn you.


From ‘Hope and Change’ to ‘Doom and Gloom’

A recent poll from ‘The Hill’ newspaper shows voters in a very pessimistic mood about Obama and his policies.  Is it time to bring back the ‘misery index’?


Tom Hanks, George Clooney, and Elle McPherson can glow on and on about their magnificent boy prince all they like, but they aren’t affected by the price of food, oil, an economy in the tank and devastating unemployment. 

As for normal Americans….

On economic issues, 62 percent of voters say Obama’s policies will increase the debt, while 25 percent think they will cut it, and by a 48-percent-to-38-percent margin, voters believe those policies will increase joblessness rather than put people back to work.

 On energy, 58 percent say Obama’s policies will result in gasoline prices increasing, while just 20 percent expect them to cut prices — and by a 46-percent-to-36-percent margin, voters believe they will cause the United States to become even more dependent on foreign oil. 

The thing that always amazes me about these polls are the 20-25% that answer contrary to the majority opinion.  What about Obama’s policies would make you believe that the result will reduce the debt or decrease  energy prices and our dependence on foreign oil?

What color is the sky in their world?  People this ignorant should not allowed to vote.  Unfortunately, it’s their right, much to our national detriment.

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