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An Open Letter to the Austin City Council

Dear Sirs and Ma’ams,

You are, to be blunt, morons.  Your boycott of Arizona for passing its border security law is idiotic, stupid, unfair and a demonstration of your utter liberal cluelessness.

Allow me to explain.

That law, SB 1070, is already the law of the land in the state of California.  That’s right – liberal California, the state that’s pretty much leading the boycott of Arizona, already has a nearly identical law on the books.  It’s just choosing not to enforce it.

But your stupidity is even more naked than that.  As you all might know if you had the barest interest in obtaining a clue, the Arizona law itself mirrors a federal law, the Alien Registration Act, which has been on the books for 70 years.  Democrats in Congress passed it, and a Democrat president – your beloved FDR – signed it into law.  The difference between the federal government and Arizona is, once again, a question of enforcement.

So you moonbats who are lucky enough to run a silly, unserious and decidedly weird and liberal city in the midst of a very strong state, are fools.  You’re protesting something that’s been on the books for years and decades, that Arizona needs to deal with its unwanted status as the kidnapping capital of the planet, and you’re protesting it in a way that is likely to hurt a lot of people and help none.  You are not hippies engaging in an annoying but harmless sit-in.  You are municipal leaders, or you’re supposed to be.  You’re charged with faithfully executing the laws of your city, this state and this nation.  Even the laws that you don’t like.  You don’t get to pick and choose.  That’s illegal.

But hey, you’ll probably break your arms patting yourselves on the back for making a Statement, even if said Statement says more about you than it says about reality.

And that’s why you’re morons.


Alan Smithee


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WH may move KSM trial from NY

Ya know, there’s this tropical island, and there’s a Marine base on it.  Word is, the government spent millions to build facilities for just this sorta thing. Funny that the nimrod in charge hadn’t thought of using it.

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