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Virginia AG Cuccinelli – EPA is more about control and transformation of our economy, not protecting our environment

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, well-known for his principled adherence to the constitution and the rule of law, spoke to party leaders at the Republican Party of  Virginia’s annual meeting. The General discussed the link between free people and free markets and clean environments as opposed to the environmental disasters which have and are occurring in places like Chernobyl and China.

Cuccinelli then updated the GOP’ers on his legal action defending Virginians from the unprecedented attack on our liberties from the Obama Care legislation and its unconstitutional mandate which imposes punitive fees on citizens engaged in inactivity somehow claiming that inactivity is in fact an activity. Cuccinelli points out that the dictionary maybe the biggest obstruction for the Feds who are defending this legislation.

During a Q & A session the AG commented on Obama’s “Central Planning” command and control approach to governing and poked fun at HHH Secretary Sebelius.


Socialism is Cool – Perriello Supporters Told Us So!

I would call them useful idiots. Are they so totally detached from reality that they don’t understand the consequences of favoring such rule?

Are they so ignorant that they refuse to see that Socialism but is just a stepping-stone to Communism?

Let’s name a few perpetrators shall we? Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Chavez, Guevara, Engels, Stalin, Castro, Kim Jong Il. I wish Ben had asked these people to explain how Socialism was cool under these monsters.

“The only important difference between Nazi-ism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, and Liberalism is the spelling; and that the last group hasn’t got the brains to figure it out.” – Bill Vance 

“The problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher
Pathetic, but more proof that American Universities are bastions of liberal progressivsm who have lost all sense of reasonable discourse.

New Brit TV Campaign: Cut Your Carbon Emissions or We’ll Blow You to Smithereens

Yeah, this is real.  And it’s what the totalitarian greenies really would like to do to everyone who disagrees with them.

This puts a whole gruesome new spin on the Audi “green police” ad.

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Video: PJTV takes on the “Big Green” environmental movement

Did you know that just one major “green” group, the National Resources Defense Council, has a budget that dwarfs those of the American Enterprise Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation – combined?  That fact and a whole lot else are in this video, which is the first of what looks like a promising series from PJTV.  Watch it, link it, share it.

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Let Us Honor Those to Whom Honor is Due

Obama to address the nation about withdrawing American combat troops from Iraq.

President Obama has scheduled his second oval office address to let the American people know that he can now officially check off another campaign promise. In February Barack’s right hand man Joe Biden prepared us for this day; “I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.”

On Saturday Obama said this, ” As a candidate for this office, I pledged I would end this war.  As President, that is what I am doing.  We have brought home more than 90,000 troops since I took office.  We have closed or turned over to Iraq hundreds of bases.  In many parts of the country, Iraqis have already taken the lead for security.”

Let me be clear about this, this is a great achievement but I disagree with the attribution.

Nearly every morning I begin my day with a brisk walk through our neighborhood.It is a fairly large and there are multiple routes I could take but and everyday I follow the same trek. About three-quarters of the way through I pass the home of Maris and Vera Adcock which puts things in perspective for my day.

You see Maris and Vera Adcock are the Gold Star Parents of Captain Shane Timothy Adcock. Captain Adcock made the ultimate sacrifice on October 11, 2006 in Hawijah, Iraq. Captain Adcock and his sister grew up in my neighborhood, they went to school with my kids. 

Captain Shane Timothy Adcock

Like many Americans, none of my immediate family members serve in the armed forces. During this war, unlike the second World War, most of us have not had make any serious sacrifices. To keep things in the proper perspective I make sure that  I pass by the Adcock’s home everyday.  As I pass I view the small flag in the window with a  gold star and it reminds me that there are men and women in our armed forces are laying there lives on the line for us everyday, it reminds me that parents, spouses, children are left behind so their loved ones may serve us and allow us to live our lives. It is to those that have served and their family members that I attribute this great achievement. It is to those we are forever indebted to.

Let us not forget those to whom honor is due.

A caison carrying the remains of Army Captain Shane Adcock of Mechanicville, Virignia, 
makes its way through Arlington National Cemetery on Friday, October 27, 2006

Photo by Tom Gugiluzza-Smith


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“The President Stands With Sharia”

Chilling.  But unarguably true.


Will Texas Democrats “warn” Virginia too?

The Texas Democrats, fresh from “warning” their fellow Texans over Arizona’s SB 1070, have a new state to “warn.”  Virginia has gone rogue, which in today’s terms, means they’re sensibly supporting enforcing existing immigration law.

Law enforcement officials in Virginia can inquire into immigration status of those they stop or arrest–just as they can under a controversial new immigration law in Arizona–Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has ruled in an official legal opinion.

Written in response to a request for legal advice from Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), Cuccinelli ruled that police officers and other legal authorities can look into the immigration status of anyone stopped or arrested.

A 2008 Virginia law requires that law enforcement check the immigration status of anyone taken into custody on suspicion of having committed a separate crime. Cuccinelli’s opinion could expand such inquiries to those who have been legally stopped by law enforcement, for instance those pulled over for a traffic violation or at a police checkpoint.

Meanwhile, those not coming under the Texas Democratic Party’s idiotic “warning” include Mexican drug cartels, who have put a huge pricetag on a American elected official’s head.

On the day parts of Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070, went into effect, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the news for another reason: there’s a price on his head – allegedly offered by a Mexican drug cartel.

The audio message in Spanish is a bit garbled, but the text is clear.

“It’s offering a million dollars for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s head and offering a thousand dollars for anyone who wants to join the Mexican cartel.”

Funny, I don’t see the Texas Democrats issuing any “warnings” for this.

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Good Governance, Texas Style

Last year Texas added more new jobs than all the other 49 States….combined.

How do you do that?  According to Governor Rick Perry, it doesn’t require a Harvard PhD.

Low taxes.  Restricted and predictable regulatory environment.  Funding accountable schools so that companies know that they’ll have an educated workforce.  Restricting the predatory trial lawyers.

Click on the pic to listen to the Guv, yourself.  Here’s a clip from Bill Bennett’s ‘Morning in America’.

America now has several good Governors and I’ve showcased NJ Guv Chris Christie previously, but Perry deserves a lot of credit for what he’s accomplished. 

Why would anyone disrupt this kind of success by electing a known failure and pathological liar?  Texas need to re-elect this sensible man for another term.


I’m still ticked off that XM dropped Bennett’s show.  I re-upped for two years a couple of days before they dropped that and Laura Ingraham and it’s all Glenn Beck all the time.  Not that I dislike Beck, but seriously, his radio show is now on two XM stations, plus my regular AM station all at the same time.  I’m pissed.

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If we’re not already living in a Dictatorship…

…we’re getting damned close to it.

Hot Air is breaking the story that the new Financial Regulation bill that the Democrats (plus Scott Brown, and the two Maine-iac twins) have just passed EXEMPTS the Securities and Exchange Commission from Freedom of Information requests.

Ed Morrissey notes that the Fox Business Network used FOIA requests to unveil the Madoff scandal, the fact that the AIG bonuses were being paid, and other important business stories of the last couple of years.

Yet another broken promise from Emperor Narcissus.  Must I remind you?

I just have to ask, ‘How’s that Hope and Change working for you?’


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Oklahoma woman proves value of 2nd Amendment, takes out a couple of criminals

An innocent woman is alive today – and a criminal is dead – because of the right to bear arms.  If it were in my power, I’d make this woman an honorary Texan.

A woman shot two intruders breaking into her Tulsa, Okla., home killing one and critically wounding another, police officials say.

Thursday’s alleged home invasion — in which the woman shot Darreon Carter, 18, and Daniel Holman, 23 — was Tulsa’s second such incident in as many days, the Tulsa World reported Friday.

Police Capt. Travis Yates said the woman — whose name was not reported — was walking back to her Brighton Park apartment about 3:50 a.m. after going to a fast-food restaurant when Carter and Holman allegedly forced their way inside, demanding money.

The woman cooperated until one alleged intruder told her to undress, when she pulled a revolver from her purse and shot him, the newspaper said.

Word on the street is, she has a concealed carry permit.

More: Doctor Bulldog has video.  And here’s the police reaction, which tells you that this didn’t happen in a blue dot like, oh, Austin.

“It seemed to be a courageous act, protecting their home and their life,” [Tulsa police Capt. Travis Yates] said. “They were shaken up, but it was sort of impressive — they weren’t hysterical.”

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