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Occupy Unmasked

This spring, Citizens United will be releasing a new movie called ‘Occupy Unmasked’, which will blow the lid off of Barack Obama’s Goon Squad, which he unleashed against CPAC over the last two days.  Working with Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and two reformed leftists, Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan, the very heart of the Occupy/ACORN movement and it’s direct ties to this thug president will be exposed to the nation.

They are describing the feel of this project as a War Movie and after witnessing what happened at CPAC I think they’re spot on.

Watch the trailer and discussion.

Part One

Part Two

These are very dangerous and evil people.  They disrupted CPAC several times like good little totalitarians, unsuccessfully trying to stifle our 1st amendment rights.

The campaign to re-elect this president will be one of the most violent, if not the most violent, in American history.  Know your enemy.

P.S.  I will sift through the rest of my videos to find and put up how the ACORN/Occupy movement is organized into teams as described by Brandon Darby.  The anarchist left has been organizing for decades, which sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true.  We conservatives are woefully unprepared and somewhat ignorant about what is headed our way.  Obama and his anarchist, leftist buddies are a threat to the Republic.



CPAC 2012 Day two

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

I have an update from day two and a few pics, unfortunately  had to get on a southbound afternoon train and missed Col. Allen West, but I was able to catch a few more images from some behind the scenes and of course fellow Disrupt The Narrative blogster P. Henry had some interesting footage of an OWS invasion posted on PJ Tatler.

First I will say my Governor Bob McDonnell delivered a fantastic speech and took advantage of his CPAC moment to introduce himself to the nation. He eloquently outlined how his adherence to conservative principles has rewarded the citizens of the Virginia Commonwealth and resulted in budget surpluses and a #1 rank in job creation. He also outlined his families American military service from his grandfather to his daughter in Iraq.

Next Rick Santorum addressed the crowd and delighted the crowd and earned several standing ovations. Santorum effectively outlined what it will take to defeat Obama in November and how only he offers the boldest contrast on Obamacare, energy/manufacturing, and environmental regulations that will be necessary to defeat Obama.

Santorum is the only candidate who has called for medical savings accounts and consumer based health care reform solutions, was against TARP, and has not advocated for economy killing, carbon tax schemes based on the fallacy of man-made global warming.

Here are some pics from day 2 of CPAC 2012;

Virginia's Governor McDonnell

Senator Rick Santorum

No Rinos

Griff Jenkins of Fox News interviews the Rino, unmasked.

Andrew Breitbart on radio row

An activist exercising their free speech circling the hotel.

Conservative Activist Tito "The Builder" Munoz and his wife Deborah with a Fairfax County activist


Day one of CPAC 2012

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Senator Jim DeMint South Carolina

Senator Mike Lee Utah

Andrew Breitbart

CPAC 2012 had a great first day with rousing speeches from conservatives like Senators Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and Rand Paul. Extremely informative panel discussions on topics ranging from foreign policy to the EPA’s green assault on jobs. A couple of highlights were the speech from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinellli and an eye-opening panel discussion unmasking the puppet masters of the Occupy movement by Andrew Breitbart and Citizens United. They are working on a new film due out this spring called Occupy Unmasked. DTN will have more on this soon.




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Whipped-Dog Syndrome

I’m nearly finished reading Andrew Breitbart’s new book, ‘Righteous Indignation’.

It’s a great book, full of great stories about his life, the foundation of and eventually the ‘BIG’ website, (Big Hollywood, Big Government, etc.) , but it is also an action plan and a motivational call to arms for conservatives.

It urges YOU to take control of the narrative put out by the Big Media Complex by creating your own stories that expose them for the frauds that they are. Use Alinksy’s tactics against them.

Although there are a great many quotes in this book, Breitbart also urges the establishment Republicans to ‘man up’.

At its core, the Republican Party suffers from whipped-dog syndrome. Its every word and policy is shaped by a defensiveness against its master–and its master is less Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi than it is the mainstream media. Case in point: the last standard-bearer of the Republican Party was the defeated presidential candidate John McCain. McCain spent an entire political career cozying up to the media power structure in Washington, New York and Hollywood. Then when he finally ran, expecting that he would be treated with dignity and respect for capitulating on core conservative principles, the media treated him like a mutt.

Boy, ain’t that the truth.


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Andrew Breitbart Exposes MSM Double Standard

Andrew Breitbart is on the circuit promoting his new book “Righteous Indignation”. In the book Breitbart mentions that while attending college, he consumed more than a little alcohol. Somehow this less than shocking revelation prompted host Peter Slen to ask Breitbart about his current relationship with alcohol. Breitbart, quite taken by the question rightly challenges the host.  Slen claims it is a fair question since Breitbart mentioned it in his book to which Breitbart asks “I graduated  20 years ago and I’m admitting to my flaws the way that Barack Obama admitted that he did cocaine when he was in college, would you ask Barack Obama in an interview with him, would it be one of the ten questions you ask him; what is your current relationship with cocaine?”

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