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“The chief cause of problems is solutions”

Eric Severeid, CBS News, back when we HAD an objective media.

“The chief caus…

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Y’know, there’s no harm in leaving comments here.  Not to look a gift-horse in the mouth, I’m very flattered by the number of folks following me here.   

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Black Democrat “steps in it” then expects a hispanic to clean it up.

South Carolina State Senator, Robert Ford D-SC exercised his freedom of speech today on the Statehouse floor.  But the Senator, who ran unsuccessfully for Governor last year, may have exceeded the “extended” boundaries that Democrats can usually expect to enjoy.  While discussing the Palmetto State’s legislative efforts to pass an aggressive, tougher state immigration policy, akin to the “controversial” Arizona law passed last year, “Sen. Ford complained such a position would hurt South Carolina because blacks and whites don’t work as hard as Hispanics.” (Source: Yahoo News)

These comments elicited what Yahoo termed a “smattering of nervous laughter”.  The kind of nervous laughter usually reserved for anything that comes out of Jake Knotts’ mouth, I might add.   But for those who thought that the good Senator may have misspoke, Ford went on, offering THIS by way of an  historical foundation to his shaky allegation,  ” once his ancestors were freed from slavery, he said, they didn’t want to do any more hard work, so they were replaced by Chinese and Japanese.”  Can’t you just picture this phrase etched on the back of a grainy old photograph or one of the Senator’s treasured heirlooms?  Maybe pressed into a book with a lock of a Senator Ford’s baby hair?  I can’t.

Well, that MIGHT explain Nissan and Toyota springing from the “biblical loins” of the UAW, but I’m not sure about further historical significance.    Since Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz wouldn’t be caught DEAD in South Carolina, Sen. Ford was on his own. “The brothers are going to find ways to take a break.  Ever since this country was built, we’ve had somebody do the work for us”, said Ford.  For those playing the Good ‘Ol Boys Network board game at HOME, “brothers” is African-American Democrat Slang for “constituents.”   Deaf to his Democrat “brothers” on the floor, begging him to yield his remaining time, Sen. Ford went from bad to worse, detailing another personal story about “four workers in the country illegally (who) showed up on his lawn and finished mowing, edging and other work in 30 minutes that would take others much longer, and only wanted $10 for the job.”   This puts an odd twist on the Democrat devotion to minimum wage reform.

If you’re having difficulty absorbing just the dizzying pace of this story,   so was state GOP chairman, Joel Sawyer who called Ford’s comments, “abhorrent and incredibly offensive” but also wanted the number of the aforementioned Yard Service.   Sawyer also positively identified the racist tone of these remarks.

But in flexing his African American extended freedom of speech rights in America, Senator Ford forcefully blunted any criticism that might follow his address today, urging his colleagues to “get over it” and “not take things so seriously.”   Bravo, Senator. 

The NAACP summed up Ford’s comments as an “unfortunate choice of words.”  This was the expected call for restraint NEVER extended to Republicans.   Just coming within six degrees of implying something like this can cost a Republican his livelihood.   The double-standard goes on in America.  Look for absolutely no repercussions from this. 

Except one, this “tougher, more aggressive, Arizona-style Immigration bill” WILL pass in South Carolina.  Despite the lowly SATs, the preponderance of Dead-Beat Dads, junkie-Moms, “Lizard-Man” sightings, and blind NASCAR devotion in the Palmetto State, I’m still proud to call this state my home.    We are still a conservative state at heart. Despite an overabundance of Senator Fords in South Carolina politics, this is STILL a great place to live. 

You Yankees, eat your heart out.   From the Batcave, this is your Garnet n Black Gadfly on the Wall.  

Arrivaderci, babies !


Our Junior Achievement President

Recently, President Obama attempted to “make nice” with the US Chamber of Commerce. As we have already seen, the Commander-in-Chief is really only adroit with his “hat in hand” routine when bowing before despots and human rights violators. When confronted with red-blooded American entrepreneurship, Mr. Obama flashes all the sincerity of Paul Lynde delivering a snappy comeback from the center square of the Hollywood Squares.

His latest attempt was no exception. It was another example of our President, once again flashing his complete lack of gravitas (hee hee) when it comes to any and all things business. No fools, they, the Chamber was reported to have applauded only twice during the entire 35 minute speech. And one of those was at the conclusion of the evening, when Obama offered the Chamber President the dinner receipt for a tax deduction.

Once again, President Obama perpetuated the myth that America’s standard of living has seen no discernable increase in decades. But feeling brave, probably from the oyster entree, the President again displayed why community organizers make bad Presidents. Stirring up trouble and fomenting discontent in the Middle East is MORE up their alley. The President complained that over the last few decades American businesses have failed to “share profits with the workers.” Even the Vice-President of the Beta Club knows that in business, the workers’ wages and salaries AREN’T included in profit. They are part of the overhead. The part that is computed BEFORE profit is arrived at, and dutifully reported to the IRS, I might add. And to delve into the social justice of the profits (and the losses) being the sole property of the capital risk taker would be too much to ask. We’ve already seen the President has no interest in FOREIGN policy. I’ll just bet Mr. Obama expects the workers to suffer through capital LOSS as well? No?

This is not the first time, Democrats have made the same gaffe. Perhaps I’m reaching; the term”gaffe” would imply that it was unintentional. The smart money is that this was no “gaffe” and is another in a long line of attempts by liberals to steal the language, change meanings, own words and definitions like Chavez would own an oil company or Obama a major car maker.

Instead, Obama’s speech read more like some teenager’s warm-up speech for a Junior Achievement project wowing his spellbound classmates with how he’s going to have Coke machines with FREE sodas for everyone that works at HIS business, when HE grows up.

Democrats are good with bureaucracy. Bureaucracies don’t EARN profits. Bureaucracies don’t meet needs, sate demand, create, build, sell or even promote anything. Democrats should stick to bureaucracies. And conservatives should start stamping bureaucracies out.


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Obamamerica’s Top 10 Holiday To-Do List

While those ingrate, snotty UK students are protesting over losing their FREE benefits, the spectre of a Hard Candy Christmas hangs over America.  Choking out the smells of cinammon and spice, the autumn air, rancid and putrid, from our national debt-to-spending ratio which has pushed our overbloated government into the snow.  See our once-proud United States wiggling and jiggling like Ralphie’s little brother from a Christmas Story, unable to rise in our darkest hour.


In the long-term, we can’t linger on these depressing thoughts IF we are to someday rise again.  And in the short-term, the holiday season is only a few squares away on our 2010 refrigerator calendar, perhaps the LAST FREE promotional magnetic refrigerator calendar our bank or insurance agent will ever send us.

Those who know me, know I am a LIST guy.  I love marking things off lists.  Every year, I make a Christmas List, but in preparation for the 2010 nuclear winter, I’ve edited my traditional list.  Here now, my… 

TOP 10 Obamamerica Holiday To-Do List

10.   Seek and Engage Mail Order Bride to MOVE UP in status.

  9.   Get BIGGER clothesline for spring.

  8.   Call AT&T. Convert my landline to seventies style “party” line.

  7.   Knit Christmas sweater from discarded dryer sheets.

  6.   Instead of exchanging gifts, Draw for names within family.  Then don’t exchange gifts, just exchange NAMES for 2011. 

  5.   Check into Carnival Cruise Ship “Rainchecks” for stocking stuffers

  4.   Spray paint Halloween decorations RED & WHITE, apply cotton balls !

  3.   Serve Louis Rich Low-Fat Turkey sandwich meat for Thanksgiving dinner.

  2.   “Dear Santa: wanted new Conspiracy Theorist bathrobe.

and the #1 Item on my Christmas To-Do List

  1.    Sending everyone Facebook Farmville Gifts.

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Could this finally touch criticism of Islam from Left?

Could THIS be the straw that broke the camel’s back? 

The Left has made it clear that the only religions that deserve respect are the ones that show no respect or preach hatred of the United States.  Lately, that is Radical Islam.  Coming in a distant second:  The Black Separatist Theology as practiced by Rev. Wright.   It’s probably not a coincidence that our President has practiced BOTH of these religions.  Stonings, public floggings, car bombs, bombs strapped to children, “God-Damning America”, dismembering, disfiguring and imprisoning women are brushed aside and disregarded like “Lewinskies” in the Oval Office. 

“Can’t we just all move on?” 

“Publically stoning a woman for driving a car IS a PRIVATE matter”, we’re told.   

But as the New York Post reveals, Al Qaeda may have FINALLY went too far.  Sewing bombs to the insides of dogs!  This transcends devious and sinister, runs a bee-line past cruel and unusual, and races to the Megalamaniacal like an art critic to a wine and cheese.   Will this finally get Maureen Dowd to put down Vanity Fair and actually CRITICIZE Al Qaeda’s behavior?

Probably not, because that would mean lifting their Get Smart influenced “Cone of Silence” from around Lord and Lady Obama.  With the troop withdrawl’s in Iraq, the altering of the rules of engagement, and the recurring (mysterious) exclusion of “the Taliban” whenever speaking about the Ware on Terro, it’s apparent that the President’s strategy can be summed up with the old axiom:   The Best Offense is to not be offensive.  Questioning or criticizing this only serves to make it more obvious that George W. Bush was right about the War on Terror.  The Democrats just needed a poltical volleyball in 2003, so they had to turn common sense inside out. 

“We support the troops, but not the war”.  

See?  Perfect sense.  

No sense rehashing history that as of last Tuesday is ALSO history.    But in conclusion, one has to ask:  Will PETA speak out about the use of animals as canine bombs by Al Qaeda? 

C’mon, we all know the answer to that.


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Keith Olbermann back in anchors chair Tuesday

Did anyone really think this was going to be permanent? Read the rest of this entry »

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